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  1. 10 sets ;last me 6 months to a year, that's how slow I have to work when working on 50k-6 million dollar violins, of couse 50% plus don't need new pegs at all, never replace old pegs that work fine just because they don't line up or stick out; trim the ends, an old violin is worth far more with original pegs than with the cheap new pegs this Dov Schmidt is selling, nie coist 20 a set,that's 50 retail avoid ebony it dulls your tools I porefer rosewood but boxwood is great too but those cost about %250 a set retail, cheap pegs will put you out of buinsess fast if you search the archives Lyndon taylor my "partner in London" explained how to fit pegs with chaep affordable Herdim pencile sharpeners, bought wholesalr from your local elementary school for !120, not kidding fair didnkum?
  2. I set soundpost just like Hans Weisshaar taught me, 1,25-1,75mm inside the outside edge of the bridge, which has to be centered between the fholes, If the instrument is just too bright I set the post about 5-7mm behind the back of the bridge, normal 3mm behind, and to soft 1-2mm behind the bridge, for baroque I prefer under the bridge directly to slightly in front of the bridge. Cheers
  3. What did it sell for? the link doesn't work anymore I thought it was worth 10-20,000 just guessign from the pictures, built aroungd 1800 Bean Fidhlie are you the one selling this violin, why else would you claim it has a neck graft when it obviously doesn;t, sincerely Lama Lyndon Pemasang Gyaltsen Hendrickson xzRinpoche, Tibet China
  4. Youre very funny David obviously youve heard of Simone Sacconi, Charlse Beare, and Michael fischer, And Frosali not the greatest italian maker the greatest living in Clifornia maker by most estimates, at least if youre a fan of Italian violin making, David do you make Italian violins or do you follow youre own system don;t post it on the internet none of us want to give away our secrets seriously you can trust me to keep a secret ( Do you know Hulk Hogan, do you know Hulk Hogan, ive only met him once he was a little scared of me compoared to me a little guy 5' 8'' I think what with me being world kickfighting champ and heavy weight king for a month but I really like hulk, really nice guy really sincere, mentioned he was a big fan of my movies etc, much better more respectable guy than me, Im 6'5" 250lbs now just into heavyweight class for the first time in two years after going crusier class up to 280lbs my wifes tougher than me 5'11' 250lbs, sumo wrestling, and world class boixing are her specialities, we never fight, especeially now except over who takes the lead in lovemaking, If you know what I mean; you probably think Im joking, but Im not faid inkum, for real Im telling the truth Honesty is our best policy as it say on our buinsess card, okk off) pm me ill get you the betts Mould and then when you get it well talk, sincerely Lydnon II
  5. Michael Darton occaisionally works for Jim Brown who learned on an external Mould, his teacher RE Evans exclusively on external mould, her teacher Mario Frosali the great Italian maker taught exclusively external mould, Michael Fischer has used internal and external French moulds, Hans Weishaar often used French moulds for exact copies, Myself, Joshua Blevins, Simone Sacconi, Charles Beare the list goes on and on, if you think internal moulds are the only way to go youre dead wrong and potentially living in 18th century Italy!!! joke, sincerely Lyndon Most of the great 19th and 20th century German makers used external moulds Lowendall, EH Roth etc. etc., etc.,
  6. Emotions on Maestronet are running high, because Lyndon Taylor is an impostor, his real name is Johann Weisshaar Kob, now Kob Hendrickson, My real father's name is Christian Martin Weisshaar Kob a refugee from the Holoocaust and presumably Hans Weisshaar's brother or half brother. My real mother is a full blooded Cherokee-Apache indian. Im one half Jewish and a bonafide member of the violin "mafia". My family buisness is now run by Georg Itinger and Margeret Shipman,who(along with Robert Cauer, a close friend) have the largest or second largest violin buisness in Los Angeles (WEISSHAAR VIOLINS INC. Hollywood, California). My cousin or half cousin Michael Weisshaar and his wife Rena Weishaar, run the largest shop in Costa Mesa, Orange County, south Of LA, (Where Disneyland is), you can see their web sites by going to www.violinist.com; category VIOLIN SHOPS USA Califonia and look for the two Weisshaar shops with links to there websites. Im going to have to invent a new identity and change my name back to my birth name, we're probably going to be called Weishaar-Hendrickson's Fine Violins, or Kob-Hendrickson's Fiddles and Fine violins, depending on whether the Weisshaar family accepts me as part of the family or not, put in a good word from me if you have followed me closely, Im this close to clinching a sale of my buisness, to George Itinger, He gets 90% of our 4 person Limited Partnerships Net profit, and 10% goes to my Synagoque, Temple Emmanuel in San Bernardino, the largest city 60 miles east of Los Angeles. As Of right now we ARE (Lyndon) Johann (Weisshaar) Kob Hendrickson, violin restoration expert and internet guest "moderator", Crystal Marie Kob Hendrickson Money Manager, Lucille Taylor, the real Lyndon Taylor's sister in charge of demonstration and sales. And apprentice Renit Tulsi, folk rock musician. Lyndon Taylor is concertmaster and solist for the New Zealand Symphonic Orchestra, Lucille Taylor my partner and best friend is Principal Violist and solist with the Inland Empire Symphony, conducter Carlo Ponti Jr.. I am presently restoring a 5million USD Mateo Goffriller signed 1684, Fussen Germany in good condition for Mrs Taylor, and am having Michael Fisher, Silverlake, Los Angeles, (my Boss), restore a great condition Franceso Ruggieri, Cremona Italy, (worth about 2million USD because it has been revarnished) to be presented as a gift to the real Lyndon Taylor for all the grief I have caused him. Michael Fisher was a violin making child prodigy, severely Educated in his native Germany then apprenticed for 5 years to Charles Beare in London, before going to work for Hans Weisshaar the premier shop in the United States with the possibele exception of Bein ANd Fushi in CHicago. makes sense doesn't it; sincerely Johann Kob Hendrickson I PS I had to spend 4 days in rehab detoxing of MARY JANE, does that make sense, Im not crazy, I have hypothalmic disorder, a mild form of Manic Depression.
  7. Mild restaurant coffe at the local family restuarnt,oops Jefferey
  8. Positive anti drug statements that are true for yours trully. I started when I was 19 smoking 1 cigarette aday, 30 years later i am so addicted I spend 25=50EU /day on non filter humps, they taste aweful now, nothing pleasant about them, they don't even help me pass the day, if I were to run out I would panhandle , beg and have pawned 3000EUviolins for 20, because If I dind't smoke life wouldn't be manageable.I have about 40yrs to live, I cough on average 300-3000times aday, When I cough Im starting to pass out smoking dizzy like on nitrous oxide, Ive looked in to the future and seen my own death, drowning in phlegm because I m too old to cough and excpel mucous. In a given hour I spend 30 minutes smoking and can only work up to 30 minutes, they tire me out, they ruin my breath and make me unattractive to women, they stain my wall dirty yellow, close friends refuse to visit my house because of the "smell" My buisness sucks because I allow smoking in the shop, people refuse to buy my violins because of a lingering strong smoke smell, I will never quit because I am addicted too deeply to the nicotiune, drugs and awfefulk flavours in the cheap cigarettes of today, end of sentence Negative anti drug statements; I smoke because I like to look tough or cool, I only smoke a few a day(liar) and Ive cut back a lot over the years but I really enjoy haveing that "one " cigarette after a tough job, its like a reward for working hard, Im not kidding it doesn;t do much to me, but I love the little pleasant effect it has, kind of like a rush of clean cool fresh taste, cigarettes are expensive but I can afford them because I work so hard, I don't reccomend them to children though they are an adult pleasure, in an ideal world everyone would smoke, but the tabaco terroists are ruinign it for everyone etc etc You can make up youre own best case worst case scenario for drugs and alcohol, Thanks for voting Marie and for the vote of confidence, sincerely Lyndon Ps I got married yesterday to Bjoerk Hendrickson An icelandic eskimo and native swede, who sings solo and for the sugarcubes, you might have heard of her,
  9. Pot is cheaper than 'soda pop' in southern california, no wonder we have such a drug problem,I was taliking to a stoner friend of mine about how much marijuana prices have dropped, it use to cost about @$2 to get you really high one time in the 80s, he amazed me when he said a 1/2 bowl of chronic gets to peopel high as a kite for about 1$, energy drinks my only addiction cost $2.50 each and |I drink four a day thats $11 a day, enough money to keep you continually stoned wakeup to bed, Somethings M Fing wrong; the government should tax the hell out of drugs legalize pot and make food free to poor and disabled persons, its called Trickle up economic theory the opposite of Reaganomics, its sweeping the Americas and good news all three presidential candidates support it, tax luxiouriess excessively and make all food tolietries and cheap lodging free a Humvee or Chevy suberban would cost 200-300.000usd, I think its a brilliant concept, seriously we need some AA talk on this forum imagine an Aspiring 11yr old surfign this sight he finds out that 50% of the serious makers are either social drinkers or alcaholics, thanks goodness we aren't talking about drugs here, seriously if you winos want my opinion you should either tone it down or off the internet, go to a wine tasting forum, we know were not going to send you any work, because your drunks, how many violins have you dropped in your life. I vote we take a survey and ban the positive portrayal of drug, cigarette, or alcohol consumption, Its very important, talk to the moderator 7 yr old children are reading this do you want it to be R rated please God do somehting about this, Lyndon; moderator, whats your opinion
  10. The only good thing I can see is the scroll is OK, perhaps not machine made, and the arching is Italian, that's no reason to bid so high on this item Ive bought 1700s italians for this price, maybe you should try youre local indian casino if you want to gamble, just kidding almost, The problem is it is in mint condition with no signs of natural wear, this kind of gamble is low stakes gambling, you only lost $100 worst case scenario, sincerely Lyndon
  11. That's not telling us much, were not psychics, just kidding Doug, i suggest you try pictures, or showing it to an expert, sincerely Lydnon
  12. Beleive it or not I never learned to hair bows, that was the hard work that my bosses did themselves, Im looking to hire someone..................... lydnon
  13. Sounds like Im Jewish, doesn't it, I don't know if I am, I was adopted
  14. Who Maestro, great , that's exactly how Im holding the bow with three fingers more spread out than standard modern, have you ever tried frettign the two low strings with yoru thum, Im doing it all the time you can play four note melodies instead of only three, sincerely Lyndon, the inverterent millionaire
  15. Horrid sounding old instruments?, if your talking 1850 or earlier, not true, there weren't really any factories, even crude cheap 1700s sounds better than factory anything, just my opinion, and I mean Lowendall, Heberlein and Roth, a hand made built around 1800 copy worth $2000 will blow a Roth away, Johann
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