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  1. Hiya Unstrung, thanks for taking the time to reply to me!! The strings are breaking in nicely now, about a fortnight after putting them on. They do need constant tuning however, and a slightly different bowing technique (guess it would be described as needing to "dig" into the string a little more), but the sound makes it all worthwhile!! xx
  2. Ooo thanks for the link Andres, im off to have a look! Thanks again for your input, so appreciated.
  3. Hi there, im playing it coz my teacher told me to get it!!!! Just wanted to see if theres anywhere to hear it in its glory before i murder it...............x
  4. Thats no problem pulcherrima, you're welcome. Most parents/students seemed to react well to the changes, it was formally done by letter with a tear-off section to be signed and returned as evidence that the new policy had been accepted. Of course there were one or two mothers of young prodigies who were up in arms that they couldnt take their geniuses out for a weekend or whatever but they were in the minority! Best wishes, let me know how you get on!
  5. HI there melody4u, yeah playing with others is a surefire way to learn to control timing and intonation. My playing came on leaps and bounds when i started playing with a local fiddle group!!
  6. Hi there, my music teacher used to just allow the missed lessons to be made up later in the week, or she would reimburse you at the end of the term, but people were just taking advantage of it. So, she decided to have a blanket policy which clearly stated all lessons paid for in advance, any missed lessons were tough luck. Obviously a degree of common sense was applied, say for example a student missed a lesson due to major family events. I think her policy was fair, she was quite right to charge for anything missed!!
  7. thanks to everyone for all the comments to far. Well, I bought some of the Eudoxa rosin at the weekend, and have to say its nice to use. I've put it on a bow thats just been rehaired, so I could try it without any effects from older rosins. Its somewhat lighter in colour than i expected, but soft and sticky, seems so "grip" the gut strings better than the Hills dark, which i too found a bit "gritty" Andres. Im still feeling a bit of a novice on these gut strings, so i think its a case of wait and see before i decide!! Thanks again
  8. Hi there, im just away to pick up this piece for the firs time and wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere on the net I can hear the music in action, so to speak. I prefer to listen to a piece first before i play it, but i cant find anywhere on the internet to listen to it first!! Id be grateful for any suggestions on where i might find even just a snippet to listen to! Thanks
  9. Hi guta, thanks for the tip. Im just getting used to the gut strings, only had them for about a week.......what do you recommend oiling them with? Sorry for asking if its such a daft question, but I've never used gut strings before!! Thanks
  10. Has anyone any comments on the specific rosins that Pirastro do for each string type? For example, Im using Eudoxa strings right now, but find my Hill dark rosin just clogs them up too much so was thinking about trying the specific rosin designed for those strings? Is it worth it? Any thoughts would be great, thanks.
  11. Andres, thanks for the replies there. Yes the violin is transitional I guess, but its been set up as original as possible. Glad to hear your recommendations for rosin, i try to only use it as and when required but its still clogging up my strings. Think a trip to my music stores on the cards at the weekend!! Thanks again for your input.
  12. Hiya, I just picked up my latest violin this weekend, an english baroque instrument with a lion head scroll. It dates from about 1790, and i love it!! Thing is, its strung with gut strings which I've never played before but love the tone of. Just wondered if anyone could share their experiences with gut strings, in particular what rosin do you all use? Is it better to use darker rosin, or does it matter really? I find that the strings are clogging up quite quickly when i play, I'm using Hills dark rosin at the moment. Reading previous thread you all seem to think that Eudoxas need constant tuning - boy you were all right!!!! Thanks
  13. Thanks for all your comments folks, Im really trying to improve my bowing just now so really do appreciate your thoughts! Lar
  14. Thanks for that, im not sure if the bow hair is really tight, but I will make a mental note to check new time i practice. You could have a point about the muscles needing retraining - gosh playing the violin doesnt half hurt when you've been out of a action for a while!! Cheers
  15. Hi there, Im an adult violin player, just picking up my instrument again after an enforced break of about a year. I suddenly seem to have developed a problem bowing that i never had before - when playing long notes with a slow bow speed, the bow seems to bounce and judder a little on the strings. Its worse if Im crossing strings to get to the long, slow note. Any ideas what i could be doing wrong to have caused this? Many thanks
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