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  1. Solution in search of a problem?
  2. Gotta make them dull before sharpening. Might as well make fiddles for that step.
  3. I can only use the big trackball. The little ones just aggravate my thumb. When my mom worked for a hand surgeon, he bought these for all his staff: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Trackball-Kensington-ExpertMouse5.jpg I find vertical mice for each hand are incredibly helpful. I don't actually like ergonomic keyboards. I find a normal apple keyboard best-the low pressure and travel necessary to actuate the keys stresses my hands less.
  4. Probably not by percentage.
  5. To make sure I'm looking at things right: You have something like a carver's vise securing the 'cradle' that holds the plate. The carver's vise is secured to a stout post, secured by your face vise? Between the angular ability of the carver's vise and angling the post it's secured to, you can completely manipulate the height you're working on?
  6. Please make it high enough for a 6'7"/2m person can play standing up without wrecking a bow in a ceiling fan! Picture of the bench?
  7. Print on demand service. Bigger pictures on the website. But no commentary, make people buy the book and support the charity for that. (I've occasionally been called an asshole. No idea why.)
  8. An ex-girlfriend loved The Red Violin, and was scared to show it to me. So she got me drunk before I sat down to watch it. Apparently, I started crying when the violin got shot. I didn't live that down until we split. Her standard threat when I was being a mischievous little twit was 'cut your shit, or I'm going to shoot the scroll off your viola'.
  9. I think the OP is talking about practicing lutherie on, not playing.
  10. Not particularly bothered by used, no. Why are you getting rid of them? Any dissatisfaction with the product, or are they just not moving?
  11. I keep meaning to buy a http://www.kreddle.com to try, personally.
  12. Veritas or Lie Nielsen are, too-and a hell of a lot cheaper!
  13. The Da Salo viola is a smaller instrument, right?
  14. So...I shouldn't have my mother buy some mammoth ivory locally for me to use in the future, because I won't be able to sell anything made with that mammoth ivory legally?
  15. Where's the fun(or learning experience) in that?