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  1. I don 't play the cello I am not a cellist but I would say in a place that is not too hot and not too cold just normal. tthat would be the best place to store it. i think.
  2. when i first started playing i ued to put on so much pressure that the hairs kept snapping off. i dont have that problem anymore but i keep walking into thing with the bow, but i do have a great bow hold.
  3. http://www.myspace.com/aptmusic9 this boy on myspace has one. in his pictures.
  4. I have gread advice. don't buy one online they always False Advertise.
  5. i think those are some beautifull pictures just a quick recommendation dont buy any instrument online i made the biggest mistake. well anywho i am buying a reall $300.00 violin tommorrow morning.
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