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  1. Gotta make them dull before sharpening. Might as well make fiddles for that step.
  2. I can only use the big trackball. The little ones just aggravate my thumb. When my mom worked for a hand surgeon, he bought these for all his staff: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Trackball-Kensington-ExpertMouse5.jpg I find vertical mice for each hand are incredibly helpful. I don't actually like ergonomic keyboards. I find a normal apple keyboard best-the low pressure and travel necessary to actuate the keys stresses my hands less.
  3. To make sure I'm looking at things right: You have something like a carver's vise securing the 'cradle' that holds the plate. The carver's vise is secured to a stout post, secured by your face vise? Between the angular ability of the carver's vise and angling the post it's secured to, you can completely manipulate the height you're working on?
  4. Please make it high enough for a 6'7"/2m person can play standing up without wrecking a bow in a ceiling fan! Picture of the bench?
  5. Print on demand service. Bigger pictures on the website. But no commentary, make people buy the book and support the charity for that. (I've occasionally been called an asshole. No idea why.)
  6. An ex-girlfriend loved The Red Violin, and was scared to show it to me. So she got me drunk before I sat down to watch it. Apparently, I started crying when the violin got shot. I didn't live that down until we split. Her standard threat when I was being a mischievous little twit was 'cut your shit, or I'm going to shoot the scroll off your viola'.
  7. I think the OP is talking about practicing lutherie on, not playing.
  8. Not particularly bothered by used, no. Why are you getting rid of them? Any dissatisfaction with the product, or are they just not moving?
  9. I keep meaning to buy a http://www.kreddle.com to try, personally.
  10. Veritas or Lie Nielsen are, too-and a hell of a lot cheaper!
  11. The Da Salo viola is a smaller instrument, right?
  12. So...I shouldn't have my mother buy some mammoth ivory locally for me to use in the future, because I won't be able to sell anything made with that mammoth ivory legally?
  13. Where's the fun(or learning experience) in that?
  14. How do these instruments sound/play?
  15. I think somebody said this already, but searching is only helpful if you know what terms to search for. Personally, if I had specific goals about varnish, I'd call Joe Robson, and ask his advice for attempting to replicate a specific instrument. Also ask his advice on experimenting around that framework. Have him assemble a shopping list, and just buy the materials from him in a large enough quantity to play with. Then leave the intended varnish recipient Violin X in the white and play with scraps while working on number X+1. When I'm satisfied with the look of the scraps, go back and varnish Violin X. Or hell, just buy the completed varnish from him, varnish Violin X, and then play with it on Violin X+1 if I'm not satisfied. (Kimmo, I say Joe Robson since he runs a business selling varnish&varnish products.)
  16. I suppose this is a tangent-but since sound post and bridge life are being discussed-I seem to remember hearing that after a year or two, a new instrument should have the sound post and bridge checked, and probably replaced. I don't remember where I heard that though. Any truth?
  17. ...how many players have genuine aspirations to become pros? And what does that have to do with anything?
  18. Yeah, growing up I was always told, "Drive 100 miles to one of these shops in another city". Fortunately, one of the luthiers from the other city started a shop here in town.
  19. I have a classic from 2003, when that was the top model. No complaints through three years as a music major(viola) at an average state school. I never felt like articulating was a struggle. Or rather, I never felt dissatisfied with the bow, just my playing.
  20. These look more interesting, to my amateur eye: http://www.leevalley.com/US/gifts/page.aspx?p=55065&cat=1,230,41182 Or this: http://www.leevalley.com/US/wood/page.aspx?p=54888&cat=1,310,54888
  21. Ah. Well after a year+ of not touching a bow, I'd imagine my muscle memory isn't too hot anyway. Especially since I was playing a viola you really have to wrest the sound from, compared to an easy to play violin.
  22. I'm bad about knocking my bow on stands, tables, etc. Not as careful as I should be. So it's the lightness+carbon that appeals to me. I didn't know permabuco bows went that light, I suppose I'll call around local shops and checking before I spend money. No, the RSI/Carpal Tunnel are almost completely caused by computer ergonomics, with a probable side of bad sleeping angles. I have a couple of bows that cheap, and don't find them at all playable. Lusitano-I don't think I'm buying professional grade here. GailNelson-Playing didn't/doesn't cause me much more pain. I could sometimes play in the mornings, on the good days. But playing while in constant pain just wasn't rewarding. When I developed these problems, I was only playing 1-2 hours a week(I'd tapered down from 6-8 as the pain started getting progressively worse)., vs 60+ hours on a computer/tablet/phone with bad ergonomics. Omobono-I haven't played in over a year, I doubt I have the chops to compare different bows at this point anyway. Hell, I'm taking this year off as an opportunity to start lessons again, and will be starting from the very beginning anyway. That's more to re-sculpt my left hand though. As for the health/vibrational claims. Not concerned about those, since their claim is not something I'm suffering from. I'm concerned about lightweight, playability and durability. I did do some searching, but didn't find any sort of consensus.
  23. What are y'alls thoughts on the super light, hollow core carbon Arcus bows? I'm in the market for a new violin bow, and the super light quality of them appeals to me. Primarily because I haven't played in about a year because of RSI/carpal tunnel issues. So I'm hoping the light weight will minimize the strain to my hand&wrist. They're a bit pricy for my budget though-I can afford to buy a mid grade one, but not so easily to spend the money unwisely. Which is why I'm here, asking if they're actually fairly priced. At this point, I care much more about the feel in the hand more than sound, if that makes a difference. So! What's the verdict on arcus bows? Specifically the 4-5 grades, with the lighter models-if anybody has a lot of experience. As to why I don't just play the bow I have, and see how I do? Well, I was a violist with a difficult to play instrument, and a bow on the heavy side. While I'm very satisfied with my violin...the violin bow is a $100 special that came bundled with a cheap outfit. Oh, and it's warped terribly due to a careless roommate. When I played violin pre-injury, I just used my heavy-ish viola bow, but I never considered that anything but a stopgap and always wanted a playable violin bow. Well, now circumstances might be dictating that I buy a decent one instead. I want to stack my bets as much as possible on being able to play again, which is why I'm willing to invest in a good bow, for minimum effort required to play. I have 3 years of university study as a violist, if that slants your opinions any. Thanks for your input!
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