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  1. Anyone know the possible supplier(s) of bows in the 1960's that would be stamped William Lewis and Son?
  2. Any names you remember for bow gold medals?
  3. Will- I'll definitely look for that article. Funny you should mention Joe, that's where I first heard of this idea years ago. You probably know they put these plugs in many of their cellos. I haven't heard of this idea anywhere else which is why I'm curious about the idea. I now own a cello (pictured) with a plugged hole and remembered his theory about the holes.
  4. Well, that kind of brings up my biggest question - If you want to attach a cello to yourself why put a hole in it? Looping a strap under the cello's neck or from neck and end pin, like this guy did, are non-invasive. Why cut a hole in the back? It just doesn't make sense to me. Are there other theories about the origin of these holes?
  5. This is the sort of thing I'm talking about. Wondering, though, if it's possible that the cello could have been attached at the waste rather than the neck. Seems to be right at waste level when sitting or standing. I'm very curious to see some reference to this from the time period in question. And there's no reason these holes would have any use in the process of making a cello, right?
  6. There is a 1988 Matsuda viola featured on for $24K.
  7. I couldn't find a thread about this. Does anyone know about this theory for the plugged holes on cello backs? Are there paintings showing cellos with hooks or something to hang from the player's neck? Any writing in books? Thanks for any information anyone is willing to share.
  8. A little late, but in response to a Becker Sr. cello being 60K - Double that and you're there. The last one I know of was actually 140.