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  1. Alto


    The lighting used to take the photos is odd. The seller had better ones posted originally. The scroll reminds me of this testore, not that it probably has to do with this maker, but perhaps the school.
  2. Alto


    Palousian, The certificate you mention is only a condition report showing what had been repaired. The listing stated the orgin was unknown but probably Dutch, or Italian. Like most on here, I do not trust ebay either, I am just curious about the instrument, and occasionally some of interest do seem to pop up. I had been watching the listing for quite awhile and the seller had dropped the asking price from 25,000 to 6,500. Anyways, rip of or not, I am only interested to see what is said about the orgin, regardless of it being on ebay. I've seen a few violins of similar build and wonder if my inexpert attributions are way off or not. To be clear, I am neither the seller, or buyer- I would not risk thousands on ebay.
  3. Alto


    This violin caught my eye. Just curious to see what others think of it. The scroll, f holes, purfling look italian to me. I guess either way someone got a good deal on it, looks like a nice one.
  4. Another vote for Yita. I bought a violin over the summer and I am quite happy with it. I haven't tried their Violas, but for a back up or a just to try instrument it seems worth it. Better than spending a lot until you know if you want to continue.
  5. Alto

    Violin worth it?

    Yes, certainly another concern. No bow
  6. Alto

    Violin worth it?

    Definitely in need of a new bridge/soundpost. The neck angle looked good. The inside looked clean from what I could see of it...certainly rethinking it with this info. Also I'm not too near a luthier.
  7. Alto

    Violin worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I was in a local antique shop and came across a violin that looks like it might be worth the setup cost and as a back up instrument, but I hesitate in case I'm very wrong. Unfortunately, the few pictures I could get of the instrument are not sufficent but I've noticed the following: 1.The varnish doesn't remind me of a typical low end student grade instrument. 2. The violin appears crack free, and solidly built. No label. 3. The pegbox is not painted black which I understand to be common on lower end instruments, or indicate german orgins? The asking price is 325.00. If anyone is able to get any info from the less than ideal pics, I look forward to some info.
  8. I like Jade. It's not too expensive and works well for all seasons. Works well for me on both violin and viola.
  9. Thanks GeorgeH for posting the link. I was watching a couple of other bows as well, but the seller pulls them off if the bids aren't high enough. They seem to have a shop in VA.
  10. Oh no, thanks I will work on that.
  11. Hi Maestronet, I came across this auction and unless I'm missing something - (which is very likely as I am just a player and admirer )it looks like someone got an amazing deal. Wouldn't an Ouchard go for much more? If only it was a viola bow.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any info. On Carlo Raspagni . After searching the internet, I haven't come across much more than a short bio. It appears he was also a guitar maker. I'm interested in finding out a price range as well. Would an obscure maker automatically deduct the value?
  13. Deans that gives me hope. I am hoping its the case with mine.
  14. I should have been more specific. It is a top sound post crack. Here are some pictures-the crack stops at the bridge. I hope these are helpful.
  15. Hi All, I have a violin with a sound post crack that i didn't realize until recently had cleats. I am wondering if there is anyway I can tell if it is stable enough to play, as I don't live near a repair shop, and it will probably take me a while to get to one. What would a luthier look for to tell weather an old, repaired sound post crack is solid? I know that the proper way to correct this is by doing a sound post patch, but if I don't have to spend thousands of dollars to have this done, all the better. I appreciate any advice, or ideas