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  1. How much wood do we need? Obviously, at least one more piece than we have...I can't pass up a beautiful cello back. I mean, it could end up as one-piece vln/vla backs. Cello backs are so versitile! p.s. I don't have a problem. Really.
  2. Mad Money

    Might as well give Jason a 100%...
  3. The straps are well made, suggesting a die was made. Also, the hair is so neatly glued to the ends, and that combined with the apparent stamping of the straps causes me to lean toward something intentional and thought out rather than a field-expedient repair. It is strange that I have never seen one of these before now and that in my large collection of catalogs and violin ephemera there is not a single mention or ad for the sale of such a thing. Case candy is fun!
  4. Found in a case. What do you do when you need a rehair but can't get to a shop? The hair is glued in place. Looks like it is from the 20's or so.
  5. JM Kaiser Seattle Wash. 1918 Info?

    I've sold 2. Perfectly decent fiddles, not worth much in the world of violins. I don't know any more information other than one instrument had a business card in the case showing a downtown Seattle address.
  6. Violin ID help

    probably not considering that crack in the back.
  7. Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    unless one has an old stock of Aubert DeLuxe bridges, they are a bit over rated today.
  8. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Bruce is a REAL Scientist.
  9. Bridge for an Amateur Cellist

    That looks like an awfully short bridge! I agree with the above suggestion: Let the luthier do their work. We like it when things come in in poorly adjusted/maintained condition. With that, all we really need it to bring things up to a state of proper set-up and adjustment and most players are tickled.
  10. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    I would think that the first order it to get the instrument dried out without cracking or distorting. I just got back from Japan and saw what looked like a glass display case in a friend's barber shop. It had all of his camera gear in it and showed the inside and outside humidity. 45% inside, 78% outside. Some control of the drying process as a starting point?
  11. Angry today

    Not a terribly elegant or professional reply. The proper thing to do is apologize, accept responsibility, stop blaming others, and move on. The only "asshole move" I see is your continued defense of self. Well, not an asshole move, really, just poor crisis management. Apologize, bow deeply, and say no more. You are now the one digging the hole.
  12. Will it turn black?

  13. 5 string

    Nope. He did that when times were tough. Kinda makes the threads useless. Clarification: Nope=not pictures
  14. 5 string

    I lengthen the peg box 10 or 15mm and use 3/4 sized pegs. As of late, I've been using the small sized Wittner finetune pegs for them. I like the idea of a small 5 string viola, but haven't ever been able to get an E string that wasn't whiny, sharp and difficult to play. I got some hints from John Silakowski, some of which are echoed by Jacoby.
  15. Help Identifying.

    Tell that to Vuillaume.