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  1. No. After you repair the crack and get things back together, the top will probably be a slightly different shape. I usually plane it down until a thin veneer of wood is left then soak the rest out. I guess that if it were a historically significant item, you might soak it out and attempt to reuse it, but I doubt it.
  2. The Beckers, you know, worked for Lewis in Chicago, and the agreement seemed to allow them to retreat to the lake house and build for the summers. Sounds pretty ideal to me!
  3. Do I know people in Japan who i would recommend regarding their expertise? Yes. Will I share their names. No. No one wants to get involved in a violin lawsuit. Proper thing to do: Go back to the dealer in NY. Assert your case. No one wants things to go to court. A good and legitimate dealer will stand behind their work, and in reality, you don't know who the instrument was shown to in order to arrive at the opinion that you were given at purchase.
  4. I said Marry Well. No gender implied. Bottom line is that basic needs must be met. Rent, Insurance, food, ect. Either someone has to help you or, as I did, Work a full time job in your previous profession until things pencil out. I can tell you from personal experience, that is tiring.
  5. Looks like the wood and style of bows from Japan/Nippon.
  6. 3. Carlo Bergonzi (possible but only made 105 violins) ^ I think that you are off by double, or so, even if you include collaborations showing the hand of Michaelangelo.
  7. if you use Helicore mediums for the upper strings and Helicore lights for the lower it will sound more balanced and feel more evenly tensioned, as well as being better for the fiddle. I know a couple of good fiddlers who use Evah uppers and Obligato lowers, but that isn't really a mid-range price set.
  8. You should probably contact Carlo regarding this one. Carlo Chiesa Address: Viale Certosa 45, 20149 Milan, Italy Hours: By appointment only Phone: +39 0239210371 Languages: Italian, English
  9. duane88

    "France" bow

    I also have a later one, same crooked brand, as in crooked angle on the stick, that is branded, in itty-bitty letters, on the bottom facet of the butt, "made in Western Germany".
  10. duane88

    "France" bow

    Bows branded, "Leon Pique", in the French style, with "France" on the bottom facet as shown. I have 2.
  11. Lot 280 | T2 (t2-auctions.com)
  12. I was wondering if they have become an endorser of the substance that shall not be named.
  13. I have a friend who has a tailpiece and chinrest or Lucite, colored much like this. His is one of two that I have seen, making me think that either they didn't make many, or that they broke easily, and perhaps even both. I am sure that you could either 3D print one, or more likely, make one from something like optical epoxy with pigments.
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