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  1. Forma construction from squares and lines

    My eyes hurt when I look at those mould designs. All the examples from the books shows the outline, nothing else. If Stradivari's moulds hadn't survived, none of this would have existed.
  2. so ugly it's almost cool...

    A piece of art.
  3. Casa Stradivari

    I have seen two types of F-hole layouts in Strads; slanted and straight. There are many more of the Messie kind.
  4. Casa Stradivari

    The Soil has the same tendency as far as I can see. Vuillaume probably made that one too.
  5. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    Narrow the feet width.
  6. Downforce Experiment

    The big difference is that the bridge is more prone to sliding under the shallow string angle.
  7. Scroll with blackened chamfers

    Nathan, I was joking. I believe that Stradivari was the first to do it as reported by the Hills.
  8. Scroll with blackened chamfers

    Del Gesu did that as far as I've learned, not Strad.
  9. Scroll with blackened chamfers

    It’s a French feature.
  10. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    It’s worth waiting for.
  11. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    I think they cancelled the 3D prints due to a problem with shrinking.
  12. Book Recommendations

    The Zanré & Scrollavezza books, Treasures of Italian violin making 1 & 2, are perfect gifts in my opinion. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned them.
  13. Memoirs of a violin collector

    Found it!
  14. Memoirs of a violin collector

    This seems to be a rare book. Has anyone read it? Where can I find it?
  15. My links

    Hello, and welcome to my introductory page! I'm a maker of violins, violas and cellos, and also specialize in sound adjustments. I'm also researching, teaching & writing about classic lutherie techniques. Graduate of The Violin Making School of America, Salt Lake City, USA, under Peter Paul Prier. Luthiers and shops I have worked with includes Samuel Zygmuntowicz, Brooklyn, and Christopher Reuning of Reuning & Son violins, Boston. For more information check out the links below. Enjoy! Telephone: +46 708755318 Address (Map): Pålsundsgatan 6, 11731 Stockholm, Sweden By Appointment only Web shop: Zethelius Violins Feel free to browse the web shop. Free shipping & 30 days return. Sweden only. Instagram: @zetheliusviolins Sometimes, but not always violin related content. When I publish a photo I usually do it in Instagram. Articles featured in The Strad magazine: August 2006 In August 2006 I published my theory for how the Cremonese (and all the Italian violin makers really) worked their archings. Not from the outside, as is the modern practice, but from the inside with the use of a chain. It stirred quite a controversy in the violin making community. Since then a growing number of makers use my 'inside first' method. December 2011 The best of the classic makers had a special method for finding harmonic relationships in their scroll carving. March 2014 Antonio Stradivari's only surviving template for a cello corner is an important clue as to how the instruments were made. Here I show how I make my own corner templates inspired by Stradivari. April 2016 June 2016