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  1. Happy St Paddy Day...

    Happy st pats to everyone!
  2. Wormholes - new to me

    well at least its organic!
  3. mixing different tension strings

    thanks so much for the great information!
  4. mixing different tension strings

    do medium tension strings create a louder tone , then say softer tension, and visa versa does a string with more tension create a louder sound on the same instrument on the same string. is the any disadvantage to using mixed tensions , or can you mix and match to get the sound you want, I have seen other threads talk about mixing strings , but not sure if they mentioned fi they were comparable in tension ( as a set of mediums vs. 2 mediums 1 soft and one hard ). are there any general rules for picking strings ( that are not in a set) ? thanks.
  5. WIttner Fine Tuners

    after doing some research , ( reviews) I felt that the knilling had an edge over the wittners.
  6. Handle for my Hock knife. And a few additional pictures

    very nice work
  7. Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    how much snow do you usually get anyway in a normal year?
  8. Honed Bliss

    I believe the green is chrome oxide
  9. What is it about E strings?

    I wonder , since this thread was 5 years old, is everyone of the same opinion on the e string makers, have they changed how they make them , the same , improved, gotten worse?
  10. Slip stones

    thanks good tip!
  11. Slip stones

    i use the chromium oxide on the dowel also , easy to make the right shape, along with the other abrasives you can glue to the dowel.
  12. Guns and violin making

    not true the vegas shooter bought his legally, automatic weapons are legal in a number of states.
  13. who needs graphite when wood is as strong as steel

    I notice a difference in my practice room, I keep the heat down when not there, the thermostat is not very accurate (electric heat) so sometimes its colder or warmer, it seems (to my ear) that the sound is different on different days, but that could be just the way that I am playing that day also.
  15. recognize this saw