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  1. Seth_Leigh-Actually this is not my way, i have seen on internet some video (brosamati_arch.wmv)... I dont know Whoever first tried that but it is good job.... especially for back plates...
  2. If you bored to mesure and mesure all the time when you arching your plates.. You can use this way. It's simple and usefull....
  3. Thank you all.... "Original label dated 1714. Length of Back-358.5 . Upper Bouts 168, Middle Bouts 112, Lower Bouts 207." - from above - Cozio I cant believe my eyes... I checked my measures. Same it all.... ( for lower lenght is different but 2mms doesnt matter) I should change my violins name... it is maurien! Thank you again...
  4. I feel relieved myself... OK then i'll keep making...
  5. On the photo wrote that: body lenght like 1716 cessol (it measure 357mm on cessol)
  6. I took that measures from violin making schooll... but it was not a poster... it was photo of back side... i think there is a copy mistake... So would I keep it on to make or stop? What is your opinion? I think I cant call it "milanollo" anymore... we should call it "mmiillaannoolloo"...
  7. On Strad violins measures: 350mm to 360mm.... actually i concern about middle measure...
  8. Hi, i've started to make a new violin... i picked up strad 1728nmodel le milonollo... I completed ribs and linning... I am workingnon top plate... And it seems too big... I wonder am I correct...nThis measures on violin:upper w: 168mmlower w: 209mmmidlle w: 112mmn(especially this one)body lenght: 358mmIs there any problems innthat measures?
  9. Nonado..... I did not say I dont like anything....I like it too. You are absolutely right... We always use some tools that without traditional making violins. Besides I hate purfling. When I started this job I decided use some machines for plates (for get together, to get smoot) but my master freak out for me when he learnt my decision. I told him same you told me. Then he looked me and said "You are... you all... killing spirit of this job. Get out...." So Ive been alone since that day. And I wonder is there any luthiers here. (Special thanx some maestroneter for helping me when I needed.)
  10. Congs.... I always beg my friends "please you buy some woods I will make free for you (quality violin sets sales about $200+ ?n Turkey)" but nobody interests in.... people mostly prefers cheapest China violins about $50-$100... Please God save all of us from chinaware violins and cellos Repatly Congratulations....
  11. Smartest job! What about the sense of HAND MADE words?
  12. I found theese recipes for oil varnihs... (in a research about violin making at a library of universty) 1-alcohol 224mls, zafferano 6grms, dragon blood 10grms, red wine 42mls, shellack 20grms, aloe 17grms. 2-alcohol 240mls, mastic 20grms, sandarac 10grms, lavander 12mls, aloe 20grms. Are theese oil varnish recipe truly?
  13. Not cheaply...... mastics very expensive... Pine resin and turpentine (5/5) and a bit benzoin.... is that a oil varnish recipe?
  14. Can you give me simple oil varnish recipe?