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  1. violin provenance identification

    Welcome to MN "Provenance" in it's true sense means the place of origin, but is more generally understood to be a record of ownership of an item .... and probably only you can investigate that line. However, there will be many people on this forum who can give you excellent and accurate information regarding the origin of your instrument . Cheers
  2. Gladiator's violin

    AU$164,700 ( including buyer's premium) ...... nice
  3. L & T Carcasi scroll 'beauty spot'?

    Considering it was donated by Herbert Axelrod, anything is possible I guess !!
  4. Old European/German?Violin Case ID w/Snakewood Bow

    Hi Pylorious ..... In my experience instruments rarely travel their lives with their original cases ( except for the occasional top end with provenance ).... I, for one, have often shipped ( and received ) a relatively new violin overseas in a 19th century case simply for convenience and safety. Your violin and bow are much more likely to be commented upon, and perhaps dated, by posting detailed photos of each of them IMHO Regards
  5. Old European/German?Violin Case ID w/Snakewood Bow

    A somewhat harsh reply I'm pleased you also have google .. such a useful tool .....Just trying to assist since you " couldn't find a single photo" .. of a "case this shape with this type of brass hardware anywhere on the internet" Good luck with your continuing search .... maybe Glen York will reply to your earlier post PS I have several similar cases in my shed if you want any more
  6. Old European/German?Violin Case ID w/Snakewood Bow
  7. Early Amati with three peg holes?

    Here's a still life by Pieter Claesz Bonita ( 1597-1660 ) Note the double purfling ..... certainly painting from reality
  8. Old Kloz, looking for information..

    I think blank face feels that the violin is dated around 1800 ..... sort of late 18th century/early 19th century... say 1780/1820 I like the instrument ... it has character ! .... glad that you are helping it survive.
  9. Check it out There was once a rumour around town that Russell Crowe had something to do with the anonymous purchase of Tognetti's ( on loan ) DG of 1743 (the "Carrodus" )
  10. Not so much Sotheby's doing really. Crowe's "Art of Divorce" sale is a divestment of an incredible collection of art, memorabilia, personal collections, jewellery etc etc brought about by a relationship break up. Check out the bows too. Seems Crowe is a reasonable player, according to his friend Richard Tognetti of the ACO
  11. Brand Id.

    Looks like a brand punch was tapped twice and it moved slightly after the first tap!
  12. Scroll identification--a little odd.

    Reminds me a little of a Rubus that I had about 40 years ago .... sadly no photos though
  13. French Viola 18th century.

    And an inscription on the G peg ???
  14. Strad loses again

    Seems he plays a DG violin from 1700, and a viola by Carlo Guiseppe Testore from 1696
  15. A pleasant surprise

    Nice thoughts, nice memories, nicely written ...... made me smile Thank you for sharing. Happy Today everyone !