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  1. I agree that I would start fresh, but being familiar with a 3 piece back with a 4 piece top Stainer, why not just break it and make a joint! New instruments should be crack free, even if they are antiqued. The filled pitch pockets have always troubled me.
  2. So all of the fine, expensive, Modern Italian instruments that we see with patched pitch pockets are all of a sudden undesirable?
  3. duane88

    Upscale Roth violin

    I have a watch that I was told has the equivalent value of an upscale Rolex. What does that mean, if anything, and how could anyone hope to provide information without more information.
  4. duane88

    Flatening a plane

    We had one in SLC who not only did one-offs, but understood things well enough to construct a jig to mimic the tension of having the blade clamped properly in place..
  5. duane88

    Flatening a plane

    You may find that the hollow is much less with the blade clamped into place. How tight the blade is clamped into place my have a significant effect on the sprung sole, so try to make it like you would normally use it.
  6. duane88

    Flatening a plane

    Do you have the blade clamped into place?
  7. duane88

    Can you tell anything about this violin bow?

    $150 would be too much even for the bow...
  8. duane88

    Bow adjuster question

  9. duane88

    Markneukirchen $15k - $22k at Tarisio

    Knorrs have been on the upswing for some time. The are usually great violins.
  10. I looked after a viola that came to me with a buzz. The tailpiece was touching the top-big, full, pregnant arch. No problem, slightly higher saddle. It came back with the next weather change(heaters turned on) with a buzz. Again, the top was touching the tailpiece. I scalloped out the bottom of the tailpiece, not wanting a higher saddle. Well, you can guess what happened in the spring... The viola top was patches upon patches. The chest had been pressed out-recently-and was strong and held it's shape. The tension had to go somewhere, so the bottom end of the top began to distort outward. They are sort of like the Wonderful One Hoss-shay.
  11. duane88

    Stradivari e Della Noce

    Paolo was, I believe, a Merchant. He is the person who sold the Stradivarian artefacts to Cozio. He was not a violin maker.
  12. duane88

    Unusual Neck Repair

    Screws in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions.
  13. I think that he still IS Tried and True.
  14. duane88

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    When you attempt to quantify the internal volume as the volume of tea that it can hold.
  15. duane88

    Ernst Kreusler Vln bow quality query

    Someone needs to finish the headplate that they started. They left enough for 2!