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  1. Also, find a shit chisel of the appropriate size and roll a burr, as with a scraper, and use as a pull scraper to clean up the bottom corners and back.
  2. J.S. Bach: The Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin BRIDGE 9358A/B – Bridge Records Cecylia Arzweski, former Concertmaster of Atlanta, a friend of a friend. She played a Pietro of Mantua. Sorta Cremonese, via training, but not made there.
  3. Time to set up an Airstill: Still Spirits Air Still - Essentials Kit
  4. I have recently been tasked with liquidating an estate of a violin maker friend. Well, it's been going on for a few years... I brought back his stash of wood-a 12ft box truck full of tonewood. This is going to take a while, BUT, I notice threads started by amateur beginners asking about wood, so here is the offer: 1 box, $100+shipping, all of the raw materials to construct the violin. No fittings/FB, but I do have those if you desire. All of the wood is well-aged, 20+years. Please contact me if you are interested. P.S. There is much more wood to be sorted, many, many nice tops. If you are interested, please contact me. There will be some available from me, some has already been sent to auction, more will be sent as time goes along.
  5. reminds me of small fiddles that I have found an E. Reinhold Schmidt stamp inside of upon removing the top for repair.
  6. In the Sgarabotto book it describes, in detail, how this sort of thing was done. I Segreti di Sgarabotto | Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè (scrollavezza-zanre.com)
  7. Also, since the Roth firm will want the number on the brand in order to assign authorship, and your fiddle doesn't have that, Claire Givens is a better source of authenticity than the Roth firm.
  8. I see a Grand Adam that has had that very same crack in the gold ring since who knows when, at least the 2001 Tokyo Exhibit. Hasn't gone anywhere yet. Unless it is moving when you tighten the bow, I'd be tempted to leave it, and if it is, I'd be tempted to suggest a replacement button and conserve the one we see.
  9. duane88


    Before or after the crashes?
  10. I've got some for vln/vla, but no cello, if you are interested. And yes WoodButcher, that's the stuff.
  11. I have a native Japanese speaker in his early 70's here in the shop. He says that he doesn't recognize the word/symbol.
  12. Yes, a joke. Difficult to convey via a screen. I would patch it or clean it from the outside, if possible. In my shop, I don't sell fiddles in need of repair, so if I was concerned about it I would require a patch be done before offering it for sale. Without having the instrument in hand, I can not say for sure what a would do.
  13. Put a 41mm bridge on it and make it 2mm away from the crack!
  14. it appears, to me, that the entire button has been replaced. a brick goes beyond the purfling.
  15. The celli, oddly enough, do not measure up to the quality of the violins. Don't understand why.
  16. When will Maestronet get a "Like" button. Like.
  17. We don't measure center to center for many reasons ranging from different post diameters to the fact that a non-engineer violin maker decided otherwise god knows how long ago. The "traditional" placement of the post is: the appx. thickness of the top behind the bridge and a lateral position comparable to the placement of the bass bar, then start moving from there. Engineers, a few excepted, have attempted to apply Engineering techniques to violins for many years. It doesn't work out so well much of the time. A good many fine violin makers were illiterate. Somewhere in the middle works, but you can't force your "recognized standard" way upon a trade that is sooo not standardized. Except for where the post goes.
  18. I had an amateur repair person from up in BC bring me an Italian violin, branded, "Made in Italy" on the button. The entire top was slightly less than 2mm... I suggested a chest patch as a start and see if we could make that work. Nope. He brought it back a month later to show me his handy-work. He had found 1mm thick, adhesive backed, wood veneer-as in edge banding for your kitchen cabinets-and had glued those in place, to make the top an acceptable 3mm. To make sure that they stayed, he bled super thin CA in between each joint so as to cause it to wick under each strip. Endless iterations, especially by Engineers, of butchery. And more often than not, to my never ending surprise, they seem to sound pretty darn good, in spite of the insults inflicted upon them. Now let me tell you about the bass with 86 screws on top, and 86 screws on the back, flathead screws, all in alignment, and 1 extra, countersunk into the top to hold the soundpost in place...
  19. I'd happily take a Beeswood Dodd or early Tubbs of such inferior raw material!
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  21. How would you feel if I told you that I know 3 individuals who charge north of 1k for a fine cello bridge?
  22. It reminds me of some alleged "Romanian" instruments that I saw through a supplier, but a bit nicer.
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