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  1. saintjohnbarleycorn

    How to sharpen a gouge, for the average bloke

    interesting thanks.
  2. saintjohnbarleycorn

    How to sharpen a gouge, for the average bloke

    If you get a chance I am curious as to what that looks like thanks.
  3. saintjohnbarleycorn

    How to sharpen a gouge, for the average bloke

    also with the gouge , take the gouge on a dowel upside down and cut the dowel or wood to the exact curve of the gouge, and then get some jewlers rouge or chromium oxide and put it on the dowel then you have a final sharpening for the inside.
  4. saintjohnbarleycorn

    How to sharpen a gouge, for the average bloke

    you can get a piece of 1/2" glass table top, or piece of granite cut off for free, that will give you a very flat surface to work with and then as jezzupe suggested the scary sharp does work very well on the cheap , of course there is a learning curve like anything else. Part of the trick is to keep it sharp , not to let it get too dull before sharpening again , that save a lot of time in the long run , if you have to reshape a blade , I think a grinder will be needed.. good luck
  5. saintjohnbarleycorn

    floor vise for more comfortable work angles and height s

    ha! to tell the truth I can't remember what Idea I had bought that one for a lot of my ideas don't always work out !
  6. saintjohnbarleycorn

    chisel maker id baltimore ? buck ?

    looks like balt and maybe buck ?
  7. I threw this together to get better ergonomics , works pretty well, for more stability I clamp a piece of wood to it and the bench . can move it up and down to suit standing or sitting. It was on sale at woodworkers for 99.00
  8. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Swedish scroll gouge set

    thanks for the info, birthday coming up and I will add one more gouge to the collection.
  9. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Power Sharpeners

    that is a handy tool for sure, !!
  10. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Valuing Handmade Instruments for Divorce

    sorry man , been there done that. I hope you can figure something out.
  11. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Violin Bridges Can Be Confusing!

    funny as that is it kinds of looks like it might be the place to put the strings. if you have never seen a violin before
  12. saintjohnbarleycorn

    shop lights.

    there should be led lights for photography by now , you should be able to find the right kelvin temp or combination to fit regular light sockets.
  13. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Houshold LED lights than don't strobe? Does anybody know of any?

    my sister lives in halifax , I was under the impression they did it throughout canada, I would say maybe three years or more ago?
  14. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Power Sharpeners

    I have one also, but I have had very good luck with mine, I have had no trouble with bearings , I did the stubby nubs mod on it. built a few jigs , used the homemade dics, particularly like the angle adjustment underneath for the plane and chisel sharpening.
  15. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Cherry Fiddle

    I used the same thickness's as maple .