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  1. FiddleDoug

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    That's as a gel, dissolved in water. Once it's dry, it won't melt until it's ready to char and burn.
  2. FiddleDoug

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    Hide glue doesn't melt!!! You must be thinking of PVA glues.
  3. FiddleDoug

    Found a cello... Is it worth repair?

    It would be a big job to restore, but could be done. You can buy an unfinished cello neck on Ebay, that would help make things easier. There are several good books out there.
  4. FiddleDoug

    Vernice bianca vs plaster ground

    Two main grounds? Hardly! The vernice bianca is a sealer, and the plaster is just a mineral filler. I've used vernice bianca, and incorporated filler, and/or color into it. It worked well for me.
  5. FiddleDoug

    Varnishing for Beginners

    Whatever you end up using, do the whole process on some test panels BEFORE you put anything on a violin!
  6. FiddleDoug

    Varnish melting point and repair options

    That doesn't help much.
  7. FiddleDoug

    Varnish melting point and repair options

    Nice Chinese cello can cover a lot of different $ values, and streaks also covers a lot of ground. Can they be rubbed out with wet/dry (wet) paper, or do you need to go further? If you can level the surface, then a thin coat of rubbed on varnish might be all that's needed to bring it back to good.
  8. FiddleDoug

    Old Violin and Vuillaume Bow

    Both are really worthless. I wouldn't waste time or money on either.
  9. That's not a neck graft. That's a horribly broken out, and very crudely repaired neck. No telling what the inside looks like. That's why I estimated $1800 to repair/restore. I'm going to guess that the OP just bought a blank and just stuck it on.
  10. FiddleDoug

    f hole mystery

    You really should post more pictures if you want an answer. See the sticky at the top on picture taking.
  11. "needs some repair" That's an understatement! That's probably about a $1800 minimum repair (neck, upper ribs, upper block, button, fingerboard), and I charge on the low side.
  12. FiddleDoug

    Cork Burnish?

    Not wood, but if you cut it in half lengthwise, it's great for removing excess rosin from strings. Just run the cut edge of the cork over the strings north of the bridge.
  13. FiddleDoug

    Do you use a peghole reamer sheath?

    I use a small piece of PVC plumbing pipe..
  14. FiddleDoug

    Neck attachment

    Looks pretty normal to me. Perhaps a slightly shallow mortice. Am I missing something?
  15. FiddleDoug

    Very basic intro to varnishing needed

    Hate to tell you this, but there are no simple answers to your questions. Varnishing and retouching are two separate issues, and both arts of their own. There are dozens of opinions on the correct methods and materials. You should search this forum for everything on retouching and varnishing. Before you commit an instrument to the methods that you choose, make a bunch of wood test panels, and practice, then evaluate the results. When you find something that you like, go with it.