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  1. Wm Chadwick of London label. What has been said above applies.
  2. If it is from the 50's-60's, although it is pre-cites, you won't be able to travel with it unless it is 100+ years old. The Fleur de Lis doesn't look right to me. Perhaps the stick and the fittings didn't start life together.
  3. That is what I said. Emile, the father, never worked for Vidoudez.
  4. looks like a workshop bow. looks like brazilwood or cheap pernambuco.
  5. "we just use it for spraying on the ground."* *not an actual quote.
  6. Sorry Jacob, I was just directing him to a discussion of violins with walnut linings. Hoping to encourage the more frequent use of the search function...
  7. Seattle Symphony 1903, Seattle Phil 1944.
  8. Seattle Symphony. Seattle Phil:http://seattlephil.org/ Is a different organization. Gennady has a great collection.
  9. duane88

    Viola Bass Bar

    For a small viola a little more than 15mm, measured with a thickness caliper through the top, meaning that the thickness of the top+the height of the bass bar=15 and change mm. It could be lower of the top is stiff, but I don't go much higher.
  10. But I believe that it can not go air.