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  1. looking for any tips on using this unit or any other forums that would , does not seem to be too popular at this point. thanks
  2. Ivc has this video, I was wondering if anyone has made varnish using this video and what your thoughts are Making Oil Varnish for Stringed Instruments by Ricardo B. Flores. Exclusively made for IVC., this DVD demons also this you tube video. thanks for any help. kevin
  3. if you cook a small batch, does it shorten the time vs. a bigger batch, is there much difference?
  4. lookin for some info on this cello. I am not set up for working on it. like to get an idea of value to sell online. thanks for any help on this
  5. looks like they narrowed the outline after the purfling, maybe before the were put on ribs and found ribs narrower ?
  6. Is a good idea to clean with alcohol every year or so ? Or only after you fell it is b Not grabbing , I have been using this bow for a year with almost hair loss. I play about 2 hours a day
  7. give them a call, Phone: (540) 645-7499Email: wmmasonviolins@gmail.com tell em kevin sent ya
  8. There is a great class in Fredericksburg Virginia William Mason violins I've taken the class three times I highly recommend it you would have to take a week's vacation but worth it
  9. saw thi the other day for flat blades https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUoEPgcqUFc
  10. what is the Hz of the A string on this instrument ?
  11. what about the people who use no chinrest? I have been doing that lately, and I can put my chin on the body, and take it off and hear no discernible difference, and a better violin may make a difference, but I do see some good players not use one.
  12. Is it a good idea not to mix different species of trees when making varnish, or does it make it more a crap shoot to the end result? thanks
  13. yes green wood houses are not rare the do move though
  14. here is what I have and used to use
  15. thanks, don . the ones I have been using carve nicely, I think I got them from IV other than that is there an aesthetic reason ?
  16. the fiber seems to bend easier, but is there a reason not to use it?
  17. yes probably, it has worked fine for me. I used to use some brass ones that you heated up on a hot plate, this is much easier to control temp.
  18. I got one on ebay , offered less , it works fine has temp readout , I added some bolts and metal right angle plate to bottom to set in vise.. not sure how the tariff thing affects you in somewhere so they might be higher now.
  19. https://www.thestrad.com/video/johnny-gandelsman-allemande-from-sixth-cello-suite-on-5-string-violin/9386.article?utm_source=adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_campaign=21386
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