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  1. Antique?

    As a former business partner used to say, "Old shit is still shit." Bad violins have been made in every era. Now let us have some fun: Define "Vintage".
  2. I won't even loan mine anymore... https://www.amazon.com/Violin-Forms-Antonio-Stradivar/dp/0952010909 OUCH!
  3. Tax proposals

    depends on how you are set up. I am a sub-chapter s and the corporate income passes through to the shareholder-me, so the profit, if any, at the end of the year, passes through. It might be that the salary that i pay myself will be taxed at a higher rate than the pass through income. i say a flat-tax. nuthin' deducted for nobody.
  4. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    And his skin color would most likely not be so fair and white...
  5. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    nope. you'll still run out of foot.
  6. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Sort of the equivalent to the MacDonald Strad viola, being the only one available on the open market. A violinist friend of mine has long held that if art is priced appropriately, then Cremonese instruments are a screaming deal.
  7. Good Cello Makers

    In the price range that you specify it will be difficult to beat a well set-up, better quality, Chinese instrument, in both tone and appearance. If you choose to purchase it online, expect a grand of work by your local violin maker to make it fulfill the "well set-up" part of my statement.
  8. Violin type Nicolo Gusetto

    Incorrect. A post crack in the top of something like this renders it financially an upside-down proposal, but a post crack in the top does not depreciate a violin 30-50 percent. In my last conversations with my shop insurance company 0-30%, and if one knows what they are doing, a post crack in the top can disappear. You should tell the buyer that it is there even if they can not see it. This violin belongs on the wall as a conversation piece, although fiddle players love them and would probably love it post crack and all.
  9. H.R.Pfretzschner - violin bow

    Yep. Looks like one that I sold about 7 years ago. There are one or two fairly high (in my opinion) auction results for these bows. It is worth what you can get for it.
  10. Lots of Books at T2

    By the time I got to the school in SLC, all of the violin books were gone from the public library there. I asked why they didn't have any, and they related many such stories of students at the school checking them out and never returning them becuase they were selling for so much on the open market. I *believe* that my copy that I obtained in SLC, a photocopy, bound at Kinkos, is a photocopy of the library book that you describe. The best Guad bang-for-your-buck is the Scrollaveza and Zanre Guad book. Much more useful to a violin maker than the Dorning book.
  11. Lots of Books at T2

    I have the Bein and Fushi reprint. I think that printing put a dent in the price of the orig.
  12. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    I have a friend who was making violin via the inside-out method and was running into this problem. We contacted Ulrich Holfter and asked him to ask Stamm if they could make some bridges with extra wood on the feet for just this situation, and they did. I did recently see a fine violin from a prominent Chicago shop with shims on the feet of the bridge. I have always considered it to be OK for a cello or a bass, but not really for a violin.
  13. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    I dated a woman who was a translator for the US Govt. She was involved with the administration of the SALT 2 Treaty, so I read it (the treaty). Numerous items that were used for verification were specified. The tape measure, brand and model, was specified, and ONLY that brand and model could be used to, as I recall "unambiguously determine" the measurement. Perhaps we need a standard measuring device, standardized training for all auction houses and dealers in the proper use of the device, and, well, unambiguously take most of the fun out of figuring out what they are trying to sell us. If it said 353 and I found it to be 358, I'd be pissed. Who dunit?
  14. turtle shell frog bows

    Marco Raposo told me that the lizard that F&W seems to have issues with run rampant like dogs and they freely cook and eat them, to say, not endangered, but F&W can't seem to tell the difference by looking at the skin on a bow. The last hide I bought came with a tag and a number that I had to cite if the leathers were questioned. I have also seen lizard wraps with some other leather over them, removable upon recipt.
  15. turtle shell frog bows

    Nope. Never been asked.