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  1. Still looks to have some issues in bottom rib area... clunky ….. overvarnished ….. string height looks a bit much..... ...not set up by " a master luthier " ….. strange choice for a " private collector " …….must surely be some decent shops in your area where you can try out a few violins in your price range
  2. Thanks folks …. sticking to the hide glue pot !!!
  3. Hi all …. anyone have any experience ( good or bad ) with this, or a similar product please ?
  4. Love your tool cabinets !!! Nice looking violins too
  5. It's amazing how the news of the sad loss of a person I never met has caused me sorrow …. that feeling says a lot about who Addie was, and his presence in this forum. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends. R I P Addie
  6. Just curious... what's on the peg shafts please ?
  7. I guess some of those archived photos predate digital … but yes, pretty ordinary pics most of the time !
  8. Hi Bill, Do you see a similarity though with the Tarisio archived violin of 1970 ?
  9. Would be interesting to see if there are any tracks on the inside. I had a very old Fussen violin once that had only a few holes on the c bout, but when I took the top off the worms had travelled all the way round from the bottom block via the linings !!! The violin looks right … the bow … I very much doubt it
  10. I once had a bow made from Jarrah ……. too light though and a bit soft … you could perhaps try Cooktown Ironwood.... I'd probably stick with Pernambuco