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  1. Breaking news: Strad found at the junkyard

    Yes, the ff reminds one of the Messiah. What a shame.
  2. Pitch, Patch, or Potter?

    Seems to be a gift — distinctively sensuous. Someone will come to love it.
  3. We have been using our soundpost setters incorrectly!

    If you click the arrow, one of the photos shows the setter with an S-bend. Not in use though.
  4. carrying power

    In following your tip, I also discovered "Violinmaker Hans Benning Remembers Violinist Jascha Heifetz". Hans describes his 15 years servicing Heifetz's dG. Charming and insightful. The last bit on the memorial concert where others played the dG touches on the players role in projection.
  5. 8 violin clips for tone evaluation

    Thinking back over more than an hour's worth of listening, I remember a first impression that synthetic reverberation might have been imposed. One clip was stronger in this sense of artificiality. After a few runs this sense diminished, especially after Don mentioned the hard surfaces in the room. Now combining a Don's further information and other comments and working from memory alone, I'm thinking #2 is the best candidate for equalization. Now which clip is the source? Possibly #3.
  6. 8 violin clips for tone evaluation

    Jumping off! I'l go for 7 as firewood and 4 for silver medalist—with 1 as second choice for the silver. 7 is my favorite.
  7. Transparent violin...

    Love those transparent strings!
  8. Einstein.s book "Relativity"

    By chance are you referring to the new d'Addario Kaplan Amo and Vivo strings? They seem super to me.
  9. Einstein.s book "Relativity"

    Fascinating link.Thank you, John
  10. Up coming VSA meeting in Baltimore MD

    Getting new tires tomorrow just for the trip. Looking forward.
  11. Dr Nicholas Sackman

    "If you can't imitate it, don't copy it" —adapted from Yogi Berra.
  12. Terry Borman video

    No. A mere reflection.
  13. Carbon fibre violin wins award!

    Quick internet search shows cellulose, lignin, and carbon fiber to be close to same density with specific gravity typically near 1.5. If presented with a block of pure cellulose, not many makers would think it an ideal material for fiddles.
  14. D. Noon's Trashbin

    No. two gives me the sensation of more vowel change from note to note in the scales along with a rounder. more defined sound. The effect is more musical and more interesting. I would like to predict that, for 2, a player will feel the bow more easily gets "right in amongst the resonances" where it can mess around with more creative opportunities. Most interesting work.
  15. Tired of making fiddles?

    Yes, nice insight—quite Cremonese tending toward dG.