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  1. A great Jackson-Guldan? Never seen such an animal. The bow: Attributed to Antonio Stradivari: A work believed to be by this maker by popular consensus or past opinion, but not by the authors of this catalog. So your paper says "Attributed to", not "by". It's a nice German bow.
  2. Yep. You will need to fill that in and re-flatten the plane for fine shavings. You might be able to place a shim behind the blade, moving it forward, to close the gap.
  3. Question: How tight is the screw and cap? Tightening the screw so that the cap is tighter will cause the sole to change shape. Perhaps not as much as your gap, but you might be surprised if it is not quite snug. I know this because we had a machinist in SLC who would grind our planes for us and he had a jig that simulated the tension of the cap lever. Without it, he would have ground the sole flat, we would install the blade and clamp it down, and then there would be a hump in the sole.
  4. "Temporary Admission" is what a Carnae is for. You get the funds, mostly, back once you show that the item has been exported and not sold. Yes, it is a pain. I learned about these through a daughter of an apprentice. She worked for a very, very high-end art dealer. We sent a viola to France for a competition, had to get a Carnae. Without it you can lose control of the item for a potentially long period of time. When the instrument came back, the funds were given back, less fees associated with the paperwork. Of course, you could just carry it through personally and take the risk. It is do
  5. If that is your tack, then why not raise the saddle? Cheaper and easier to reverse if it doesn't work.
  6. Some necks are painfully thin and overstands are nearly nothing. Many tops are Cedar. As George says, usually not that impressive although some are good. As for price, it would be difficult to tell from a picture.
  7. for gut violin strings and cello/bass strings, the felt donuts are still standard.
  8. Wound E, move post, Leather/o-ring/string sleeve on bridge, shorten afterlength with a non-Hill E tuner, use a UNI fine tuner to decrease the break angle over the bridge, thinner or heavier E than you have presently, new bridge, humidify the instrument...it goes on and on. These are the most straight forward and easiest, except for moving the post and a new bridge. Some instruments just have a brighter than you would like E string.
  9. I think that in traditional auction speak, ascribed or attributed would cover that, but since there are no guarantees in T2, why risk saying anything. I recall a lovely bow that a friend had to sell, approaching a 100k sale. It had a Childs paper saying that it was complete, Siefried said that the frog and button belonged to another prominent maker, Warren, who had orig. handled it didn't want anything to do with it, and the firm that sold it had no problem with all of the parts being complete. So, regardless of what you say, in all but the strongest of situations, none of which you
  10. THE BOWMAKERS (thebowmakersfilm.com) Yes, a book would be dandy, but they already have a movie!
  11. You acknowledge that T2 operates as a wholesale marketplace, and with respect to any Lot offered at auction, T2 makes no warranties or representations regarding provenance, authenticity, title, attribution, condition, value, composition or marketability. If T2 indicates that a Lot is “labeled” or “stamped” an author, this is not a guarantee or representation of authorship, and Buyer shall have no right to contest the authenticity of such Lot. No Attributions
  12. And that fact alone should answer your question. If it were a "BY" bow, it would be in the regular Tarisio auction instead of T2.
  13. Yep. And unless you buy the book, you'll never, never know.
  14. Well, since I do this for a living they are kinda needed... You would purchase the book out of intellectual curiosity. Or, along the lines of Jeffrey's comments, or not.
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