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  1. No, I haven't, but that's a good idea. I might try it when I get the Wittner chinrest back
  2. My violin has a wolf tone on 1st position B on the E string (a very inconvenient place for it to be, really). I've been using a center-mount Wittner hypo-allergenic (read: plastic) chinrest since I have sensitive skin. I was going to lend the chinrest to a friend of mine who wanted to try it herself, so I took off the Wittner chinrest and put on an ebony Flat Flesch chinrest that I had lying around. And voila, the wolf tone was gone! I put on the Wittner again and the wolf tone came back. Changed back to the ebony Flesch and the wolf disappeared again. Well, not completely disappeared, but it's not as prominent as before and much more manageable now. I was intrigued so I tried a small rosewood Guarneri-style chinrest, and the wolf tone was less than with the Wittner but a little bit more than with the ebony Flesch. So I put back on the ebony Flesch. The variables changed are the chinrest weight (from lighter to heavier), and the points of contact. They were all center-mount, but the Wittner has two hill-style legs, and the others have standard barrel-type clamps. Anyway, what a nice surprise! I feel like getting an early Christmas present for this holiday season
  3. Have you tried keeping moth balls in the bow case (not in direct contact with the bows)? For non-toxic alternative, I like Moth-Away Herbal Sachets.
  4. I have so many things to say about this person (and do I sound cynical enough?), but let me stay on other matters for the sake of public forum for now. Sometime last year (around the middle of year I think), I saw a thread on another popular violin forum, in which someone asked about the quality of this maker's violin, and the answers were that his violins were low-quality Chinese. As almost all posts on that forum do, the thread was one of the top search results on Google if someone googled his name. Then several days later, the thread was deleted off of the system. No reasons why. Just gone. In retrospect, I should have saved the thread, but it never occurred to me that a thread could disappear so easily. Until that time, his website touted how great a furniture restorer he was, and had just a few extra pages about the violins and the special polishing products he produce. Then several months later, he set up his shop page on that forum and started to post very actively. His website was now completely devoted to violins, not furniture restoration. Maybe the eBay business turned out to be more lucrative than furniture restoration? See here for comparison:*/
  5. Hi everyone, I will be in Europe for business in the last week of September, and can extend my trip for about a week, so I am busy planning itinerary. Mondo Musica in Cremona Italy is Oct 3-5 this year, so I am seriously contemplating it... but the question is, is it worth it to attend the event as an amateur player? I am not into buying tools or instruments in bulk; maybe at most I might purchase a fitting set or a moderately-priced bow, but my role there will be mostly a casual tourist. Also, if I decide to attend, should I be there for all three days to enjoy the event, or is just a day or two fine? Please share your experience & advice. Due to this event my return flight is still undecided, and I have to make the final decision very soon. Thanks in advance!
  6. As far as I remember, the scroll images in the last auction became available in a few days after the listings went online initially. So hopefully it's the same way this time around, too.
  7. quote: Originally posted by: dfxlr quote: Originally posted by: yuen In corporate all your great advices, now the pic. ( hope it works) One last question about Tourte mute, only going through one string, any one? All things considered the improvement is miraculous I agree!
  8. To me it seems that the problem with the photos is not just the focus, but the shakiness as well (i.e. hands moving while taking shots). Yuen, in addition to not putting your camera too close to your subjects (your camera lens needs a room to focus correctly even when it's in macro mode), you may want to invest in a mini tripod. Or a camera that automatically corrects shakiness... but I bet tripods are a much more inexpensive solution.
  9. In the Music section, they say "Prices included for registered commercial customers" and they wouldn't sell Music products to private customers according to their FAQ...
  10. This question has been bugging me for over a year... please help. I have seen some bows that say nickel silver mounted, as well as some other bows that say silver mounted, and for me it is so hard to tell them apart. What kinds of methods do you use to tell them apart? As a female, I can easily differentiate sterling silver jewelries or white gold jewelries from other silver-color-plated ones, but these bow mountings just look the same to me, whether old or new. By the way, I heard that in the bow world sometimes the term silver is liberally used to include nickel silver as well, but here I mean silver that is differently classified than nickel silver (as in 'gold > silver > nickel silver' kind of way.) And I don't know the exact difference between the metals classified this way, either... For instance, is the silver here sterling silver, or what is it? Thanks everyone in advance!
  11. That's pretty! You could perhaps do table place holders, too. I'm up for one (or maybe more for stocking stuffer) if you sell these holders
  12. If you try Zyex, make sure to try it in thin/light tension. The medium Zyex is so tight in tension that the thin gauge is similar to or slightly softer-feeling than the medium gauge strings of other brands. I liked the thin Zyex much when I had a harsh-sounding violin in the past.
  13. Great idea! I just lay down my violin on a table or in an open case with the shoulder rest attached. I agree that not having to take off or put on the shoulder rest every practice session is a great time saver.
  14. sooyeon

    Corelli Crystal

    BTW, I've heard from a few friends who are big Corelli Crystal fans that the sleeper E in the Crystal set is the same string as the E in the Corelli Alliance Vivace set.
  15. I love that photography! The glue pot really is pretty.