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  1. Long story short, I had another violin shipped from China and just unpacked it. And found the nut like the photos. They look half way done. Is this okay? Should I bring it to a luthier and get it fixed? (Can this even be fixed?) I live 1.5 hours of highway drive away from the nearest luthier, though.
  2. I’m afraid anything that goes around the chinrest and touches the tailpiece might result in similar effect. My chinrest is centered, and set low, so it’s very close to the tailpiece which compounds the issue.
  3. I received the package from Amazon and tried it last night. The 6-12 months ankle size still left about an inch hanging, so I folded it underneath the chinrest to hide the ugliness. Unfortunately, this concoction muffles the sound. Even when not folding in the hanging end, the sock touches the tailpiece a fair bit. Anyway, I can’t use it due to the muffled sound issue.
  4. That’s a great idea, too! But it’s extremely hard to find all-black baby socks. I went to local Walmart and Target and couldn’t find them. Looks like 6-12 months low cut will fit, but I can’t find one in all black even on Amazon. ps. I was looking for one without gripper feet, but after fruitless searching I ended up getting one with grippers. Hopefully this works out. Fingers crossed!
  5. What an excellent idea! I like that I don't have to sew anything (lol) Any particular brand of adhesive moleskin that you would recommend?
  6. I browsed around for a readymade chinrest cover, but couldn’t find one to my liking. Maybe I’ll cut some microfiber cloth and attach it to the top of the chinrest with velcro/double-sided tape or something... Thank you for the information. It doesn’t sound like I’ll like it. Wittner is already in a hypoallergenic material, so I don’t need extra layer especially in the neck area. Yes. They have side chinrests only, though, whereas I need a centered cup.
  7. Thank you for the idea! I'm not a sewing person, but it looks like there are readymade chinrest covers on Amazon. Browsing browsing...
  8. Good idea, but it looks like the material is latex foam. I'm not sure whether it would be absorbent enough... (and am afraid of it turning dingy too soon.)
  9. I tried Wave I for two lesson sessions, and the sweat was absorbed nicely, not pooling (maybe it has to do with the particular wood that's used. It's got large pores.) I also got the Da Capo for trial, but quickly rejected it because the cup is entirely on the left: I need the cup in the center. Actually that's the problem with Wave I, too. The cup is slightly to the left, which doesn't fit me.
  10. After many trial and errors, I found THE chinrest that fits me like a glove: Wittner Augsburg (0+2 setting). The problem is (TMI alert), I have to walk some distance to my lesson and during the lesson I sweat on the face... and it pools on the chinrest, making it slippery. When that happens, I feel less secure holding the violin. I have to periodically wipe off the chinrest during the lesson. It's awkward to say the least. So I'd like to find a wooden chinrest that is as similar to the shape of Augsburg as possible. So far, I have found none... Flesch, flat or humped, doesn't work. The hump digs in, and the flat one's edge cuts into my jaw on the left. Wave I was okay, but my violin hold is such that the scroll is very much towards the center (I have short arms and short/small physique overall), and the chinrest isn't comfortable enough with the way I hold the violin. Can you think of any chinrest I should check out? I really want to avoid having to use a handkerchief.
  11. Yes, it sort of does. The case interior color is light ivory. The violin is now in a different case with silk scarf underneath. I'm surprised that the violin's back survived without varnish damage because this ivory-interior case has a back that fully contacts the instrument (i.e. no separate cushions at the top and bottom.) So I started with this. Took a packing tape to it, and that took most of the bad fuzzes away. And then I tried this. The results are now much better looking! Attaching the after photos below. Thanks for your input, everyone!
  12. And it's been hot where I live, too. So it's quite possible that the violin was subject to high heat during transit. Is there anything that I can do about the fuzzy fibers? Or am I more or less stuck with the stuck-on fibers?
  13. I recently got a newly-made Chinese violin (supposedly made by a single master in a workshop) and it came with some defects in the varnish. Please see the attached pictures. The defective areas are kind of rough and whitish. And ribs only. The front and back are fine. I have never seen something like this. What is this, and is there anything I can do about it? I had brought the violin to a local luthier to have it checked up, and he didn't say anything about this; I guess he either didn't notice the defects, or didn't think this was anything major to comment on. Thank you for your insights!
  14. No, I haven't, but that's a good idea. I might try it when I get the Wittner chinrest back
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