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  1. saintjohnbarleycorn

    black willow supplier

    thanks , kevin
  2. saintjohnbarleycorn

    black willow supplier

    thanks jim , and yes hogo that is a good idea in 20 years I will be almost 90 and then letting it dry ...... I will start looking around here for another tree , I also found out ( if anyone is looking a place called ) which I have not fully checked out yet.
  3. saintjohnbarleycorn

    black willow supplier

    thanks found that, was looking for a 2x2 or 4x4 if possible. surprised it is such a rare wood
  4. saintjohnbarleycorn

    black willow supplier

    I am having a hard time finding someone who sell this , the web has turned up not much . thanks for any help kevin
  5. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Purfling Before or After Plates Are Attached

    I have always done it before but, i am leaning towards doing it after, cutting by hand should not make that much difference should it?
  6. I was reading your post on carbon fiber bows, I am thinking about getting one, can I get a reasonably good one for around $400, if so what brand do you suggest , and is it better to try them out or is a home trial feasible, thanks if you find the time to reply kevin   

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    2. saintjohnbarleycorn


      i am not what you mean by this 

      t's increasingly conceded that at your $400 price point carbon fiber bows are likely to outperform wood


      are you saying that its conceded to think they are better ?

    3. MarkBouquet clearsky

      MarkBouquet clearsky

      Yes, at that price point carbon fiber bows are usually better than wood.

    4. saintjohnbarleycorn


      Ok got it. thanks for the help! kevin

  7. saintjohnbarleycorn

    re sawing ribs

    great thanks for the extra info
  8. saintjohnbarleycorn

    re sawing ribs

    thanks again !
  9. saintjohnbarleycorn

    re sawing ribs

    thanks for the info , I have a good idea what to do now. kevin
  10. saintjohnbarleycorn

    re sawing ribs

    thanks what about the length , how much do you add to the length and do you cut one length for c bouts and one for top and bottom since they are two different lengths?
  11. saintjohnbarleycorn

    re sawing ribs

    I have a piece of wood for ribs, 1 do you cut lengths doe full top and bottom, and then lengths for sides ? 2 its 1 3/16" x 54" 3 how much longer do you ( if any) make them then the actual length ? 4. with those dimensions what thickness would you cut minus the saw kerf 1/8 ( not exactly sure about that ) thanks kevin
  12. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

    happy thanksgiving I have a few relatives in the great white north!
  13. saintjohnbarleycorn

    Tool rust advice

  14. saintjohnbarleycorn

    cutting ribs from back

    I will get back to you with some pics, I want to make the ribs so this is the start , getting info. Also what sources of 1/4 sawn maple have you have success with ? they one I usually go to is out at the moment. thanks
  15. saintjohnbarleycorn

    cutting ribs from back

    ok thanks , I am trying to get my head around the cuts of the wood, even after looking a pics of trees and what is 1/4 . so with the 1/4 sawn yo are cutting a 90 degree on the 1/4 so the growth lines are vertical to the side ?