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  1. I love the Renoir. Surely no one will remove it. Interesting how that back view looks like a violin, yes?
  2. >>While I try not to be personally annoyed at the remarkable reproductive rate of morons, and limit my intercourse with them to monosyllables, and so am not actually "bothered", I have to say that I do find it rather disconcerting. Fortunately I'll be departing this planet in the forseeable future, so I'll be spared watching its fate unfold as it is given into the hands of people who appear not to be able to spell, follow simple rules of grammar, or think logically. Bob, you're not ill? It sounds like you might be. I hope not! (???) Morons and schoolyard bullies are always in good
  3. Here's the kind of stuff I'm talking about (see below). You have to think this is funny; if you don't, you have no sense of humor: • Open Question: What is the name of this violin music? I don't know where it's from or how to explain it but it sounds dramatic. Any guesses you might have would be helpful. =] (Ed. note: no link included in question) • Open Question: need a new classical violin song to learn. any suggestions? Just for background: ive been playing for 12 years. some songs im learning are : bach partita III, bruch concerto, mozart concerto V, rode caprices • Open Question:
  4. See also: Violin/Viola Fingerboard Charts http://beststudentviolins.com/fingerboard.html
  5. http://beststudentviolins.com/luthiers.html
  6. Early holiday gift to all my friends on MN: http://beststudentviolins.com/Teachers.html
  7. >>"language is an indication of how well read the person is and how intelligent they are." I'm sorry, but I don't follow you. That's exactly what I wrote: language is an indication of how well read the person is and how intelligent they are. ..I put "the person" and "they are." I'm always happy if there is an error in my writing and someone corrects it, but I don't see where the error is if you are requesting that I write exactly what I wrote. Using "they" is questionable; it's an attempt to avoid the construction "he or she," which is tiresome. But my rather substantial impe
  8. IMO, the best thing that anyone can do for themselves is learn how to use their own language. This is the basis of all thought and the underlying requirement for any kind of excellence, academic or professional. On another forum, this was the subject line: "Anyone ever heared of a Yurea Violins on ebay?" There are two glaring errors: the past tense of "hear" is not "heared" but "heard." If you're going to say violins, plural (more than one), then you should not say "of a Yureau.." Another contributor in that forum refuses to put a space after a comma and two spaces after a p
  9. >> "cents" in this context is just a contraction of "per cent" (%) of a half step - possibly confusing for not good reason at all, other than convention (and markings on a tuner). Are you sure that "cents" is just a contraction of "per cent"? I did not get that impression from Mr. Davidovici, who introduced the concept to me. Here is the Wiki article on it, which also does not support what you're suggesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cent_%28music%29 There's no mention of "per" on that page, only "cents." I'm afraid I'll have to take issue with you, too, that I'm not teac
  10. As I understand it, keyboard are equal tempered, i.e., the octave consists of 12 exactly equal half steps. Tuning on stringed instruments is more contextual; the relationship of the notes within the octave is based on the key context; each note in the octave has a role. The scale steps are as follows: I Tonic ii Supertonic iii Mediant IV Subdominant V Dominant vi Submediant or superdominant vii° Leading tone For example, the leading tone (7th step) of a key is slightly higher, in strings, than on the keyboard; 3 and 7 are high, the perfect 5th is wide. With resp
  11. What reply? From what forum? You mean Margo Schulter's remarks? Not a "reply," not from another forum, and used with permission. Do you not see where it says "From: Theory Notes?" (see link)
  12. >> I was also thinking, what does it matter? FWIW (perhaps not much), IMO it matters because it is a "tell" or an indication of the speaker's level of understanding of musicology, performance practice, general knowledge, the literature of their instrument, intelligence level. It matters because language matters. I was sitting in the office with one of my violin teachers and a young woman burst into the room, saying she would play "her song" at her lesson. I think it was a Mozart concerto. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. She indicated, by her language, that she was a child
  13. It's nice that no one on Maestronet wrote that they were offended by my remarks, or responded to accuse me of snobbishness, which is frequently the case elsewhere. I cross-posted this everywhere. General conclusion: the more educated the subscribers, the more they want students to use the correct term of art, and the less "cute" they think it is. I guess the most "snobbish" forum is rec.music.early on USENET. This forum is frequented by a lot of eminent musicologists who write in musicology-speak, which is hard for me to understand sometimes. Likewise, there is a listserv, the AMS: Amer
  14. I don't know; maybe. Some of my teachers were recording artists and they were getting large amounts of money to perform in public; maybe they just didn't feel like doing that for me. And maybe their instruments were so expensive they didn't feel like dragging them out.