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  1. The Angel violins are quite good and received a favorable review in a recent Strings issue. Their sound is focused and even. George Behary who posts here sells the Angels and has great deals on them. In fact his shop violins are Angels. You might want to enquire of him. The Caos are also good instruments.
  2. Bingo!! I forgot about Boosey. Many thanks for the assistance.
  3. Can someone tell me where I might find the sheet music (violin/piano) for the above piece. Nowhere seems to have a proper violin version. Thanks...
  4. I might as well jump in since the admin is allowing this nonsense. Seems Steve Redrobe is the only spark of interest (ironically) in a Board that is now essentially dead. May the fun continue.
  5. What's the movie like?
  6. I'm not sure but I think he is a Chinese violin specialist.
  7. Actually, I like 3 'f' holes and occasionally a heavy rubber mute.
  8. Anyone who works with his wood all day coudn't possibly be a good lover at night.
  9. Thanks. I ordered the Kogan and the Oistrach
  10. Is that the complete link?? I can't seem to access it.
  11. Is there any source that sells these things on DVD. I refuse to waste money on VHS tapes.
  12. Perhaps one view might be that the audience pays to see a polished performance. Just a thought but it's like a contract and part of the contract for the exchange of the ticket fee paid must not only include playing well but looking good too. If it weren't like that, then we can have solists in shorts and slippers on stage (or in Steve's case, just a thimble)although they play like Heifetz.
  13. I wonder if opera singers would look good reading the music instead of singing from memory. I think for a soloist performance it's distracting to have the performer with music on stage.
  14. When the music is memorized then it frees up the creative spirit more to internalise and interpret. What I don't like is the mindless memorization that I see in the Suzuki method with the corresponding drop in sight reading ability.
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