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  1. Hello ... what level player are you?
  2. Where abouts in Australia are you ?
  3. And heaps of "copies" were produced by the German cottage industry too
  4. Interesting violin .... gut strings on it too .... Considering you bought it at an auction, what did you think it may be and what was it described as?
  5. Please !!! No "down under" jokes.... even colonials have feelings
  6. I doubt whether the violin in the photo with the lady is the same instrument as the one you have posted ( German trade instrument ... label is either a dealer or repairer I would guess )
  7. Just a random thought .... why would you go to all the trouble to carefully draw your invention and patent it, and then in Fig 5 show it installed on the wrong side ?????
  8. Welcome to Maestronet. Nice looking instruments, though the hardware on the tailpieces throws my eye off a bit. Violin Woods - Timber - Materials + Supplies (luthiersupplies.com.au) Adele Beardsmore Violin Maker | Shopping & Retail | Blackheath (locale.online)
  9. I grew up in Lismore on the north coast of NSW. Everyone there always referred to the flood of 1974 as the highest ever recorded at 12.3 metres. When a flood was predicted businesses, schools and homeowners in flood prone areas would move everything up onto the first floor, above the 1974 level. This year the peak height was over 2 metres above the previous high. Even second storeys have been inundated and sadly so much had been destroyed. This devastation has been repeated in so many towns along our eastern seaboard recently. Floods, bushfires are a part of our lives here... now we can add Covid to the list. But people are resilient... you only have to witness what is happening in the Ukraine at the moment to see that, and also to see the humanitarian responses of neighbours in times of strife and difficulty.
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