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  1. Strad loses again

    Seems he plays a DG violin from 1700, and a viola by Carlo Guiseppe Testore from 1696
  2. A pleasant surprise

    Nice thoughts, nice memories, nicely written ...... made me smile Thank you for sharing. Happy Today everyone !
  3. Interesting violin on eBay.

    Are there remnants of double purfling on the back c bout corners????
  4. 16" viola, where from?

    If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck ....... good chance it's a duck !!!
  5. John Devereux Violins

    Here we are .........
  6. Wondering the origins of the violin

    But Vincent had a great memory ...... everything you said went in one ear........
  7. Would you sell him a violin - you made?

    NO ..... But I'd love to be his sole bow rehairer
  8. Carolus Badarello

    Looks not right ...... I had a Badarello at Uni in the 70's ..... I think it was a 1910 make ..... was signed on the neck block and had a different label from memory .... beast of a violin in the higher positions....sold it for a pittance
  9. I think you are correct in all your statements ! and it's still raining here
  10. Violin to rent/buy, italian??

    Running may be a better option
  11. wood id just for fun

    or cedar perhaps ??
  12. wood id just for fun

    Some type of dark spruce ??
  13. 4/4 and 3/4 Violin Height Difference Question

    Ahha ! ..... I've an old rough and ready "Andreas Kohler ..Voigtland" that measures 87mm where you described .... you'll probably get a lot of varying measurements depending on LOB, neck angle, bridge height etc though