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  1. Yes, but don’t advertise it as a Vuillaume! eBay really frowns on fraud!
  2. Ditto!!! If this was claimed to be genuine, you would have a court case if they won’t refund your money.
  3. I agree. You probably shouldn't try to "fix" it yourself. A good luthier will be able to properly clean the area and apply the appropriate finish.
  4. Just saying that stuff like that affects the value.
  5. I think that your $2500 estimate is a pipe dream. The scroll is really funky, it needs a new set of pegs, and the fingerboard looks thin and might need replacing. More like $500.
  6. Oops! Should have had more coffee!
  7. Please take a better picture, with really good lighting, that shows more than one square inch. Since it's on the bass side, it would be a bass bar crack, not a sound post crack.
  8. I did something similar in my 50's, but sadly, with no previous musical background, it wasn't a good plan for me. Now I just work on them. I started out with a lower priced Romanian instrument and a synthetic bow. That was a good choice. The teachers that I had at the time thought that both the instrument and bow were fine for what I was doing. I bought mine at a local shop. The disadvantage of buying online, is that you don't really have any idea of what the set-up is going to be like. If you buy from a local luthier, they should check everything before they sell it to you, and if there is a problem, you can take it back to them. If someone brings me a violin that they bought online, and wants some work done on it, they pay full price.
  9. Since the fronts are usually spruce, and the backs are maple, there will be major differences between the grain and density.
  10. With that dimension, it's about a 3/4 size instrument. Appropriate for a younger teenager.
  11. Any idea what kind of oil it is? Everything that I can think of is likely to affect the finish. For example, you might be able to extract oil from the back edge of a plate by putting it on paper towel, on a glass plate, and adding acetone. Never tried it, so no guarantees.
  12. Since a lot of eBay sellers way overprice their offerings, you could list it for $10,000. Lots of suckers out there. Seriously, see what the shop would offer you for it. Consider that as a wholesale price, and a 50% markup from that might be a place to start.
  13. Probably not much. A real key for setting sound posts is having good lighting inside the instrument (like Luthier Lights). It’s also difficult to keep proper orientation with the endoscope..
  14. Linen has been used as reinforcement since at least Stradivari's time. As far as I know, they weren't generally used for violin construction, so they were probably put in during some of the repair sessions.
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