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  1. This message is for and about Joe Robson. Joe, This is our last stitch attempt to try to contact you. We have inquired with you about buying some of your world famous varnish. You replied and we wrote back with further inquiries about postage. You replied saying that you will find out and reply. We waited and you did not reply. We posted this thread to find out if you were all right. We found that you went to the VSA meeting. In the previous post in this thread, and as well as by private email, you promised to reply. We sent you many reminders and you have not replied. It looks like that you have even changed your email address. That was over a month ago and after the VSA meeting. Please, all we want to know is that you are all right. If you do not intend to sell us any of your varnish, all you have to do is to say so and we will not write to you again. In addition to wanting to get varnish from you, we are concerned about you. We valued your contributions to the site. If there was any breakdown of communications in our email, we hope you will read this post and give us a reply. We have many white violins awaiting doing up. Thanks. In case other members are reading this post, please let me know if there are other places where I can get good quality oil based varnish and the seller can send the same to Asia by air.
  2. Look again. The appraisal certificate says: "............. This violin is definitely of an Italian style.........." But if it is going cheap, who cares!
  3. Is there a computer programme for composing music? Say something which one puts down the time signature and and notes and the programme will do all the spacing etc. Please let us know if one exists. Thanks. Please so pardon me if this is not the proper forum.
  4. Item number 320047502752. This seller has been the subject of a thread here some months ago. Also any observations on the certificate as proof of authenticity of the violin? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...02752&rd=1&rd=1
  5. Joe Robson, If you are back from the VSA meeting please reply to our emails. Thanks.
  6. Oded Kishony, Thanks for the info. Any idea when the VSA meeting will finish?
  7. Does any know what has happened to Joe? My associate was in the middle of some enquiries with him, he promised to reply but never did so. We rang him many times and all we got was a message saying that they have finished work. We rang during normal working hours so I hope he is all right. Can any friends of his enlighten us?
  8. Didn't Bergonzi live next door to Stradivari? So he stepped in when Stradivari was too busy or otherwise not available! Or did he actually make some violins in Strad's name. Any historians in this website can clarify the situation?
  9. Music shops down my end all do the same. What do you think paid for their rent, staff, electricity and advertisements? We even discovered that some German labels are in fact Chinese. The better ones started as white violins in China, and the worse ones were even finished in China.
  10. You probably need a new set up. German violins are not famous for being soft. Get a new bridge (a better one) fitted, put on new strings (best to try Thomastik Titanium strings) and adjust the sound post. You should not have to take the violin apart. A good luthier will be able to do all the above for you at a reasonable price.
  11. Having observed Jesse's violins on ebay for a while, I think one can classify them into 3 groups as follows: 1. Guaranteed money back INCLUDING shipping costs = Good violins 2. Guaranteed money back NOT INCLUDING shipping costs = Desirable violins, but certainly not concert grade. But, to be fair, Jesse would have used his own words to indicate this. 3. Sold as is = normally for restoration and one would have to take a chance. One should have the above criteria in mind and bid accordingly. Also the above observations are without disrespect to Jesse as the violins in category 1 normally cost a lot more than those in category 3.
  12. It is rare to see a copy Maggini with a scroll like this one.
  13. Pity the good cause is not extended to the world.
  14. Knowledge, that is, from the books and photographs, is important. But most important is to try the instrument in question. The proof of the pie is in the eating. If a violin that does not react well and produce good tone under different types of bowing, it is useless nomatter who it was made by or how many certificates in came with. Of course it would be a different matter for those who are investing rather than playing. The more advanced one gets, the more difficult it would be to find a "Good Violin".
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