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  1. David, I just ran across this. Don't know if it will help.
  2. FiddleDoug

    how and where dobi start

    " .the person that did it took about 6 years five coats with year to cure in between coats " That's pretty crazy! I've never heard of anyone waiting a year between varnish coats. I agree with Brad.
  3. FiddleDoug

    Just venting

    Would a couple of drywall screws be ok for you?
  4. FiddleDoug

    Help with making bridges

    Looks like you really butchered those kidney wings! The string notches look way too deep. Get the right tools, and learn how to sharpen and use them! This is more like how it should look. Notice that the string notches are barely there.
  5. FiddleDoug

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    A pool cue case actually works pretty well for bows.
  6. FiddleDoug

    Spirit Varnish

    Spirit varnish has other resins, such as copal, sandarac, mastic, or elemi, in it in addition to shellac. If it was only shellac, it would probably just be called shellac. Here's some information, although it is not specific to instruments. :
  7. FiddleDoug

    Controlling yellows in violin photos

    Just duplicate the set up in this video.
  8. FiddleDoug

    Controlling yellows in violin photos

    Here's the way to do it. photography.pdf If it seems complicated, that's because it is. I have simplified mine a little, and use four lights in a somewhat smaller space. It does OK, but not perfect.
  9. FiddleDoug

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    With the cost and restrictions on pernambuco wood, I seriously doubt that any of those cheap Ebay bows are pernambuco.
  10. FiddleDoug

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    I totally agree with that!!! I would take a $50 carbon fiber bow over a $50 wood bow without question.!
  11. FiddleDoug


    Not that particular model, but other early guitars. Bernie does fantastic work!
  12. FiddleDoug

    "Nicolaus Amatus" violin identification

    " My question might sound very silly to you but what are the chances for that violin to be actually a real antique instrument? What are for exemple the differences with a real Amati? " Since "antique" is pretty much defined as anything more than 100 years, it almost certainly is. As far as it being and Amati, 0 chance.
  13. FiddleDoug

    Worth to be repaired?

    Looks like the usual to me. The top is in very rough condition. If you're thinking about doing the work for yourself, for your own personal use, maybe. The cost to have a luthier do it would be prohibitive, and the market value after restoration, very low.
  14. FiddleDoug

    soundpost crack

    I would say that a soundpost crack is usually caused by some kind of shock trauma, or too tight a post. I would say no to post position causing it.
  15. FiddleDoug

    Crimped liners tool

    Just get an anvil pruner, and reshape the blade, or put a stop on it, so that it doesn't cut all the way through. Sharp blade on one jaw, and flat on the other, Should be perfect.