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  1. Guns and violin making

    A sad thread. Basic income can potentially end a lot of suffering. Still, fewer guns = fewer killed. Is there a debate over this?
  2. Carved violin

    Very strong puncture marks. Usually they're not that prominent. But I hold on to the idea that they are from the thicknessing tool.Almost always seen in pre 1800 instruments. To a lesser degree after 1800
  3. Minimum archings radius

    Tha Strad November 2017.
  4. Minimum archings radius

    You haven't seen my latest article then.
  5. Minimum archings radius

    And I remain with the conviction that the external arch is a reflection of the inside. You are in fact looking at the thicknesses when you study the external arch.
  6. Minimum archings radius

    When I work the outside arch I hold a ruler over it and check the shadow. If it's a segment of a circle then it's good. The channel is done with the aid of my thickness punch. It's easy to eye ball a circle segment to an acceptable degree. Davide's template is too rigid as Andreas's illustration shows IMO.
  7. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    I doubt that the ordinary player would be able to tell the difference. But I can be wrong?
  8. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    Christian, I assume that there's no spring in the bar?
  9. Carved violin

    Yes, it could be fake. I don't recognise the floral pattern as particularly classical.
  10. Carved violin

    The puncture marks are from the thicknessing spike almost certainly in my opinion. The plate is drawn while being punctured, hence the punctured line. The old working method allowed for some decorative carving.
  11. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    The fact that Christian developed it together with players rather than technology is appealing to me. It sounds really good in the video, but is it lacking in dynamics? Hard to hear with the commentary.
  12. Kevlar taipiece attachment

    Nathan, the knot doesn't need more adjusting after I adjusted the peg. That's why I glued it.
  13. Kevlar taipiece attachment

    My solution is to use the cut off end of a cello peg. I file grooves on the sides for the cord, and then I flatten one side to the specified length. It stays put without glue, although the knot is glued. See the attached zip file.
  14. Strad loses again

    Apparently he likes it.
  15. Bridge Foot Alignment & Tonal Quality

    My guess is that they used different parameters than you for aligning the bridge. My advice is, don't mess with it. They probably had a good reason for what they did.