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  1. I would have to see and smell a lot more garages to be any good at it. But seriously the smell in combination with sight makes my memory work a lot better. -Dan
  2. The corners on the back look original, so do the pins. The blackened corner edges could very well have been added during one of the repairs and varnish touch-ups, but I don't think they were shortened. I am thinking late 1700's to early 1800's by the look and smell of the inside. I do not plan on taking the top off. The edges are very thin and it wouldn't be worth it just for a look, although I have taken the top off of others just because I was curious. Hi Lyndon, It has been a while since we last talked on the phone. There is not a soundpost crack, thankfully. The button on the back is not original, nor repaired very well. I will try to clean it up some. Thanks to both of you for your comments! Dan
  3. Dan Keller

    Violin ID

    This violin is my most resent purchase. It is out of my field of knowledge. Your opinions on it would be greatly appreciated. Length of back 362mm Upper bout 162mm Center bout 114mm Lower bout 200mm The scroll is not original, so I did not post photos of it.
  4. I must have found a glitch in the email request forms. I requested my condition reports the day they where listed and again the other day. Today they sent them very promptly when I made the request by phone- for which I am very grateful Dan
  5. It is information that sells and brings the highest price, just take a look at Jesse's listings on eBay. Providing condition reports with the photos online will increase the sale price where deserved. Providing photos of the scrolls from all sides will increase the price where deserved. If a violin will not sell with full discloser they should be left to eBay (let their reputation go down not Tarisio's). More photos of the higher end violins sounds very good. Less photos of the vast majority of the violins sold at Tarisio is not a good move. Dan
  6. Tarisio's auction starts the 25th and the violins are starting the next day and still no scrolls. They have been slow getting the scrolls up on the last few auctions but never this late. They also have not sent out any of the condition reports I have requested. I am concerned..... I don't want to see the great service Tarisio provides go down hill. I was and still am hoping for continued improvement. Dan
  7. About half of auctionjunkies violins that I have seen listed over the last while, look a lot like upper end copies from China. I had some made for me some time ago and they look a lot like them. Very well made copies, even the scratches etc. matched the originals fairly well. If that is what they are, they are worth what folks have been paying for them, but probably not what they were expecting. - Dan
  8. Allen, You must be younger than I thought. When I want to listen to artistic noise I prefer Led Zeppelin. If I feel melancholy I would prefer Joni Mitchell. If I feel goofy - bring me back the old TV show "Hee Haw" or better yet "Classic Country" from way back. Manfio, I really like the BBC 3! Thanks for making it known to us. Dan
  9. I really like listening to Wisconsin Public Radio but they changed their programing for more news and talk, which happens to be during my drive time, when I really want to listen to music. My computer is in my shop/office, so it is handy for me when I am working on violins, checking eBay listings, emailing, Maestroneting, and that fun paperwork. After listen to just violin soloist for 12 hours I found a need to listen to some of the other selections. I will have to check out BBC 3. - Dan
  10. My son found this streaming radio on the web the other day. It is great, you can pick composers, instruments, orchestras, etc. Then if you want you can pick your performers or composers. I have been listening to violin soloist all day. No news, no programing schedule that changes to talk radio. Just great music! AccuClassical Hope you find it as enjoyable as I do. - Dan
  11. How do you make the glue weaker for the use of gluing the plates on? Do you increase the % of water? If so what is the ratio? - Dan
  12. The close of another Tarisio auction, with more than 90% of the violins selling. Many were near or over the high estimates and a few that doubled it. I still wish they had a link to the condition reports for each violin. I always end up bidding blind at the end, because something is going low, or I over looked one I should have made a request for earlier, etc.. This was the first time I noticed that they lowered the opening bid in the last hour if there were not any bids on a violin. This made for some interesting bidding near the end. I think it would benefit the sellers more if it was a little closed to the end, like 20 or 30 minutes. What did you think of the auction? It sure makes the day go fast with closings every minute. - Dan
  13. Two sold at Sotheby's in 2000, one made in 1988 sold for $840, and another made in 1986 for $1080. - Dan
  14. Muddycreek, I read about using them for scratches on glasses when I was looking for a source online. Not only are my glasses scratched so is my memory sometimes. But I will try to remember to let you know -Dan
  15. Thank you all for the info! I am looking forward to trying it out. I may even see what it does for the fine scratches in my bifocals. I tried to find some locally but ended up ordering on line, so I will have to wait a few days. Thanks again, I appreciate you guys! - Dan