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  1. Cool! Can we see more of it and the other parts please!
  2. Hallo, the bridge looks like a Richters bridge (Marcel Richters in Vienna). Players here in Europe seem quite fond of his set up work... Nice set of videos! Martina
  3. Dear Michael, I hope you´re all well and happy in Murnau! I´ve made this jig a couple of years ago, I thought this might interest you.... The pics won´t need much explanation. Two old style closing clamps (spool clamps) are used to fix it to the instruments body (I only had this front on hand now to shoot the photos). You first attach the wooden part to the instrument, then you use the lever on top to adjust the bridge position. The sideways tilt of the bridge is adjusted by the small angled acrylic glass sheet. For fitting the feet the bridge is easily placed into position as its back and one side are fixed. For new instruments it works well once it´s adjusted but I rarely use it as I´m more comfortable with free hand fitting. I don´t take credit for the design, not my idea but my execution at least cheers Martina
  4. Thanks Mike! The concert was Brahms violin concerto. At work (in my "new" life as a restorer) we see those left over sweat drops that have been overlooked by the players when cleaning the instrument after a concert and they seem to really be attached to the varnish! I´m not barely sweating like that even when I go running! cheers Martina
  5. Hi everyone I havn´t been around MN for a while... but I thought this is an interesting shot to share. During a recent concert broadcasted on TV I could cut out this small picture showing clearly to how much sweat an instrument can be exposed during a performance. I don´t mean to expose anyone here, playing is hard work and I´m sure players are sensible enough to care of their instrument after the concert, I was simply amazed to see this. Martina
  6. HI more pictures of the Messeas, again from the Cremona exhibition catalogue "Cremona 1730-1750", only photos of photos, sorry about the quality... Manfio, the catalogue includes measurements, the ribs are 12,1 wide. cheers Martina
  7. Hi Skiingfiddler The Messeas Cello was exhibited in the Cremona exhibition in 2008 "Cremona 1730-1750". I attached an excerpt from the exhibition catalogue with some more info on the instrument. I vividly remember all those thumbplane/scraper marks all over the place! Hi Oded you were asking about the Lord Aylesford Strad Cello, it belongs to the Nippon Foundation and is currently played by Danjulo Ishizaka Martina
  8. Hi Christian I had a fantastic evening listening to a great Cellist playing my faevorite Cello concerto! Completely satisfied Applaus didn´t stop, he had to come back in about 5 times until he gave in an played an encore. He chose a slow, very melancholic piece, Britten I believe. To me it´s always amazing how a single player can grab fully grab the audience, make them freeze, forget to brathe... hope he comes back. I also hope to find a recording of him playing Shostakovich Cello concerto. And of course, the cello sounds fantastic too Martina
  9. Hi I´m going to the concert tonight (that means unless it´s sold out) looking forward to it! cheers Martina
  10. Hi Stainer was prosecuted being accused of heresy. A lutheran bible as well as writings against the catholic church were found in his house. After having been taken to court more than once he was imprisoned for a while. When he was released he still had requests for his instruments, 1670 big orders from Meran, Salzburg and Munich keeping him busy for a whol year. Nevertheless his financial situation wasn´t the best and he also had mental problems that at times made him unable to work... That´s what I recall having read about Stainer in Rudolf Hopfner´s catalogue which was made for the Stainer exhibition at Schloss Ambras few years ago Martina
  11. HI Everyone Greetings from Bergen! I`ve spent the day at the exhibition and I agree, really cool! two more days of that ) anyone who has the chance to come GO FOR IT!!! Martina
  12. Hi Melvin very sweet!!! Looks like she´s having a good time chewing on woodshavings. Is she really tiny or is it a monster-shaving in the 3rd picture? Enjoy the walks! Martina
  13. Hi Here´s my bench (ha, looks like it´s the cleanest bench posted so far but than you can´t see the floor and laundry rack nearby ) Instead of going out clubbing I´m having a cosy night time glueing a back plate on and sizing my neck root (glue sizing is ideal for reading MN in between) cheers Martina
  14. David, if you can do a violin plate in about 2 min you could try without breating, anaerobic exercise is quite an effective training!
  15. hi just stumbled across this post and while Michael is not around I´ll try to answer the question. Before the "recent" change of law (I believe it was in 2003) any craftsman needed to have the Meister- title to be able to legally open a business. It now is still required for certain crafts/professions. In general it concerns jobs where an untrained/unqualified persons work could do harm to customers. Like car mechanics, oh yes and hairdressers too but don´t think you´ll get a proper haircut from every Meisterhairdresser in this country For luthiers the requirement to have Meistetitle to be able to run a shop has been lifted. However you still need to be a Meister if you want to train an apprentice. Still not anybody can open a violin- workshop, you need to join the guild for that (not luthiers guild directly but general craftsman guild) and they check if you´ve been formally trained. cheers Martina
  16. Hi Jeffrey This is never too repetitive, thanks for posting the pictures! Could you describe the cleaning process? Martina
  17. Hi Michael Cool! How does it sound? Viele Grüsse Martina
  18. HI I remember a Strad article by Joe Grubaugh writing about how he found a way to recreate Amati fishtails useing the ancient left overs of compass points. Can´t remember the details just yet but in brief, he hopped from one dot to the next and in a very logial sequence the distance between the compass points always gave him the "right" width don´t know which Strad issue that was... can´t check either anyone? Martina ah Bruce, I just spotted your picture of the Stauffer throat is in the Amati DNA book... should look at my books more closely
  19. Thanks Bruce! Do you often see a compass point on the very end (... very end, I mean where spine meets the chin)? could the holes be leftovers from pinning on a paper template? That would work without a scribe centre line...
  20. thanks, that´s exactly what I wanted to have a look at Martina
  21. Bruce thanks for sharing those photos! do you have one showing the fluting as it approaches the throat? Anyone else who´s fond of the Stauffer, Cremonabooks has a very nice booklet with splendid pics. Here´s my version of the A. Guarneri scroll, might need some more refinement but this was/is one of those scrolls that made me grab a neck block... Martina
  22. Hi this is one of my favorites link to a very sexy A. Guarneri scroll another one I´m very fond of is the brothers Amati "Stauffer" viola head but I don´t have a picture to post Martina
  23. Hi great thread! I thought it was only girls who like talking about fashion I quite like wearing an apron (not for superman feeling but to keep my cloth tidy). Like Andrew I quickly got the feeling of my neck being pulled down constantly which was a bit annyoing so I ended up making my own. I´ve made several but the latest one is by far my best. It´s a copy of a japanese apron which has straps going over my shoulders rather than around the neck. It´s a bit thick and long, very useful in winter times but maybe I need a new one for the summer cheers Martina
  24. googling for Fra Fulgentius Micanzio this article came up containing ancient quotes on prices of cremonese instruments, good read! $$$$ Martina
  25. Hi just signed and forwarded the petition link to 30 other violin people! martina