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  1. duane88

    Badly damaged cello top query

    yes, i would remove the top to repair these cracks. done properly it shouldn't affect the sound. edit: I wouldn't call it badly damaged unless "alternative adhesives" have been used for the repair of the cracks that we see. not a post crack, the crack on the bass side might cross the bar, but you can deal with that.
  2. duane88

    Franz Kinberg

    all of them.
  3. duane88

    Franz Kinberg

    I know 2 and a viola. I usually refer to him as the violin maker who's instruments have the highest value who you have never heard of.
  4. duane88

    1905 Violin Bow Ad

    yep, the powerful Sartory had not yet taken the market by storm. The lighter, flexible bow of the 19th c was still in vogue.
  5. duane88

    Best contemporary bow makers?

    The bows are judged on workmanship. Their tone and playability are not subjected to judging.
  6. duane88

    Why do bridges bend?

    If they are properly cut and fit, then I usually consider it to be the fault of the musician for not maintaining the proper placement and straightening it up. It is seldom that an instrument comes into the shop that I do not need to straighten the bridge. They are almost all leaning toward the fingerboard. I try not to lecture, but sometimes it is difficult. Now, a long discussion on what constitutes a "properly cut" might have to happen. I recently saw an ugly bridge that i cut 16 years ago that was perectly straight, but I do feel that sometimes it is a bit of luck in that the bridge blanks that we get today are not the quality that you were working with at Fraciais' decades ago.
  7. duane88

    Frank Nichols Drawings of Scroll & Neck

    Also, if your first scroll is so good that it does look like a Strad scroll, we will have to kill you.
  8. duane88


    And soon it will be illegal to ship it from London to Holland...or Germany to London, and so on.
  9. duane88

    Best contemporary bow makers?

    A friend went to Paul's shop recently and saw pernambuco shavings on the floor. I suggested that he might just have a box of shaving to toss on the floor for effect. I agree about Paul and hope that he will start working again. As for Robert, you can find him if you know the right people, but he doesn't really want to be found. I occasionally get his bows for sale. He spent a good period of time here in Seattle. I have Sai's latest bow for sale. He never ceases to surprise me, be it a new bow or his exquisite tools.
  10. duane88

    Best contemporary bow makers?

    I am guessing not. Contemporary, as in, who can I order a bow from today?
  11. duane88

    Best contemporary bow makers?

    contemporary adjective con·tem·po·rary | \ kən-ˈtem-pə-ˌrer-ē , -ˌre-rē\ Definition of contemporary (Entry 1 of 2) 1a: marked by characteristics of the present period : MODERN, CURRENTcontemporary American literaturecontemporary standards b: SIMULTANEOUS
  12. duane88

    Best contemporary bow makers?

    Here in the PNW we have Charles Espey, Ole Kanestrom, Sai Gao, Cody Kowalski, Robert Morrow, Morgan Andersen, and perhaps a few that I have forgotten or do not know.
  13. duane88


  14. duane88

    Glue for Tropics

    Are there any new questions? You can fume hide glue with formaldehyde, but it is dangerous and it is fairly difficult to find concentrated formaldehyde without the proper connections. I recently answered this question for a friend who has purchased a large boat and is going to St. Lucia. I sold him a Glasser CF fiddle with a glasser CF bow with Zarelon in it and a CF case.