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  1. Have a PAUL HERRMANN bow that came with an old violin I acquired several years ago. Anyone ever hear of this name? I've heard of Karl Herrmann, but never Paul Herrmann.
  2. Andy: Thanks for all the information you provided me - it helps a lot just to understand what's happening and why, and what alternatives/solutions are available. By most standards, I am realatively new to violin playing and as time goes by, I'm finding there's many aspects I have to learn about. Thanks!
  3. Every time I practice, the strings continuously go out of tune - but instead of going Flat (like I'm used to) they go Sharp. To me it doesn't make any sense as I would think that, while playing, if anything the strings will stretch - thereby making them go flat. Up until a month ago, I used Thomastik Dominants, but my violin is very loud so I switched to Pirastro Wondertone Gold Label strings, hoping for a softer sound (that didn't happen, though) and now this is occuring. Is this normal?
  4. I see it often (in fact someone commented that there were too many of them), but I don't know what it means.
  5. One of my violins has the typical "Strad" label we hear about all the time and I know it's not a "Strad" but I was wondering if there is a way to determine its actual age. After the "Anno 17," a 34 is penciled in. Judging by the wear on the fingerboard, it appears to have been played quite a lot and it came with some old gut strings. I have not yet brought it anywhere to have it worked on so I can hear how it sounds or to get any other opinions about it, but I've always been curious about just how old it might be. Anyone have any info?
  6. : : As an adult beginner violin student with about 2 1/2 years of lessons and virtually no prior musical experience, I can't tell you much more than some of the problems I have had with prior instructors. First off, if using the Suzuki method, stick with the actual sheet music - writing out a combination of notes and fingering on a sheet a paper does not help at all in the long run. Stick to actually teaching during the lesson time - do not go off on a long speil about favorite composers, etc., which only consumes time and teaches the student nothing. Orgainized training (sticking with whatever books you decide is best for that particular student) is far better than handing out xerox copies of sheet music from various sources each week. Spend a lot of time emphasizing proper bowing and fingering techniques. I, myself, would feel a lot better if I could produce a better tone - even if this meant sticking to short, uncomplicated pieces. If your time schedule continuosly means having someone else fill in for you - then don't teach. It's hard on the student when a different instructor shows up - one who doesn't really know or care to know what the student is working on or what problems the student is trying to overcome. This probably isn't the type of information you were hoping to receive, but perhaps it may help to learn a little from a student's standpoint. Good Luck!
  7. : "I only buy from the dealers I know now on ebay." Which dealers would they be? Also - if purchasing a violin to play, isn't it chancy purchasing one without actully taking the time to play it first? Or does one need to know a lot more about violins than I do to even consider doing this?
  8. A few months ago I read an article in Parade Magazine stating that listening to a particular Classical Music Score actually improves ones learning ability - I believe it was used mainly with children. I saved the article, but have moved since then and cannot now find it. I was very interested in learning more about it, I cannot even remember which music score it was. Did anyone see that article? Can you tell me which score it was? Thanks!
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