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  1. quote: Originally posted by: KenPollard I'll keep an eye out for your head. If I see more than one, I'll try to choose the best of the pile. A chance to trade up - excellent change for fortune. Thank you very much!
  2. Weisshaar's was purchased by Georg Eittinger. I spoke with him once and he's really knowledgable and very nice. I've known Margaret since she was Peggy. Since then I had moved but a couple years ago when I was in town, I stopped in to see if they had some fittings that I was looking for. Margaret ripped my head off for not patronizing her shop. If you plan to go there, you might want to call ahead to see how Margaret feels about a casual visit. BTW, if you see my head, could you mail it back to me?
  3. Thanks guys, for saving me from spending a lot of time and wasting the Koa. I guess I'll go back to plan A and use the Koa for jewelry box accents and drawer pulls.
  4. I was given 3 pieces of Koa the last time I was in Hawaii. 2 of the pieces are long sticks of a rectangular shape, height and depth slightly larger than the size of a peg. The 3rd piece might be large enough for a tailpiece. I have a friend who is making tail pieces so I might ask him to make a tailpiece for me from that 3rd piece. Are there any tutorials on the web for making pegs? I have a medium sized (13 inch throw) metal lathe and was thinking about making a forming tool to plunge the profile into the Koa. I was also thinking that I might need to glue some scrap pieces of wood so that I'm turning round stock. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the Koa. I was told that Koa was open grained and might not be suitable for pegs. Thanks for any of your thoughts!
  5. Does anyone here buy without trying? For an instrument where I've played a number of examples of a maker's work, I think the edge of my comfort level is $3000, without handling and playing the specific instrument for sale. What your comfort levels?
  6. Does anyone know ebay's invoice policy? I was the winning bidder on an item and the seller sent me an invoice for the total, which included the price of the item and shipping. Two days after I paid it, he emailed and said that he needed an addition $46 dollars for shipping. Can he do this or was his first invoice considered final? I've pasted his request for more money below. --- Good morning, I could not get the pay-pal shipping option to work so i had to take it to the UPS office this morning. The shipping total came out to $108.37, please remit the balance of $46 for shipping charges. Im not sure why the UPS site gave that much of a difference of cost when i entered the numbers for estimation, sorry for the hassle.
  7. In the mid 1970's, when I was a violin student in Southern California, the cello professor at my school recommended Mr. Wild for rehairs. I remember him telling me that Mr. Wild was his first choice for that sort of thing. So I would try to time my visit with relatives in San Francisco with my need for rehairs. The rehairs were very very neat and I liked the quality of the hair very much. I didn't know Mr. Wild very well but remember that he was an extremely nice person and easy to deal with.
  8. To me, the shoulders look like they slope starting at the neck root and then make a "tight" turn toward the upper corners, wear to the edges aside. On the old Cremonas, the shoulders come out more horizontally for a short distance and the turn is more rounded. Visually and "historically" I find it more attractive, but I'm not an expert. Perhaps Melvin is indicating that it is what it is and there's nothing wrong with what the maker intended?
  9. Perhaps the Topic Summary confused you? Where I'm from "Is it a germany thing?" refers to "Is it a german trait / preference / idiosyncrasy?" It wasn't meant as "Is the violin which is clearly german, really german?" But the point of the post was really to get opinions from the experts on the likes and dislikes of the shape of the shoulders. BTW, thank you very much Melvin for your thoughtful response. Best to all.
  10. I was seriously considering bidding on this violin but I couldn't get past the shape of the shoulders. I've seen this on other german violins but never on Cremonese instruments. Can I have your opinions on the shape of the shoulders? Thank you all. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
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