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  1. I agree, the book is pretty expensive too, but very nice to have at hand when needed. I bought it a few years ago in a reminder's book shop in Brescia. Hard to find though it's a kind of collector's item.
  2. The blade is bevel up or bevel down?
  3. OT mode on Hi Tony. I'm a Vet and work in Horseracing Industry. We perform surgery and I have lots of old hemostats i can salvage. I appreciated you offer thouhg... Thank you very much indeed! No offense taken Lyndon, I've been reading Tony's statement just as a kind offer. I've been living Downunder long enough to appreciate your Aussie Sense of Humour. End of OT
  4. Is that a modified Backhaus ?
  5. BSE is not the only concern while dealing with animal bowels, both in the slaughterhouse and food industry..... String making got involved but is just a small bean in a larger jar .
  6. Being a Veterinarian in Italy, I can assure you that the main concern for the The Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety was about protecting people working in the gut industry and to fulfil the EU rules about handling potentially health threatening goods. Alberto
  7. Seems there is a thousand ways to skin (cook) a shark .
  8. Ciao Bernhard. So you just skin the fish and let the skin dry, or you treat it someway after? (Guess garlic, celery and toamato is not the right answer ).
  9. They even appeared some years ago in "The New Yankee Workshop" with Norm Abram, showing a wonderful XIX century Queen Anne legged "Highboy" .
  10. That's not environmental friendly at all !
  11. 9.9 M €uros Surely not a Cheap Lady !
  12. Thank you Brad, those are exactly the informations I was looking for.
  13. I guess it will ! Thanks NewNewbie
  14. If you put the clamps one near the others you should obtain a circle. What are the diameters?
  15. Here are the ones currently on "season rotation". Not on the TV though .
  16. The only bent I have is a Pfeil one. It's a Xmas gift that I never use but I can't get rid of. Creamer's spoon is a good suggestion .
  17. Thanks Marijan for the pictures. I believe that the Ex "rule" is not a real rule. An instrument is often named after the most eminent (not Eminem ), player/owner. Don't you agree is more fashionable to own the 1740 Guarneri del Gesù Ex Eugene Ysaÿe, than (let's say), the 1740 "Cayman Islands Bank & Trust" Gurneri del Gesù.
  18. Atomino

    Ball Vise

    I gathered some infos. The ball was first grabbed in the jaws of the lathe and a small round area has been flattened to allow the bit to have some grip on the curve. Then the hole was drilled very slowly with hss bits resharpened very often. A huge amount of "machinist oil" was used during the whole procedure. The guy said "Don't ever think to have me making another one" . He's looking for already drilled ones!
  19. Atomino

    Ball Vise

    Ciao Bill, I'll ask and let you know.
  20. Atomino

    Ball Vise

    No need to anneal, it was a tough task. On a Pro Lathe it took around one hour to drill 25mm. I fully locked it with the stem tilted by 20° and stood on the plate with all my weight (78 kilos). No slipping at all. It can even handle easily a DB cradle. In the beginning I was thinking about filing the brim, but it doesn't seem to be the need at all. It can be easily managed with just one hand to gather full blocking strength even with the force set just 100mm from the screw. I might shorten the rod for violins and violas and use an extension for cellos and DB's.
  21. Atomino

    Ball Vise

    A friend found the ball for me, it's steel and polished as you see it. The hard job was to drill a hole in it. Here's the "secret". Monorchid in a vise :D ? Thanks
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