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  1. quote: Originally posted by: Michael Darnton You don't say what you mean by "problems". Can you explain that further? If you mean totally even tone quality from note to note across all strings, you should probably zero in on lower rather than higher price ranges. Does this mean better (or more expensive) celli are more difficult to play, and therefore perceived to be more "problematic" than lesser ones?
  2. Sorry to say this.... but it looks like a clown at Cirque de Soleil.
  3. A pedophile? That's a loaded term.... A few photos shown there might raise people's eyebrows, especially from a Westerner's point of view. But people over there believe that folks like Mary Kay Letourneau exist only in America (or France to be fair). Factual or not, I guess such "intimate" poses are allowed or even acceptable without much suspicion over there. His bio (written in Chinese, translated by Babelfish) indicates that he was trained at and certified from a conservatory, and currently participating in SAR Philharmonic... By the way, the background music of his website sounds simple but lovely. No way that was his playing. Another cardinal mistake made by him? Here's his website: http://www.anthony-fung.com/
  4. It would be unfair to expect that teachers should be able to perform like professional players. In fact, a few otherwise excellent violin professors that I know of happen to be so-so when it comes to playing. Nevertheless, I don't know what to make with this video.... He might possess great teaching skills... but if your playing were not one of your strengths, then why would you want to "advertise" it to the world?
  5. Very interesting.... Are these exhaustive from his compositions? Listening to his pieces though, I couldn't erase my feeling that he tried to express more than what he had felt.
  6. Nice find, falstaff.... In addition, this fiddle was sold twice, about 10 days apart, by the same seller (w/ identical descriptions). wItem">Feb. 17 transaction wItem">Feb. 27 transaction One of them will get it? Or none of them will get it?
  7. It is hilarious indeed. But a bit gross here and there though, especially when Joo talking some obscene words in his native language while hitting his partner, Igudesman. On the other hand, it fits its title, "A Little Nightmare Music." Could it be postmodernistic? If so, I guess anything goes.
  8. I don't know how meaningful it is to make this statement. Having said that, the only symphony that almost "twisted" my soul was Mahler's 5th.
  9. quote: Originally posted by: Michael Darnton A friend of mine is enthusiastic about modern music, and asserts, properly, that I don't get it because I don't understand it, intellectually, structurally, etc. My response is that music is to be heard and felt, not "understood". The intellectual part may be a bonus, beyond the sensual but if the audio-sensual part isn't there, it ain't music, in my opinion. Modern (or even postmodern) or not, music is no more (or less) than "what feelings sound like." Hence I agree that it must be "felt," not "understood." What is unclear to me is whether or not it ought to be felt by the mass (including the "unschooled" mass). Then again, who are we to say that "high-culture" ought to be separated and preserved from "low-culture"?
  10. For French, love seems always triangular. Three things I noted: 1) This stunning looking beauty, Camille, unfortunately didn't "fool" anybody in her violin (non-)playing; 2) But I was "fooled" by this French style of depicting love "pseudo-intellectually": subtle looks, unspoken words, and symbolic gestures, all insinuating sexual nuances without directly showing anything; 3) If any "messy emotionalism" is shown here, then it must be coming from Camille, not because her femaleness, but because her lifelong love of violin playing that intertwined with her intense love for Stephane. So given these three occupational titles Jimbow provides, "A Heart in Winter" belongs to Camille, though no doubt the maker's intention was Stephane's.
  11. quote: Originally posted by: W.S.Cool Every time I thought I had a small element of excellence, I was proven incorrect. A top never fails to define what's over the top. In that sense, "the ultimate sound" will be redefined ad infinitum.
  12. Hi Wendy, Changing them every three to four months will do it (regardless of how they appear).
  13. ymkim


    Sun Abrasives Just in case you don't want to cut and paste.. GMM22, Hermes means Hermes Paris where you pay $500 for a tea cup?
  14. Kallo Bartok from Stringworks It's about $1800 for violin only. I don't own this, but I bought this for someone else, and she liked it very much as far as I know. As they have 14 day trial period, you can compare this to what is locally available.
  15. I mildly disagree with yuen. I don't think we are ignorant about Chinese luthiers. The fact of the matter is that many Chinese makers, for whatever reasons, remain mysterious. And some of them, we are not even sure whether they actually exist: Zhang Shu Mei (remember the Amati Foundation controversy?), Ling Wang (Eastman 905/906), Toussaud Lee (Howard Core), etc...
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