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  1. For Sale: French Infantry Rifle. Never fired, only dropped twice.
  2. No, but it does give some perspective on their choice of monikers. Perhaps she will show up at Oberlin.
  3. You've never built a violin, or for that matter, a rib structure, have you?
  4. you can make 2 piece bottom ribs in an outside mold. No problem.
  5. There is this Storioni in Tokyo that I covet...to copy as well as play. When I have finally assimilated and copied the model, I have a poor concertmaster friend to whom it would be loaned, or if I had enough in lottery funds left, simply gifted.
  6. ulbrich-tatter, a different firm, in Chicago
  7. So, in reality, I am(as in my instruments) "School of Stradivarius" or "School of del Gesu", yes?
  8. Carl, If you use this device to fit student bridges you'll never learn to do it with a knife. If you do lots of student bridges with a knife, the skills come quickly, painfully, but quickly, provided you know how to correctly sharpen a bridge knife.
  9. ^^What he said. Not even worth the down payment on a cottage in the urban wilderness...
  10. Eric is a long drive from Seattle. Beautiful work, though.
  11. what level/quality?
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