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  1. Hi all long long time ago... Michaels workshop seems to be finished by now, it´ll be featured in the February STRAD issue! Looking forward to it! Martina
  2. Hi Happy New Year to all of you! It´s been a good one- off to the next does it count if I share tonights dessert with you? here we say "guten Rutsch" meaning sth. like have a smooth slide into the next year (maybe because it´s usually quite icy here in winter) best wishes Martina
  3. With slight delay (it´s pretty much done over here by now) Merry Christmas or to add to foreign language wishes: Fröhliche Weihnachten! best wishes to all of you!!! Martina
  4. haha I´ve been directly influenced by Tets in that respect great to hear about the exhibition!!! Martina
  5. Dean, I´m glad you´re enjoying the movies martina
  6. Hi Magnus I guess you know that the VDV features the Fulton collection. What I enjoy most about it is the presentation of each instrument, slowly turning round in front of the camera, some close up. It´s great to see archings and many more details. Certainly worth getting it. And nice playing too! Martina
  7. Hi Thanks for your comments and observations! (and sorry about the late reply) I agree about the flatness in outline around the button area, it´s also accentuated by the wonkily convex purfling and will be taken more care of next time. Selim and Don, the glare next to the fingerboard sticks out merely on the photo, the rest of the varnished areas are a tad more glossy than on the picture. Michael, sorry about not taking off the chinrest I was in a hurry useing the bit of sunshine coming out through the clouds for taking the pictures that I forgot to remove it... I´m not hiding anything underneath it My camera is digital SLR, I placed the instrument underneath roof top window and used daylight only. Matthias, you´re right about length of f holes, very good eye! The bass f hole is about 1,5mm longer on the original and yes, it is based on the Lord Wilton. C bouts are the same length more or less. I left the throat of the scroll straight off the saw to be authentic and the shape and size is close to the original, not very asthetic I agree. Thanks to James Ehnes DVD I had the chance to see more details than you´d see on the poster. For the antiquing part I wish I could have taken off more varnish to get down to bare wood in certain areas but my ground was too light in colour underneath and it started to look funny so I decided to stop. Ken, I´m happy to have made your day But study the originals instead of my attempts! thanks to all for your kind words Martina
  8. HI here´s my recent fiddle, a little more worn and a bit more asymmetrical than Melvins del Gesu I´d love to hear your critique! Thanks Martina
  9. Nice one Melvin!!! Hope you´ll have some more straight varnish job requests in future looks great! Martina
  10. going over to the dark side I remember Claire Barlow giving a lecture on the subject during a conference at Newark showing her mineral layer findings on slides and people around me were hissing hey, thats not ground that´s the varnish and polish on top... but than as Darren and Melvin said you hear from someone else useing something and you try it and it works (or not) I´ll keep my mind open and damn, should have kept my beard martina
  11. SHOCKING! That´s like telling a child the truth about Father Christmas! Hey, I grew into a violin making based on minerals! why is it so undecisive this business... can´t rely on anything the cremonese didn´t know what they were missing never had the pleasure of rubbing in pumice slurry... what´t the next fashion than? martina
  12. Hi I´ve used 19 for FB width on a 1/4 size and it worked, no complaints from the player Martina
  13. Hi I´ve heared them last night in concert and I´m trying to find out what their instruments are, does anyone know? thanks Martina
  14. Hi I´m useing Safari as well but also tried Firefox- both have trouble showing attachments if the files are too large... Martina
  15. Hi Matthias although I´ve tried hard I never managed to filter asphalt dissolved turpentine. Pouring the stuff through filter paper (I tried a few kinds of paper) the paper soaked up turps and now way the brown goo didn´t go through! Do you use Kremer Asphalt? Could you tell me more about your filter paper? I end up grinding asphalt into turps, hard work... Martina
  16. Hi Roland, thanks for providing the link, I watched it last night and I found it quite interesting. I enjoyed the bit when Dr. Kremer and his assistant were making a massive batch of madder pigment having to use big big spoons to handle all the foam bubbling up trying to escape the pot after adding potash Martina
  17. Hi Glenn Stradofear posted a picture here: aged thread post 108 Martina
  18. Nice thread! Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas! My contribution is just a small question, how likely is it that wood colour appearing from pale to cinnamon is "just" down to different varieties of maple? I do have some pieces of maple which are not ancient but simply a lot darker than my usual stuff... If you observe cinnamon colour is it always to be seen on all the maple parts of one instrument? thanks Martina
  19. Hi Recently I got an advertisement letter from the guy who offers to do those patches, explaining the procedure and the costs etc. I believe it was Andreas Jacobi, I just tried to dig up the letter but it got lost... he´s probably not the only workshop useing this method Martina
  20. hehe in case you´re interested, it was a double case
  21. Hi Neil good luck with ryanair! Last time I flew with ryanair I bought an extra seat for my case, as they advised on their website but when I got to the check in with my ticket and my case´s ticket the lady started telling me I had to pay for the case being extra luggage, haha very funny... at the end she wrote down my details and told me she´s going to send me the bill if she should get in trouble for letting me in with my case... After that I had no more problems and on my flight back from Stansted a young guy was on the plane who had brought his guitar as hand luggage without problems and he had not bought a spare seat for it... guess if you´re lucky you should be ok oh yes, my case was sitting next to me, had to have a window seat (surely to be able to enjoy the view) and got a special seatbelt! Martina
  22. Hi Thanks Anders! I didn´t expect another one of those test THAT quickly, are you addicted now? As I got it wrong last time I decided to listen more carefully, I did listen to the samples a few times through my laptop speakers and without having read all the posts to keep my ears free from presumptions. I took my notes than read through the thread and ups, everyone else seems to hear a different order EXCEPT for Melvin... as I like Melvin very much I´m happy to support his opinion I think A is the modern violin, to me it sounds nice but is a bit weak on the top end B to me is a bit unfocused overall, I like it least, i think it´s THE UNCONVENTIONAL C is directional and even quality from bottom to top end about the lowest density wood, no idea Martina
  23. Hi I´m still in acoustics kindergarten maybe someone can explain this to me, looking at 3000Hz region, there´s a big difference, x having much a bigger peak, thats the area for carrying power right? why´s that difference less apparent on the graph recorded from further away? Martina
  24. Hi To me it sounds like the second one is Strad, no excuse if I´m wrong Anders, reveal the secret!!! Martina oh yes, must be the second one, thats been downloaded far more often
  25. I´m glad her sister is still around, no need for a thermometer, she usually shouts when the glue gets too hot