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  1. i guess what i'm trying to say is don't be too obsessive about the setup that it distracts from the playing. it's happened to me where i've fidgeted with things too much, and it detracts from my practice time.there's a story of mischa elman who had a strad/guarneri, and he wouldadjust the soundpost constantly on it, trying to find 'the best sound'. I think the sound post spot became so barethat it had to be built up again with a patch.
  2. i believe he used to play a stradivari, nicknamed 'the cathedral' which is what he might be using in this vivaldi video. i think he traded it in for a guarneri violin, so no wonder he's careful with the humidity.
  3. i ordered one from shar and tried it out for about 20 minutes...... didn't like it. this was the maestro model, perhaps the other models are better shaped. the maestro model is roughly shaped like a guarneri style chinrest. i found the cup too small to put my jaw on. the single foot is nice but it's like the hill style chinrest hardware.... it sticks out and digs too much into my collar bone. the materials/overall construction is nice....definately good for a hot and humid evening of playing, but i just couldn't get around the shape and overall fit to my jaw. overall, a c
  4. I'm about due for a new viola case. I currently have a BAM classic case, which is falling apart. The person from who I bought the viola included the case in the purchase, and I know it's at least 5 years old. I've heard bad things about BAM, but I know a lot of people who use these cases. They're a little too expensive for me. I have heard mixed things about Bobelock cases... I hear that they are nice, but they fall apart. I am actually considering a case line called Bellafina. I have not heard anything about these cases, nor do I know anyone who uses them. Here is