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  1. Is a good idea to clean with alcohol every year or so ? Or only after you fell it is b Not grabbing , I have been using this bow for a year with almost hair loss. I play about 2 hours a day
  2. give them a call, Phone: (540) 645-7499Email: tell em kevin sent ya
  3. There is a great class in Fredericksburg Virginia William Mason violins I've taken the class three times I highly recommend it you would have to take a week's vacation but worth it
  4. saw thi the other day for flat blades
  5. yes but you may need to work with them a little
  6. what is the Hz of the A string on this instrument ?
  7. what about the people who use no chinrest? I have been doing that lately, and I can put my chin on the body, and take it off and hear no discernible difference, and a better violin may make a difference, but I do see some good players not use one.
  8. Is it a good idea not to mix different species of trees when making varnish, or does it make it more a crap shoot to the end result? thanks
  9. yes green wood houses are not rare the do move though
  10. here is what I have and used to use
  11. thanks, don . the ones I have been using carve nicely, I think I got them from IV other than that is there an aesthetic reason ?