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  1. The additional files show a violin apparently in OK condition labelled as the model " Le Dracontius " from the catalogue and a bow stamped "W Seifert"
  2. as Jacob may say ... " the ( un ) usual "
  3. Hello Jacob ... is the kitten " the usual " ?
  4. Looks as though it was made by Dali !!! How does it sound?
  5. Point taken.... but even the words of a "dogmatic expert" can sometimes be useful. I suppose the best advice is to to listen to all and sundry and absorb as much as you can ... then go to a shop and play a violin
  6. My detailed response is ...... know what you are looking at .... research what you want to buy ... check out violins in the flesh ( not from 3 doubtful photos on ebay )..... spend hours reading expert opinions on good forums rather than hours looking at "bargains" on ebay .. don't confuse the fact that a good case MUST contain a good violin. The first violin is most likely Eastern European/Chinese, the second is hard to say because of the poorly lit photos.
  7. Hello ... what level player are you?
  8. Where abouts in Australia are you ?
  9. And heaps of "copies" were produced by the German cottage industry too
  10. Interesting violin .... gut strings on it too .... Considering you bought it at an auction, what did you think it may be and what was it described as?
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