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  1. This is a timely topic for me, too. I've been asked to make a 470mm viola, but funnily enough, I hadn't thought of a case at all until now.
  2. The word on the rib is probably the Chinese character which means "outside", but rotated 90 degrees anti clockwise. Don't ask me why it's inside.
  3. I bet you can make unspectacular wood look spectacular with that ground. Not unlike what they did in Cremona.
  4. OK, I'm terribly curious to see what it is. Your ground by any chance?
  5. The front looks very elegant. Love that arching.
  6. Yes, they are. I'm assuming that is coming from how the wood's been sawn as much as from the natural growth.
  7. Thanks! It's a Goffriller model, though I understand why it reminded you of the Messeas. That is a great cello, too. When I saw it at the Cremona exhibition, it really shocked me.
  8. It's been posted here on the Maestronet, as well. But, perhaps, @PhilipKT is talking about http://www.darntonviolins.com/violinmagazine/book/UnderstandingTone.pdf
  9. That's Gobbetti the Cobbler.
  10. Thanks! Once I start varnishing, I usually get too absorbed in it to take photos (besides, my hands get super dirty), but this time I took my time to record what and how I do things. It's helped me to objectively see my own working method, which admittedly I tend not to think through deeply enough.
  11. I thought it might be interesting to show before and after photos. Antiquing isn't done, yet, and there's still more cleaning, and blending of colours etc. to be done.
  12. That fiddle looks super classy. Is the "Dushkin" your go-to Guarneri model? Do you make it with thick graduations, or do you just adjust them according to players?
  13. @Andreas Preuss, as Violadamore said, it's worth checking your Zoom setting, especially if the problem had started after we had a Zoom meeting the other night. Something similar happened to me not so long ago, though I'm not using Windows.
  14. Sorry @Andreas Preuss, that was me in disguise.
  15. He's only saying that he wants to avoid his wife's wrath he gets when cooking his varnish outside in an open container. So he's thinking cooking in a closed flask could be a good idea to keep fumes and smell down, therefore keeping peace with his wife. Anyway, @Nik Kyklo, if you are cooking resin to make it darker, you can keep the temperature quite low and have a lid (with a hole) on so it doesn't smoke and smell like crazy. With linseed oil, as contrary to popular belief, it doesn't need to be cooked for long to combine with resin, anyway.
  16. The Pompidou Center will be closed from 2023 for several years.
  17. You should post the question on the Maestronet News. @ghunt is usually quick to respond to any technical issues.
  18. I'm making more and more violas lately. Here, another da Salo model (412mm) is enjoying a beautiful, bright autumn day before receiving finishing touches.
  19. Wow, I don't even know whether I'm looking at Spanish or Italian, but I'm speaking another language. Cool. Anyway, I still have the drawings and measurements of Goffriller. You are welcome to have them, but as they are drawn on actual paper, I ask you to wait for me to convert them to PDF if you are living in Europe (or anywhere else other than Japan.) I've got a busy week ahead so it'll be sometime next week, I'm afraid. Please send me a PM and we can communicate about that.
  20. My Montagnana model played by a talented young musician.
  21. I had not been able to access Maestronet for a week or so. Since then I've found that I can reach the site by using a proxy server. I'm guessing the server is blocking access from IP addresses from certain countries (in my case Japan.)
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