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  1. When I was a teenager in rural NSW I knew an old luthier ( Hugh Cumming ) who showed me how to carve and fit a bridge. After my first attempt he quietly said... " not your other eye next time !! "
  3. Frantisek Zivec started making violins in his native Bohemia in the early 1900s but the events of the Second World War overtook his life. Zivec joined the Czech underground and only after the end of the war escaped to Eastern Germany and eventually the west. His heroic story is told in detail in the book Violin and Bow Makers of Australia by Alan Coggins. Information from the Directory of Australian Violin and Bow Makers Compiled by Alan Coggins: ZIVEC, Frantisek (Frank) (1901 - 1963). Migrated to Melbourne, 1949. Set up a shop at 427 Lygon St, Carlton, Vic and produced about 8 - 10 instruments a year. Sold some instruments in USA.
  4. Maybe .......Stick by ? .... Frog by ?
  5. Please don't bin ..... could be a good instrument for a beginner, or someone that can't afford to buy a starter instrument ....maybe there's a local school or teacher or shop that could set it up to be used
  6. Time out ... practice pizzicato and keep smiling
  7. Not sure, but something about that scroll says maybe not German ?
  8. Welcome to MN Wilano . My humble suggestion is to walk away ... and then walk straight to a decent bricks and mortar shop where you can trial some instruments and bows
  9. Emilio Petraglia..... Argentine maker early 20th century
  10. We have bugs down under almost the size able to play viola
  11. Great work ... needed a laugh today
  13. Thanks for the info Jacob ...... apologies for placing in the wrong place ...... I am " down under " after all
  14. I know what it isn't ...... thoughts on what it is please ?