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  1. mysticpaw


    Don't go rushing off half cocked Lots of things happening in people's lives at the moment. Be a little patient and I'm sure you'll get some sage advice soon. My thoughts …. visit a reputable shop or luthier and see if you can try before you buy. Even an old Markie with a good set up may be an option !! Cheers
  2. I await Jacob's response of " the usual "
  3. 1813 !!!! ….. must be a J B Schweitzer
  4. What's with all the varnish chipping on the bass side of the tailpiece ? … never seen so much before on a not too old violin
  5. Just hope he used one of Jacob's " the usual "
  6. I'd go along with " not " and then wait for a pronouncement from Jacob S
  7. First one I've come across too …. nice neat work and wood matches the violin perfectly
  8. Sorry.... got mixed up ….. LOB is for my Florance violin …. I'll take photos of the case tonight
  9. 357mm Came with a beautiful matching case that has double purfling on the top and bottom
  10. Anyone heard of this maker ….. S? Florance ??
  11. Doesn't seem to have piqued anyone's interest thus far