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    violin collecting, amateur music making, Siberian Husky Sledding, good food, better wine, great friends

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  1. mysticpaw

    Dating a Mittenwald Verleger

    I was wondering if the scroll went all the way ( sorry.... feeling a tad naughty ) I'll go now !!
  2. mysticpaw

    Mario Gadda Cello

    Accompanied by lots of arm waving … much like a cellist playing
  3. mysticpaw

    Klotz 5/6k? Your thoughts?

    Run away !!!
  4. mysticpaw

    No f holes??

    and yet .. he captured the double purfling correctly !!
  5. mysticpaw

    Help please - cracked violin worth repairing/keeping??

    Return …. not worth putting any dollars into it.
  6. mysticpaw

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    It seems you've been offered a Strad... now you want a Zygmuntowicz …. I'm feeling somewhat confused Landolfi !!! ????
  7. mysticpaw

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Gee Mr Landolfi ….. you lift all these photographs ( unattributed by the way ) and don't know what they are??? I think I may actually be expressing what others are thinking too
  8. mysticpaw

    JB Vuillome violin and bow

    Don't believe everything you read on Ebay Landolfi
  9. mysticpaw

    Strange Symbol After Signature

    M(ade) IT ??
  10. mysticpaw

    Expensive wreckage of Hopf on ebay

    Judging by the condition …. looks as if someone already slept on it
  11. mysticpaw

    Old Violin label

    Giovanni RAILICH Lavtaro in Padova ?????
  12. mysticpaw

    Johann Babtist Schweitzer

    How many thousands of Markies do you guess were produced with an 1813 label ?
  13. mysticpaw

    We need a "Like" button on Mn.

  14. mysticpaw

    We need a "Like" button on Mn.

  15. mysticpaw

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    CT will be missed .... love and prayers to all family and friends......and a big " Thank you, Craig ", wherever you are.