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  1. HI Sean, thanks for your tip, I had a look at the Rattray book, the close up shots show file marks pretty clear! Thats the quote from Rogers article, he´s talking about filius Andrea scrolls in general not refering to the ones in the book "the whole (scroll) appears to be finished with abrasives which obscure much of the workings"... I wonder if he cut his delicate shamfer before or after... Magnus, I didn´t know the scroll was a fake... hope it´s not otherwise I´ll be copying a copy right now Andres, I just made my first batch of sandpaper, not on various backings yet, just christmas wrapping for now... I´ll try it out tomorrow and I hope it works even it´s not cremonese sand I used... thanks for the tip! martina
  2. Hi Melvin and all others Is there any less controversial example for me to look at? I`m just curious what it looks like... Martina
  3. Hi In Roger´s article on del Gesu, the one from the Biddulph book, he states that filius Andrea used abrasives to finish his scrolls and I was wondering if this scroll is one example for this kind of finish? thanks! Martina
  4. yeah, maybe... you never know with those extremely unpredictable specimens
  5. somehow I´ve got the feeling that this won´t attract any girls...
  6. Hi John I found this article, it´s a basic description about fitting/glueing/shaping bass bar. We got it at Newark vln making school, a former teacher has put this together for a lutherie magazine. Hope it helps! Martina
  7. "Well, I'm 45 years old now and some years ago I started listening more to what people with more knowledge" oh, I don´t have a problem with that not at all, just wanted to hear Mr. Landons explanation behind the suggestion! Thanks for that. ciao Martina
  8. Hi Luis Congratulations on your comission and its outcome!!! I hope your player will fall in love with his princess Anna I´d be interested to know the reasoning behind the higher neckstep? How much did you make it higher this time? Thanks for sharing!!! Martina
  9. Yes, indeed, they work extremely well! And big time saver: you don´t have to learn German Martina
  10. ok, I´ll try and see what happens thanks for all your rippling-help! cheers martina
  11. Hi I don´t really want to use sandpaper (evil thing didn´t you know?) ... and scraping worked fine but thanks for your explanations! My choice of avatar is not really influenced by anyone on MN... pure affinity for those goats and time for an avatar change, the old one got a bit boring Hi David Tseng, actually it was Isabelle Wilb(e)aux vln at VSA convention which left the biggest impression on me concerning ripple effects. Martina
  12. Hi I had a go finishing the back arching I worked on. Jesus, it sounds easier than it actually is... very odd to scrape wet wood if you´re not used to it. I used my 0.4 scraper with a 45 bevel and didn´t get much ripple at first, after a while I found scraping slowly and pushing the scraper to work well. Lots of tearing and messy looking surface I suppose the ripple effect will be enhanced once it´s varnished??? Melvin, whats a "thorough" humidity cycling? Does your instrument get directly touched by water to raise the ripple during that process? Hi Magnus, those thingys don´t appear on my screen, I still see my old avatar although I changed it... they´re called "Gemse", kind of alpine mountain goats who can climb extremely well. The link posted above showing a ripply Amati copy, do you really see that much ripple on cremonese instruments? Is there more ripple in the upper lower bouts than down in the C´s, due to the areas being different in how freely they can be worked with scrapers? (to me it feels easier scraping away along the long arch and upper/lower bout areas than the C´s... might just be me though) about stiff vs. flexible scrapers, does it really give a different result in this position, I mean once you hold your scraper vertical you´ll need to support it a lot anyway, guess stiffer one is easier but the effect should be same... Martina
  13. Hi Thanks for your advice and tips. I´ll see how I get on with it... Martina
  14. Hi Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create a rippling effect on figured maple? Having stroked a few backs recently I could feel this rippling sensation and I very much liked the optical effect of it, making the surface look a bit more interesting. Is it possible to get this effect on ribs too without weakening them too much? Thanks for your help!!! Cheers Martina
  15. Hi Fluoresence paint sounds more fun but I guess I´ll stick to alu-foil. I don´t know if they were LED´s my former teacher was useing, do they work for drying varnish? I read they´re used for museum lighting due to their absence of UV protecting delicate works. Martina
  16. No, wasn´t me who did that post, I just took the top off... Might have been done by someone who licks posts while fitting next to munching on sth. sticky- like gelatine drops martina
  17. Hi Next time I build a UV cabinet I´ll make sure to keep those tiny flies out, my current light-box has gaps all around for better air flow BUT flies fit through easily and they are attracted to varnish... I used thin plywood for the sides which has a white layer of something on it, does anyone know about reflective properties of UV light hitting "white" vs. tinfoil? This summer (long gone...) I had some offcuts out on the roof top and got very good tan-results after just a day, about as much colour my UV box gets done in a week. And one last question, one of my teachers in Newark used to use bulbs which didn´t give off any heat, (I think he they didn´t tan though) just for varnish drying, which ones are those? cheers Martina
  18. Sometimes posts fit so well they don´t even fall over when taking the front off ... this one wasn´t glued in BTW... Martina
  19. Hi Leonard I can´t really help you but this link might be useful! VdGSA Cheers Martina
  20. I successfully left the United States and I´m really wearing your shirt today, just had difficulties taking a picture of myself... Martina
  21. Hi Kevin Already wearing your shirt today Thanks for that! Martina
  22. HI all I think I deserve a gold medal for staying in Portland the longest... Still there but not for too long Michael, thanks for posting your pics! I had a great time and met so many nice people. Thumbs up for american luthiers!!!! Thanks for hosting me so well! Cheers Martina
  23. Hi I´ll be there too entering a vln - giving the judges a laugh It´s a long way and I hope I don´t get lost... Looking forward to meeting many of you! Martina
  24. On the website Bob posted there´s one picture of the del Gesu pochette, showing not much detail but at least it´s colour baby del Gesu Martina