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  1. ha I forgot I put it there too! thanks dwight !!
  2. sorry the heel to the chin, and the nut to the end of neck, without the fingerboard , and nut to bridge length , I have found a few different lengths for nut to bridge .
  3. I am reworking a viola I made 30 years ago when I knew even less than I do now, I have been trying to find dinemsions of the neck, mine was way too short , along with some other things. I have found string lengths and fingerboard dimensions. but the under side length I cannot find. any help would be appreciated. thanks kevin
  4. looking for a source who sells , and what thickness . thanks kevin
  5. Sounds like generally Sitka not a great idea , what density would be best?
  6. I have soem 80 year old sitka , I was thinking of using it, has anyone had any luck with it. or is it just better to stick with Engelman, I have seen some say that you can thin the top a bit because of the strength to weight ratio. any advice would be appreciated. thanks kevin
  7. I have my curing box in a space that will go down to about 20 f tonight is that ok or should I move it to a warmer room
  8. looking for any tips on using this unit or any other forums that would , does not seem to be too popular at this point. thanks
  9. Ivc has this video, I was wondering if anyone has made varnish using this video and what your thoughts are Making Oil Varnish for Stringed Instruments by Ricardo B. Flores. Exclusively made for IVC., this DVD demons also this you tube video. thanks for any help. kevin
  10. if you cook a small batch, does it shorten the time vs. a bigger batch, is there much difference?
  11. lookin for some info on this cello. I am not set up for working on it. like to get an idea of value to sell online. thanks for any help on this
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