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  1. TBSmithy knife

    Double bevel blades are even difficult to find in Japan. I go there often and have purchased quite a few tools from makers and a couple of trusted shops. Miki City is the place where you will find most of the traditional blacksmiths, and some will even make you what you ask for!
  2. Violin Making Schools

    I went to the school in Salt Lake City. There are schools in Boston at the North Bennett Street School and in Chicago. There are others that will be mentioned, as well. When I was looking and considering, a well established member of the trade who had a shop where I was living suggested that he thought that I could have/get a good experience at any of the then three primary schools. Indiana has a minor in violin making, so a degree from a "real" school could be had. Don't overlook the shop education route. The key is to bug someone just enough that they teach you, but not so much that they ban you from their shop!
  3. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Ben Hebbert has an essay in the IPCI book linking Vuillaume to the beginnins of this. He suggests, and he will correct me if I have mis-read, that Vuillaume tied the price of his violins to that of a Strad, and by pushing the bar higher and higher that it pulled his violins up in relation. Today, however, the links between living maker's works and Cremonese instruments from the Golden Period relative to price are non-visible. Dealers. Let's blame the Dealers. I don't think that the Hills ever did any altruistic research pertaining to violins and thier origins. Still, reasonable relative to a fine old Dutch master painting or a lovely Monet.
  4. Top $$$ makers of all time

    The problem with the Brescian makers is that, aside from scarcity, their violins fall into the large pattern and the small pattern. The large pattern is too big, well over 360mm, and the small pattern is too small, under 350mm. Some of the Maggini fiddles are closer to small violas than big violins. Also consider that there are, depending on who you ask, no more than teens of Gaspar violins. Not many to establish a price history with.
  5. Top $$$ makers of all time

  6. PegHeds....

    Just don't delete the posts of this thread... You should get PegHeds for your Sultana. They will work best. Just fill out the form online, pay with paypal and go on. Chuck is Chuck.
  7. Violin Bow pernambuco

    You should probably remove the "fine violin bow" tag. It doesn't rise to the level of "fine". As far as identifying the different woods, lots of looking and a bit of asking.
  8. Sjƶbergs workbenches

    I've been using a Sjoberg bench top on a base made from the the cast iron Veritas base for a number of years. Buy the Ulmia. Having worked on/with both, I would rather have the Ulmia. I haven't had any real issues with the Sjobergs, but the vices aren't as nice as the Ulmia, and the bech top isn't as thick, so it does move sometimes.
  9. Roy Acuff's fiddle?

    A friend asked me what ALT Country was, and I told her that as far as I could tell, it was what Country music used to be.
  10. Roy Acuff's fiddle?

    We used to go to The Crackle Barrel near Opryland, where to new Opry Building was(Not the Ryman) before going to the Opry. You would see a majority, if not all, of that evening's entertainment there. Back then, Country Music stars were just like the rest of us, and I think that was some of the appeal of the music. We both ate at The Crackle Barrel, and they didn't close the place because Jeannie C. RIley was having country fried steak 2 tables away.
  11. PegHeds....

    That is Chuck. Even when he likes you. Better to deal with him via email. I don't order Perfection Pegs anymore. The quality control is such that I can't count on the sizes being correct, even within a set, and the quality of the pegs are quite variable. For your Sultana, these will be excellent. I still use PegHeds for Gambas and other non-standard instruments (Hardangers, Vielles, ect), but otherwise use the Wittner Fine Tune Pegs. The only thing that I would suggest is that you make the pegbox walls thich enough that you don't have bare threads poking out inside. Chuck's threads are sharp and they will cut strings, and I find threads visible on the outside of the pegbox unsightly.
  12. Roy Acuff's fiddle?

    He had lots and lots of fiddles. And he gave lots and lots of fiddles away. I owned one of Evart's fiddles once. This one looks nothing like one of his. I've seen Cassady's fiddles, and this doesn't look like one of those, either. There are a few of both maker's instruments at John Rice Irwin's Museum of Appalachia near Norris, TN. I am from and grew up in Clinton, nearby. I met Mr Acuff a few of times, once at a violin/fiddle maker's home in Lexington,KY. He was always looking, I was told. The other times I met him were at his museum of musical instruments when it was at Opryland. He and Minnie Pearl would just walk around a talk with you, both having places to stay on the grounds. Real people. His collection of fiddles owned by early country stars and ephemera was interesting. I've always thought that it was a shame that he didn't play more. As for the $125 in 1946, Roy Acuff was perhaps the highest paid personality in entertainment at that time, so if he did pay $125 for it, he didn't miss it.
  13. Vas ist Das?

  14. Bass Bow Rehair - Spread Wedge

    A friend who just retired and closed his violin shop, as a reply to this jig, suggested that if you don't have the hand strength to rehair a bass bow without a clamp, that it is time to stop rehairing bass bows, as he did a couple of years ago when he reached that point.
  15. In a conversation with Michael Dresdner, who specializes in guitar finishes, he suggested to me that his opinion was that if the finish is thin enough that it doesn't matter what it is. He then complained that in consulting for Gibson that they never took that advice... He had a measurement for finishes, expressed in mils, that I do not recall. Violins, of course, are different, aren't they?