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  1. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    I've seen a number of Roger and Max Milliant instruments made from American Maple, Bigleaf, no less! In the Scarampella book Stefano's brother mentions, in a letter, that he would send him some wood that was the equal of what Strad used, if only he had more, and that it was from a place called America.
  2. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    I would want to know the density and the split. If they were both equal in density and close(say 10 degrees off split or less), I would take the lower one. I would not choose a piece of wood for a top based on appearance alone. I would take an ugly piece of wood that felt right and was split or closer to split than a beautiful, even grained piece that was heavy and close to being split.

    I've seen a few others like this with anything from no label or marks to Guarneri labels to the heavily branded thing that I have. I am not suggesting that mine is what it is branded and labeled, although if I find a brand under the label, which I hope to find, I'll let you know.
  4. Violin From Floorboards

    I have to say that when I lived in NC I would walk through the old mills that had been converted to boutique shopping centers and look at the floor boards and think that some of that figured maple certainly belonged in an instrument. Cool story.

    I have a violin with the fluting of the lower wings like this. Similar look, as a whole, although yours is a bit more rustic. It bears a Mathias Heinicke label and is branded on both the side of the neck(!) and below the endbutton.
  6. Run over violins - whos fault?

    That is one of the reasons that we pay so much for Insurance here in the US...
  7. Old Violin ID with Bow, Snakewood?

    That is assuming that it was made for export.
  8. Old Violin ID with Bow, Snakewood?

    "Also , any good way to keep that endblock crack from turning into a soundpost crack?" Yes. Take the top off and repair it before it gets to the soundpost!
  9. Caption this...

    very Brazilian.
  10. Caption this...

    I think that it needs a G string.
  11. manfio viola

    When I see things like this showing up on e-bay, I wonder about theft...
  12. Effects of Playing In

    As a former nurse who worked with pediatric head trauma and head tumors, I can assure you that Neurosurgeons consider themselves to be experts at and about everything.
  13. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    Offset the strings on the bridge
  14. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    No, the bridge is in the center of the instrument, Can't move the bass bar for something like this... The high E is a bit strident, but the rest is OK.
  15. Converting a cello for a fifth string?