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  1. Is it a good idea not to mix different species of trees when making varnish, or does it make it more a crap shoot to the end result? thanks
  2. yes green wood houses are not rare the do move though
  3. here is what I have and used to use
  4. thanks, don . the ones I have been using carve nicely, I think I got them from IV other than that is there an aesthetic reason ?
  5. the fiber seems to bend easier, but is there a reason not to use it?
  6. yes probably, it has worked fine for me. I used to use some brass ones that you heated up on a hot plate, this is much easier to control temp.
  7. I got one on ebay , offered less , it works fine has temp readout , I added some bolts and metal right angle plate to bottom to set in vise.. not sure how the tariff thing affects you in somewhere so they might be higher now.
  9. check out "stumpy nubs" for a video on this machine and a simple way to make it a whole lot better. I have on and it works well , I don't have the diamond discs though. lots of options for sharpening, I guess its a matter of what you start with or use and you develop a preference, I am using the belt sander that they use ";lee valley"with leather belt. cheaper and maybe a better all around unit.I added a reversing motor and switch which is a great improvement. good luck
  10. is spruce better, fir, pine?? thanks , getting ready to head to canada and will be collecting some up there.
  11. if you put the pin into the block and its ebony won't that be hard to take the plates off ? I can see if you just fill the plate part and not go to the block.