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  1. Just find someone who needs and is willing to pay you for a cello head from Naples, and you have partially subsidized your restoration. I mean, replaced scroll from Naples, replaced scroll by restorer-sounds the same when it is done.
  2. I see them on copies. One friend makes what appears to be a linerless frog that actually has a stamped fiber liner that you can't really see.
  3. I can't say that the value would be improved, but the saleability might be, and yes, no graft, just carve a new scroll. But since the maker is dead, one of us would have to do it.
  4. There was an old guy in W. North Carolina who carved a ram head for scrolls, complete with "ole ram" branded on the back. I would be tempted, if I had the fiddle and players complained about the carved head consistently, to simply carve a new scroll for the instrument and make sure that the original head went with it and was prominently mentioned in the certificate. Also , Dave Birkedahl made a viola that had an evil, scarey demon for the head. The owner, after numerous attempts to have a replacement scroll carved, simply put a small cloth bag with a drawstring over the offending head.
  5. but you have to. They are sooo tough and chewy.
  6. Just a model designation. Student, Conservatory, Soloist, Master, Cremona, ect. The Cincinati Public Library has a collection of Wurlitzer ephemera and you can find and download Wurlitzer Catalogs and such if you wish to search.
  7. How many pocket watches constitute a collection? Asking for a friend.
  8. Bill Frisell used to live in my neighborhood. I even did some non-guitar work for him. We were chatting one day and I asked him how many guitars he had, and he blushed a bit, and answered in the 40's range. I bet that he has added more since I asked that question. I guess that for a collection, if the collection has a focus, then when you have met that goal. I remember Dr. Fulton telling me that really all his collection lacked was a Strad viola. I have seen collections, upon evaluation for estates, of which I simply wished that the person had chosen to invest in one fine bow and/or violin instead of a bunch of compromised and repaired old instruments and bows. When do you have enough? That sounds like a question for a Bhuddist.
  9. If the maker is living, and I haven't heard that he isn't anymore, he would be the one to ask.
  10. Ah, that is the fiddle that sold on Shopgoowill recently.
  11. Thank you. I was asked by a friend about this one.
  12. Peter Pried used to, rather indelicately, refer to such scrolls as, "water heads", aka hydrocephalus..
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auction_theory A complicated way of manipulating us...all is not what it appears on the surface.
  14. Hori san at Bunkyo Gakki, https://www.bunkyo-gakki.com/ Andreas Preuss in Tokyo, who also posts here on Maestronet:http://preuss.tokyo/index-e.html There are many dealers in Tokyo, but these two I have personal experience with and trust.