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  1. Nathan, the knot doesn't need more adjusting after I adjusted the peg. That's why I glued it.
  2. My solution is to use the cut off end of a cello peg. I file grooves on the sides for the cord, and then I flatten one side to the specified length. It stays put without glue, although the knot is glued. See the attached zip file. IMG_7769.JPG.zip
  3. My guess is that they used different parameters than you for aligning the bridge. My advice is, don't mess with it. They probably had a good reason for what they did.
  4. Anders may correct me, but he's from a hardanger fiddle tradition and as we know, hardangers aren't violins.
  5. Ken Rule #1: You don't talk about fight club. I believe that I sent Petero a link to my article via email (another link can be found in an earlier post in this thread). The links disappeared in the re-making of MN a while back. I may put them up again if there's interest.
  6. Exactly. Experience is the key. And we can rely on others experience as well as our own.
  7. I love this idea. It also follows that the low pitch would have a lower string load and therefore fainter marks on the bellies?
  8. The violin in the Caravaggio painting has a for modern standards extremely high string height. Or a low neck angle, if you will. Indeed, it seems that all instruments has a low neck angle. Could this say something about the playing technique at the time? Perhaps it was not seen as a problem? What do we know about readjusting the neck angle in the baroque era, before the advent of the modernization of violins in the late 18th century? Did it happen at all?
  9. Definitely a better path than going down this rabbit hole. IMO
  10. My eyes hurt when I look at those mould designs. All the examples from the books shows the outline, nothing else. If Stradivari's moulds hadn't survived, none of this would have existed.
  11. I have seen two types of F-hole layouts in Strads; slanted and straight. There are many more of the Messie kind.
  12. The Soil has the same tendency as far as I can see. Vuillaume probably made that one too.
  13. The big difference is that the bridge is more prone to sliding under the shallow string angle.
  14. Nathan, I was joking. I believe that Stradivari was the first to do it as reported by the Hills.
  15. Del Gesu did that as far as I've learned, not Strad.
  16. I think they cancelled the 3D prints due to a problem with shrinking.
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