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  1. For Sale: French Infantry Rifle. Never fired, only dropped twice.
  2. No, but it does give some perspective on their choice of monikers. Perhaps she will show up at Oberlin.
  3. For reference, for those who don't know: Cynthia Plaster Caster - Wikipedia
  4. You've never built a violin, or for that matter, a rib structure, have you?
  5. you can make 2 piece bottom ribs in an outside mold. No problem.
  6. There is this Storioni in Tokyo that I covet...to copy as well as play. When I have finally assimilated and copied the model, I have a poor concertmaster friend to whom it would be loaned, or if I had enough in lottery funds left, simply gifted.
  7. ulbrich-tatter, a different firm, in Chicago
  8. So, in reality, I am(as in my instruments) "School of Stradivarius" or "School of del Gesu", yes?
  9. Carl, If you use this device to fit student bridges you'll never learn to do it with a knife. If you do lots of student bridges with a knife, the skills come quickly, painfully, but quickly, provided you know how to correctly sharpen a bridge knife.
  10. ^^What he said. Not even worth the down payment on a cottage in the urban wilderness...
  11. Eric is a long drive from Seattle. Beautiful work, though.
  12. what level/quality?
  13. Violins worth millions of dollars are sold with this and this alone as supporting "documentation". Just opinions...
  14. I repaired an AMerican violin many years ago. Other violins by this SD maker had dowels in the corner blocks, I assumed as part of the construction process. The last one I took the top off of, 2 of the dowels stuck to the top. Looking inside i saw something shiny, and upon turning the corpus upside down I had Mercury drop onto my bench! By weight, each corner block had 1.1 gm. I contacted the owner who wanted it placed back into the block. I did warn him to never try and fly with that particular fiddle. Why? I don't know.
  15. Long before the publication of the Scottish makers book I had a friend bring me a violin made in Aberdeen. I asked him, "Which one?"
  16. He gave me my first job in the trade. He was a difficult man to work for, but I learned a lot. Condolences to Sarah.
  17. I agree with Brad. Trying to glue a rail crack on a frog that has been maintained with mineral oil is a problem.
  18. One thing for dure: if you play a repaired bow, make sure that you have a second bow in the case just in case. No one, in their right mind, would guarantee a splined bow. Might last years, might pop on your first concert. I play a repaired Dodd and have a number of splined bows since I can't afford unsplined Dodds.
  19. Just took delivery 2 weeks ago. He polishes the ebony such that you can part your hair in it! He taught me to make a bow, but all that summer proved is that I am a violin maker, not a bow maker...
  20. My friend Robert Morrow: Gold slide, silver mounted with gold pins.
  21. Have Gary replace the pearl if needed. The depreciation occurs when you let the pearl go so far that the ebony is eroded. It doesn't appear to be too bad at this point, but pictures don't tell the whole story. I have a bow in the shop by a Pt Townsend maker that has no pearl. I like it. No pearl to wear or bug Fish and Wildlife about, and besides that, the pearl eyes just weaken the walls of the frog, so why do it.
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