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  2. you may also find him here
  3. I use the fishman wedge type I did not like the headway, but there are lots of people who like other types over these, so its kind of a crap shoot. I think more importantly or just as important is what you play it through and what pre amp you use. if you want an acoustic sound, The red eye is a good choice for preamp, and fishman is a good amp. guitar amps do not work that well. you should look for an amp that has 10 megaohm impedance . this site has all the info you would need to do research. of course the instrument does play a big role if you are looking for an acoustic sound , if you want electric sounding with pedals and all, there are other options. good luck
  4. ok so we did a NY neck reset at joe thrifts workshop, in fredericksburg Wm mason violins , and it worked fine. doubled the volume of the instrument. thanks for the help. kevin
  5. he said it was not that way when he sent it, that it happened in transit , so I assumed they were cracks? in any case it looks like the wood is good to use correct?
  6. I think they were cracks as they were not in any straight line or pattern more as a crack would do then something impressed on it. Thanks for all the help on this.
  7. the dealer said carve into it if it was bad they would send another. I carved out the crack, about a0 mm on each side and could not see any crack further in . Does that seem safe to use. I still have extra wood if it is deeper ? thanks for the help.
  8. yes thanks david, I have written them and I will see how they respond, thankfully I used pay pal which has a very good customer friendly attitude. If all works out with a refund , all is good., thanks for the help.
  9. well I won';t know till I cut it cant tell how deep it goes. the problem is it will cost me $40 total , shipping both ways, if I don't keep it, for a $50- piece of wood, shipping to europe, I have sent them pics about it. It was unfortunate that they did not reveal the cracks before I bought it, just the front and back . That does not seem very honest to me. This is my first buy from europe , not going so well.
  10. just received this in the mail , what chance of it working out? wide side of triangle narrow side
  11. thanks, david sora has a video if anyone is interested on the water droplet thing, Yes a chinese, and no Have not verified, but it has a readout so I figured I would use it. I found 160 not hot enough, I am at 176 now and that seems ok, I don't have the experience as you guys do , and the more info I get the better decision I can make . so thanks for taking the time to respond. kevin
  12. for those who have a digital temp readout on you bending iron, what temp do you set it at ?
  13. Nick , did you find a template for the scroll with the holes cut out around the scroll , or did you just draw it your self thanks , kevin
  14. not being any kind of expert on this at all, but I would want to play any violin that I was going to buy I think if I was not buying it for the name as an investment