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  1. I agree, the book is pretty expensive too, but very nice to have at hand when needed. I bought it a few years ago in a reminder's book shop in Brescia. Hard to find though it's a kind of collector's item.
  2. The blade is bevel up or bevel down?
  3. OT mode on Hi Tony. I'm a Vet and work in Horseracing Industry. We perform surgery and I have lots of old hemostats i can salvage. I appreciated you offer thouhg... Thank you very much indeed! No offense taken Lyndon, I've been reading Tony's statement just as a kind offer. I've been living Downunder long enough to appreciate your Aussie Sense of Humour. End of OT
  4. Is that a modified Backhaus ?
  5. BSE is not the only concern while dealing with animal bowels, both in the slaughterhouse and food industry..... String making got involved but is just a small bean in a larger jar .
  6. Being a Veterinarian in Italy, I can assure you that the main concern for the The Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety was about protecting people working in the gut industry and to fulfil the EU rules about handling potentially health threatening goods. Alberto
  7. Seems there is a thousand ways to skin (cook) a shark .
  8. Ciao Bernhard. So you just skin the fish and let the skin dry, or you treat it someway after? (Guess garlic, celery and toamato is not the right answer ).
  9. They even appeared some years ago in "The New Yankee Workshop" with Norm Abram, showing a wonderful XIX century Queen Anne legged "Highboy" .
  10. That's not environmental friendly at all !
  11. Always thought it was Alotovkashkij !
  12. 9.9 M €uros Surely not a Cheap Lady !
  13. Thank you Brad, those are exactly the informations I was looking for.