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  1. Yes thanks! Luckily they sheduled it after the mad carneval season there so it´s safe to go Martina
  2. Ban blurry pics ...and also photos that are in focus but too large to open up completely never mind Martina
  3. And while you are on Lindstroms page, check out the Camillus Camilli photos, the picture on the far right clearly shows some eyebrow effect too Martina
  4. Here´s a short excerpt on Girolamo´s life, from the exhibition catalogue on the 2006 Amati exhibition in Cremona "the Amati´s DNA" Sounds like he had a hard life and other things on his mind than only violins... Martina
  5. Hi Nice thread!!! Does anyone know how many of Andrea´s instruments are still around? Martina
  6. I shouldn´t post links to things I havn´t tried myself... when I first found the Prisma website I was really keen on installing it as the program description sounds interesting, that was before I found out it doesn´t run on Mac. sorry, but maybe someone else has any suggestions... Martina
  7. Hi Good idea, I´m looking forward to some basic acoustics stuff Here´s a link to a swiss page "prisma music" they offer free software for a timbre tuning device (from their site: It performs three basic steps in real-time: Acquisition of audio data, computation of spectral features and visualization of the spectral information) Prisma music Martina
  8. Hi I´ve used bone, it came from a british pet shop, my dog never got it. I like useing it apart from the smell when sawing it... One other option is Taguanuts, growing on palm trees in Ecuador sold e.g through Dick. My former colleague who was into baroque instruments highly recommended them, havn´t used them myself yet... I know you can plane and file them ok Martina
  9. Me, pfff NO WAY... Anyway, what´s there to seduce apart from a lonely woodworm
  10. Hi I`m glad you like it, I had fun with it too As to size relations of post to person... the two candidates I had to choose from both were of similar hight, the second one was still wearing her Bikini so the other one got the "pole position" I havn´t done any sound testing though, shortly after the photo was taken she was kicked out. (don´t want to have half naked girls dancing around my soundposts... ) Cheers Martina If anyone ever plans to do sth. like that I recommend to fit the stripper to the soundpost first and than insert them already connected!
  11. Magnus, this is for you! Enjoy Martina sorry yuen, thats not really related to your violin... just to visualise some phantasies
  12. Hi It´s a synthetic resin layer enabling the maker to thin out plates more... They´re acoustical engineers trying to produce instruments with more power for even bigger concert venues. In the last part they´re treating the instrument with various frequencies comparing it to a massage to relieve tension which is supposed to change the sound and playability quite a bit. hehe the guy who flexes the back is claiming he could even sit on it but his vln makers ethos keeps him from doing this Martina
  13. Hi Has anyone tried useing a leather belt for bending ribs?
  14. Hi Mike, I cut it lengthwise just to make cutting surface a little bigger. It´s not exactly wet, you can take it out of the water and dry it on some cloth, it only gets brittle/hard again once it´s dried up completely. Martina
  15. HI NewNebiw It´s ALL about the buttered Eddy no, it´s far less fun actually... Starting from 2:12 of that video thats what "the voice" is saying: The 2nd step of blade adjustment (first step was fixing the cutting angle of the blade) determines the thickness of your shavings. Loosen the 3 allen head screws which hold the fence in place, it is now able to move. The acrylic bolt that comes with the pegshaper is now inserted into the hole, use the 2 screws on the bottom to move the bolt upwards against the cutting blade with light and even pressure. Pushing the bolt up like this lightly bends the cutting blade upwards, the force you use to do this later determines the thickness of your shavings. Tighten the 3 screws to fix what you just did. Loosen the middle one to make adjusting the pegshaper possible and take out the bolt. The blade that was bent upwards by pressure of the bolt now springs back down into it´s original position, the resulting hight difference between the blade and the fence is responsible for shaving thickness. hope that helps! Martina
  16. Hi Mike one way to prepare is it soak it in water, it doesn´t take long until it gets soft, chop the ends off and slice it once, bit like a small piece of sandpaper.
  17. Hallo Michael I collected some horsetail once and it turned black looking similar to yours when I laid it out to dry... it didn´t harm the feeling or texture of it though Martina
  18. martina hawe


    Hi At Newark our very first lecture we got was all about wood, sadly enough I missed most of it caus my english was on very basic level and I didn´t understand much guess it was all about growth, cutting it, storing it, choosing it... We visited a saw mill once and were shown how big logs of wood are cut and processed into suitable pieces. Wood we used in school came from a large storage room where we could pick and of course ask the teachers for advice. In Mittenwald school they get a chance to go into the forest to watch how a tree is cut. The wood I use now is from Mittenwald and I "think" it´s air dried but how can I tell... well, I´ve seen where it´s been stored but thats it really. martina
  19. Hi Skiingfiddler I think Darren summed it up nicely! For me it was the first competition and I´m really glad I decided to go for it. Feedback gives was really helpful and definitely will be/is included in future making. There was also a lot to gain from looking at other makers work, get some new ideas and of course meeting you was a pleasure cheers Martina
  20. Poor sheep... surely it´s better off wherever it is now!
  21. 10 €/Euros is about 13 USD. I remember a company selling them at the VSA convention, forgot which one... maybe someone else remembers... martina
  22. Hi I fitted a set of those pegs to a student instrument a few weeks ago. They come in 2 shaft sizes as you don´t ream the pegs down but enlarge the holes to the peg. Fitting them is fairly quick. Just ream out one hole to suitable size and mark the reamer there. I had to recut the peg ends again and again caus I didn´t push them in hard enough first time, you need to push quite a lot actually for the shafts to get a good grip... Tuning feels a bit odd when you´re used to normal pegs, you can feel the clicks of the gear a little but fine tuning works really well! It´s tricky to get peg ends looking nice, even very fine sandpaper always left scratches in the plastic. When I got them they were about 10€ for one peg. Saves fitting time though and you´ll never have to work on them again hope that helps Martina