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  1. First one I've come across too …. nice neat work and wood matches the violin perfectly
  2. Sorry.... got mixed up ….. LOB is for my Florance violin …. I'll take photos of the case tonight
  3. 357mm Came with a beautiful matching case that has double purfling on the top and bottom
  4. Anyone heard of this maker ….. S? Florance ??
  5. Doesn't seem to have piqued anyone's interest thus far
  6. Certificate says labelled Nicolaus Amatus but in their opinion made by Nicolo Gagliano
  7. Just can't help asking …. what's with the XXIIXCVI
  8. Of the two for sale … the first is the lens only … the second is a bow
  9. I'm no expert but looks way far east of Germany or France
  10. Still looks to have some issues in bottom rib area... clunky ….. overvarnished ….. string height looks a bit much..... ...not set up by " a master luthier " ….. strange choice for a " private collector " …….must surely be some decent shops in your area where you can try out a few violins in your price range
  11. Thanks folks …. sticking to the hide glue pot !!!