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  1. My student mentioned to me that she would enjoy playing both classical and more modern and pop style solos. Is there a book that has a wide variety of solos in it?
  2. Congrats on beginning your adventure on the violin. It is be a rewarding experience. Tell us about yourself, why did you decide to start? Remember to keep that bow straight .
  3. I am actually looking more for diagrams of how to hold the violin and bow and such, so they can be reminded at home
  4. I just got a job teaching (by accident) recently. I have to start in 2 days, with all beginners, but I can't find any beginner method books, and the closest music store that has beginner violin books is about 25 miles away. I ordered a few books off the internet, and won't be here until next week. Does anyone know any material that may be online for free that I can use for the basics, for this week?
  5. W.S cool... if you do report it to ebay chances are they will make him ship it. But if he does ship it with a "rattle snake" (chances are it would be dead lol) or broken in some way, you could report him to ebay again. I have heard people have been permenetally banned from ebay for shipping one item not as described..
  6. I wouldn't trust a big "big buy" of ebay. But some sellers don't accept returns and even if they do what says they are going to be there after you want to return it, and it could be very hard or almost impossible to get a refund. I bought violin strings of ebay once and it was a great deal, but I would never buy a violin from ebay. Though I have heard some "success stories" about ebay violins, I will never buy a violin I couldn't personally inspect and play.
  7. Well I haven't attended either school (as I am only 16 and a junior in highschool) but I have heard great things from the Chicago. My former Luthier was trained there and he was the best luthier I have ever had!
  8. quote: Originally posted by: violintipsy but that is just my opinion and how much can a 16 yr old know lol, a 16 year old can know a lot (I am one too lol)
  9. quote: Originally posted by: thom One question I have never seen answered is whether the 45 year old average excludes deaths of children ages 5 and under and/or women who died in childbirth, both major groups in the equation. It may be that if you exclude them, the average would rise significantly and would be a more useful number for assessing Beethoven's longevity. Anyone know the answer? The book that I quoted excluded young children and infant fatalities. If you included them in the equation, yah the the average life span would probably drop dramatically. Although at this time there was a relatively low amount of child fatalities (well low for the time, still very high in todays standards).
  10. quote: Originally posted by: yuen Betheven's death was tragic alright. 57 years old, in today standard, was a young man. Mozart 37 ? We can blame on backwardness of the medicine of those days. It was not advanced enough to provide opportunities for them to live a fuller life. PS. I don't believe there was any person wanted to poison him. There could not be such ugly and mean person. Well in the 19th Century 57 was an older age. According to standards back then he would have lived a full life. I read in my history book recently that in the 18th to 19th centuries that the average human lived to about 45 years old.
  11. Well obviously Amadeus, was exageratted and untruth full, i never said it was true, I said it reminded me of it. And as far as the "conspiracy theories" we don't exactally know what happened so we can't rule them out either!
  12. Well someone must have wanted him dead, unless lead was a common ingredient in 18th to 19th century wine making.
  13. Thats pretty interesting, my question though would be why did someone (such as the doctor) want him dead? Reminds me of the Movie "Amadeus" with Mozart and Salieri....
  14. Thats cool. In one of the bands I play tuba in they say "no string instruments only brass", so I should get one like this and show them! lol
  15. lol it is defintetally new... Does anyone know where I could hear a clip on this marble violin? That would be interesting I think.