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  1. Thank you. Glad that you like it. Duane
  2. I have encountered fake Dominants and fake Tonicas, both purchased from/through Amazon.
  3. Laminated: Huberman Strad Kreisler DG Rugeri 1686 Kochanski DG Milanollo Strad Alard DG P. Guarneri of Venice 1735 Unlaminated, rolled and in excellent condition: Rogeri Cello Bros Amaticello 1600 Stainer Tenor 1650 Saveuse Strad Cello 1726 $200+shipping for all
  4. I would consider outside or inside of the bridge foot dangerous, and perhaps too far back from the bridge as somewhat dangerous. If you don't know how to measure these things you should consider a visit to a luthier.
  5. Buy the violin, not the label!
  6. I didn't say that it was bad...
  7. One of these was listed earlier this week and sold quickly, and I realized that I had one, too!
  8. Copies of cert. photos from the Weishaar shop. Shown in pic is photos of an Amati viola. Weishaar, Bergonzi, Amati family, del Gesu, Becker, Strad, Guad, Montagnana, Mori Costa, da Salo, Maggini, Cappa, Spidlin $200+shipping for all.
  9. That looks American. No idea who made it.
  10. Someone in the Ficker Family? It would help to see the instrument. The stamp alone isn't very helpful.
  11. please pm me and we can complete to "deal"!
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