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  1. These 2 violins appear to be of the same chinese model but antiqued with fake labels. One violin is sand on the head more. The f-holes even have the same pattern with the right top half slightly bigger than the left side. auction 1 Auction 2
  2. This is a fake modern italian violin. You can buy them at directly from china for nothing. This seller is selling it as a real italian. HE ALSO RIPPED ME OFF last month with a fake mirecourt bow. It was a chinese viola bow with a fake frog and new bow grip..It was ridicolous!....
  3. HA!! I never knew that. That's freaking hilarious! That is ME and JOHN ANDERSON. I did a show for him a while back. You know the guy that does Seminole Winds and all those great hits. I am the young guy in the picture. I am cracking up! lol -Ben
  4. Correct! The violin was a buy it now for 225. They just had listed it and clicked buy it now really fast because i knew It was worth several times that much. The seller could have put 999 buy it now and i would have bought it. But it was so low I knew it was going to be a keeper or something i could sell and make a few bucks. I really appreciate the understanding of many of you all on maestronet. I have received numerous e-mails supporting me and a couple of posts on maestronet supporting me. Thanks Sincerly, Ben
  5. Thanks for the support, Clint Block. -Ben
  6. " I think fiddlinben can make a good case that he is being badgered for no good reason in this case." Thank You Very Much, Hank Schutz -Ben
  7. There is nothing crappy about this violin. It is a good violin. It just has faux cracks. I don't expect it too bring a mint. I don't sell crappy stuff check my feedback i just sold a 50,000 telecaster it was worth 140,000 but it was refinished. You have no case. And I bring you no case. I started this violin at .01 ....and you say i am trying to get GOLD? not...your full of it....I don't care what the violin brings as long as it is sold to someone who will enjoy playing it! and not to some dang collector.
  8. so matz leave me alone and everyone else go about your business..I am not doing nothing but selling a auction, no shill bidding no nothing...just a freakin want to start trouble go find you some those fake chinese auctions and turn there butts in....
  9. this is what that matz guy wrote me and my answer: "" class="nomargin" onsubmit= "ebay.oDocument._getControl('searchHeader')._exec('submitHeaderSearch', this, '', '000', 'Start new search');" name="headerSearch"> " border-top: #c4c4c4 1px solid; border-right: #c4c4c4 1px solid; border-left: #c4c4c4 1px solid;" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> "questionsectiontitle" width="80%">Question & Answer "20%">Answered On " border-right: #c4c4c4 1px solid; border-left: #c4c4c4 1px solid;" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> "questionq questionrowpadding questionrow1bg" width="15"> Q: width="633">you say in your descrption that the violin has no cracks to the back. however i can see this HUGE crack running up from the bottom, and it aint a center joint because it´s a one piece back, isn´t it? so what is it? comments welcome please! sincerely Matthias "questioncontent questionrowpadding questionrow1bg" width="20%"> Mar-20-07 "questiona questionrowpadding" width="15">A: ITS NOT A CRACK ITIS A FAUX CRACK. That crack on the back is antiqued. "/HT
  10. I found this on ebay and about messed my pants for this sellers story. It's pretty funny. " font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman';"> "THIS IS VERY, VERY OLDEST JACOBUS STAINER'S TRUE ORIGINAL 4/4 VIOLIN made in the year of 1645. This violin is one of ONE HUNDRED and THREE VIOLINS made for his Majesty's orchestra of Austria. This violin was play by a violinist in his Majesty's ordhestra for years before he died and passed on to his family with special care of this violin that he had love. It has been going on from generations to genenations of this family until one of the last in the family had died of natural causes in World War I. In 1935, this violin was owned by a businessman and had this Appraised Value is $56,000.00 and the appraisal papers was destroy during WW II from Allied bombings. But this Stainer violin was untouch from the bombings and was put safety in strong box in a Barn." --Ha Stainer violins were not even worth 56,000 in the 30's.....That would be equal almost a million in todays money.
  11. Has anybody every used one of these? Its wild looking!
  12. Correcto, Ben aka "ME". would rather stick to playing music than being in the political scene.
  13. Here is the ebay link
  14. Hello. To all experts i was wondering does this look like the real deal? Its being sold in Germany. Thanks