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  1. Quarter cut, top of bridge towards the center of the tree. The long medulary rays on the back of the bridge indicate a true quarter cut. Since the bridge tapers bottom to top, the front, with shorter rays/flecks, is slightly off true quarter.
  2. I did find Journeyman musician!
  3. Journeyman musician? Never heard of it. I've also never heard of an apprentice musician. For violin making, I would contend that in the US, there is no such thing as a Journeyman Violin Maker. While the skilled trades still do support that structure, violin making does not. I seriously doubt that there are any violin making "shops" in the US that employ enough real violin makers (not the general luthiers) to support that structure. I would also say that violin makers are a rebel bunch that like to strike out on their own, and after they believe that they have the skills to make violins, they usually open their own business.
  4. I've known a few "stools" in my time. I usually try to avoid them.
  5. An awful lot of people on Fleabay are either uneducated about violins, expecting to get way more than they are worth, or are being dishonest about what the violins actually are. I don't even look there anymore. The other major problem with doing online auction is that you can't look the violin over in person, and the pictures that they actually supply don't show problems.
  6. You could use Boric Acid dust in cracks around baseboards, window, behind cabinets, or anywhere else that small critters could hide or enter.
  7. As others have said, an oscilloscope is used for continuous waveforms. It's pretty useless for transient things like taps. You would also need a transducer, and a good one is not cheap! Recording on a computer, and using a FFT program might give you the kind if info that you're looking for, but that's going to be limited by the quality of the transducer.
  8. I agree with this. We also keep telling people that you can't just post one or two photos, and expect to get a good ID. Follow the guides at the top of the page.
  9. As long as you have both f-holes open, it air in one, vacuum out the other. Shouldn't be a problem.
  10. This still has 3-7% Methanol, if this is the real issue that we're addressing here. CAS #Hazardous Components (Chemical Name)3. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSConcentration 64-17-5Ethyl alcohol {Ethanol}80.0 -100.0 % 67-56-1Methanol {Methyl alcohol; Carbinol; Woodalcohol}3.0 -7.0 % 141-78-6Acetic acid, ethyl ester {Ethyl acetate}1.0 -5.0 % 108-10-1Methyl isobutyl ketone {Hexone;Isopropylacetone; MIBK; 4-Methyl-2-pentanone}0.1 -1.0 % 142-82-5Heptane0.1 -1.0 %
  11. That's LDLo. "Human LDLo Oral: 143 mg/kg" From another source:"The minimal lethal dose following ingestion is considered to be in the range of 300–1,000mg/kg."
  12. Want to know why denatured alcohol is denatured? It's not so you don't drink it (you can just go to a liquor store for drinking alcohol), it's because the GOVERNMENT hasn't TAXED it. If the major manufacturers want to sell pure alcohol, they would be charged, and charge you, an extra $13.50 per gallon in Federal taxes, plus whatever your state taxes would be. That's why Everclear is so pricy!
  13. For someone with no luthier training, DO NOT TRY TO TAKE THE INSTRUMENT APART!!!!! It's quite unlikely that you'll do a good job of putting it back together. There are lots of posts on here about mold. In your case, I would recommend putting a tablespoon of Boric Acid dust (Ant and Roach type) inside, perhaps along with a little carpet deodorizer. Adding a little aquarium gravel also added would provide some scrubbing action when shaking. Put some painters tape over the holes, and give it a good shake. Let it sit for a few days, and dump/vacuum out the excess powder/gravel. A very thin layer of Boric Acid dust will remain over the inside, and prevent mold growth.
  14. It look like just more of the usual. Not French. Probably more like late 1800s to 1900 or so.
  15. The 40% should be OK. Right now, in my basement workshop, I'm at 66 F, and 65% RH. I'm in upstate NY, and the house has AC. The thing that you should really watch for, is when you're heating in the winter. That can drop the humidity levels WAY down. In the winter, I keep the house at about 40-45% RH, using a humidifier on the heating system. If you're heating with wood, or electric, you'll definitely need a good humidifier.