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  1. Wondering the origins of the violin

    But Vincent had a great memory ...... everything you said went in one ear........
  2. Would you sell him a violin - you made?

    NO ..... But I'd love to be his sole bow rehairer
  3. Carolus Badarello

    Looks not right ...... I had a Badarello at Uni in the 70's ..... I think it was a 1910 make ..... was signed on the neck block and had a different label from memory .... beast of a violin in the higher positions....sold it for a pittance
  4. I think you are correct in all your statements ! and it's still raining here
  5. Violin to rent/buy, italian??

    Running may be a better option
  6. wood id just for fun

    or cedar perhaps ??
  7. wood id just for fun

    Some type of dark spruce ??
  8. 4/4 and 3/4 Violin Height Difference Question

    Ahha ! ..... I've an old rough and ready "Andreas Kohler ..Voigtland" that measures 87mm where you described .... you'll probably get a lot of varying measurements depending on LOB, neck angle, bridge height etc though
  9. Calcium in Stradivari Ground?

    Hi Addie ........ I've checked in my 1st edition of Poisson d'Avril and it seems legitimate, well researched and well written.
  10. Any ideas this is violin?

    Hungarian for violin
  11. Cheeseburger in paradise...

    " Does not ship to Australia " ..... thank God for that
  12. Raising my hand to change topics...

    You decide
  13. Raising my hand to change topics...

    The Liberace of the fiddle Nice Strad he has though !