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  1. Please do not put too much effort into this. I have a violin that has a label with the picture of a Crown, the letters Rox. under the crown, and to the right (same label) “Quarantead Against Defect in Workmanship and Materials”. Just curious if anyone has seen the labeling before. I'd like to know where the violin was made. It is a pretty violin and I know it is a factory violin. The label continues to strike my curiosity. Thank you in advance for your time.
  2. Few people take advantage of the opportunities which you do. Congratulations on demonstrating positive priority.
  3. One day I had some stuff arrive from them. I'm embarrassed to admit it, it took so long I had forgot about ordering the stuff. That is how long it took one time. They have great prices, I'm usually in no hurry with the items I order from them, and often the stuff arrives rather quick.
  4. I remember when you first showed the picture of that violin. I thought... OMG. I give you amazing credit for your perseverance on that one. Great job Ken. -Wes
  5. Hi Geigen, I like sound clips. I use an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card in my computer, playback through an Altec pre-amp, and use either a pair of Sehneiser headphones or Sure E-2 in ear headphones when I want to be a critical listener. The Sure E-2's are closer to a good set of studio monitors. I think music critics have better supporting sound about their computers now days. Go for the sound clips... When I see an eBay auction that offers a recording to listen to, I never pass up the opportunity to listen. There is a caveat, getting a good recording is another story.
  6. I did not want to spend $100 on a glue pot. So, I spent $3.00 on one at a local thrift shop. Some of the guys on this forum gave me the idea. http://www.wes-boyd.com/Images...ceTop/4MakingGlue.jpg Hey, don't laugh. It has a rheostat temperature control. The outside is labeled Toastmasters (a fluid warmer). You will notice the real small glue vial in the picture.
  7. Jeffrey, you are a good person to keep up with (and monitor) all these posts. I could not do it.
  8. Manifo, Amazing craftsmanship. Really nice finish!
  9. As Yuen said, enjoy every note you play. After playing the guitar for 36-years, I began violin lessons about 3/4 of a year ago. My fingers worked, but, my bowing was pretty bad (perhaps it is still a little forced). I'm at the point now where I'm not great, but, I enjoy my violin in my small home recording studio. I enjoy listening to select pieces within my recordings and acknowledge that some of it is pretty good. I'm my own worst judge. Go forward with continued passion and never let anything stand between you and your passion. If you do, you might end up being an engineer as opposed to a musician. It is better to be a musician than dream about being a musician. -Wes
  10. Yuen, All I can say, is thank you for being a great sport on this and rolling with the dry humor of 67 replies, as of this evening, for this post. Thanks, you are a good person and much appreciated on this forum. -Wes
  11. Oops.... http://www.violinist.com/violin/how-to-hold-a-violin/
  12. I did a quick Yahoo search "Free Beginner Violin Music" and found this site: http://www.8notes.com/violin/ Don't know if it will help.
  13. I am sorry. Just shaking my head when reading this. It is obvious that no one has considered the impact of temperature on the resonant but directional tuning fork chamber. Delayed vibration with some dampening for the chamber will occur with increased temperature. The chamber resonance will lag the tuning fork. The summation the "Out of Phase" audio vibrations will create a distorted sound. Thus, distortion will increase as the temperature increases. This winter, yes, it will appear work. This summer, all bets are off if the directional chamber remains inherent to the overall operation of the "Gizmo". So what am I saying? Keep the Gizmo in the refrigerator if you want consistent repetitive operation. Don't leave it laying around on the couch.
  14. Wow, that is a really nice violin Barry. Quality that I could only obtain in my dreams.
  15. Allan, while my post will not answer your primary question... I'm compelled to tell you that you have a really nice looking violin in your possession.
  16. Yuen, If you have a real need to use that hand drill... and the violin is real cheap... and if the pegs you have now don't hold... Drill out the peg box so you can use some Grover "Champion" Violin Patent Pegs. Here is a URL: http://www.internationalluthiers.com/violinparts.php. Hopefully, there are various sources for the same parts. You never know how quick International Luthiers will deliver. The grover pegs work real well. However, they are not typical of a Luthier's first choice.
  17. Woodland, You did a very nice job on that web site. You also did a nice job on the eBay site as well. They both have a nice look. Completed using an Apple computer and iWeb 1.1.2 software?
  18. My goal is to just finish my first violin. I've been on vacation for 2-weeks working on everything but my violin. Also, if I can get through that Suzuki Volume 4 in the next 2 months, that would be a pretty big goal for me. Manifo, if you read this, I liked your viola outline on this thread. -Wes
  19. I really like the looks of that violin. How does it sound? -Wes
  20. My guess is that E, A, D, and G are reversed. That makes it a hybrid.
  21. MATT, Thanks for posting. People like me need some technique (any technique) lessons.
  22. Thank you falstaff. This time I bookmarked the page so I don't ask for it 8 months from now. You are appreciated.
  23. Hopefully a quick and simple question. How do you perform a light fumigation with amonia? Spray? Cloth Wipe? Gas in chamber?
  24. Jeffery, At this point in time, I'm afraid to say I do not think I could do a better job on the scroll. The scroll you published below the violin in question is amazingly perfect. Second, I'm not sure that I like the way the subject violin maple back is arched. But what do I know, I'm a real beginner. I hope my first scroll comes out good. It is a big worry for me. Wish me luck.
  25. Guess I'm not a mind reader. While I really do not like the smoke screen permanently attached to the violin in the form of a finish... I like the scroll carving. However, the scroll is not worth $3,900 to me.
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