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  1. in 2 weeks time there is a book launch in Cremona of the first comprehensive monography about Nikolai Kittel.

    Written by the experts on Kittel: Grünke, Gabriel and Chins. 30 Kittel bows in it. And some photos of documents contributed by kenway.

    There will be a lot of your questions and answers in it. www.nikolai-kittel.com



  2. I know some contemporary Russian violinmakers who make good violins, Nikiforov, Kitov.
  3. quote: Originally posted by: Richf "I'm living in Russia and we absolutely haven't ANY serious or even non-serious experts here." That's very interesting, Boris. I would think that Russia, with so many great violin and cello players and such important music schools, would have top experts. I guess we can't blame the Communists. Even going back before the Revolution, Russia has not produced any great violin makers. Am I wrong? (Sorry I can't comment on your cello. I'm not an expert in any country.) Dear Richf, I think that reason for that absence of experts were position of Soviet goverment, all that Iron curtain stuff. For example - even now we can't ("legally") move our instrument and sell it abroad. About violin makers - I don't know it either, only few good - Leman, I have seen some nice instruments by Podgorny. Bowmaker Kittel of course.
  4. Raspitz, I'm living in Russia and we absolutely haven't ANY serious or even non-serious experts here.
  5. sorry, that Java is really disaster at that time...
  6. <img src="http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/6144/mergedtecchlerto8.jpg" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />
  7. That is some Tecchler cellos, f-holes from different periods looks quite distinctive to me...
  8. Yes, you right. Thanks to all, when I will get additional photos I'll post it!
  9. Very interesting link, thank you. But maybe someone share his/her opinion about Tecchler cello?
  10. Sorry please transfer topic to Pegbox...
  11. Hello to all! We have there cello attributed (by owner ) to David Tecchler. For me it looks very similar too. But as you could see it cello is in poor condition and was enlarged. Please say what it may worth? Thank you, Boris
  12. Look at that violin, wood - http://www.cozio.com/instrument.aspx?id=2053
  13. Dishonest dealers is everywhere, not only in Russia and Ukraine... I know few even in USA! :-) I believe that in violins you understand much greater that I (I'm violin-player, and expert-beginner :-) ) but I shown violin to few experts whom opinion I trust. And funny - they said different things... So I decided to give a try. Best, Boris
  14. quote: Originally posted by: fiddlecollector And to a Russian antiques dealer .I wonder if hes going to pass it off as real. He has a picture of Russian violinist Vladimir Spivakov,in his `about me section.` Fiddlecollector, You don’t like Russian antique dealers? Some kind of bad experience maybe? " font-family: Wingdings;">J I bought it, I think that is good violin, Guadagnini or not. I will not sell it as real. If violin will sound good I’ll play it. If not that will be good lesson.
  15. Yes, and other one from cozio. I revised many photos of Guad. violins and noticed that bottom half of f-holes is look like Giadagnini but upper is a little shorter. Maybe I’m not right? Please explain about corner blocks…
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