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  1. izzy

    Vladik Tkac

    Happy birthday Mr. Tkac. It has been over year since our last posting. Last year 2012, we received our 501.c3 status for the Tkac Foundation! This month we will have our first board meeting. Among other things, two additional instruments were donated to Juilliard's Rare Instrument Collection to make a trio of 2 violins and a viola, (1) violin 1967, (1) violin 1969, and a viola made in 1950. As always we are grateful for this forum and look forward to keeping our progress posted. Sincerely, Isrzel Aguilar
  2. izzy

    Vladik Tkac

    Happy Birthday Mr. Tkac. It's been a year and we are continuing working on instruments and obtain non-profit status. When i started this thread 5 years ago, i realized that it was going to be a lot of work. Throughly exciting work! I continue to learn and work toward our goals. I am grateful for this forum and it's weatlh of knowledge and experience. Thank you all again. Sincerely Isrzel Aguilar
  3. izzy

    Vladik Tkac

    Greetings All, Happy Birthday Mr. Tkac. We have been working on restoring a collection of Mr. Tkac's violins. Here is one set, with a violin from each decade. From left to right 1955, 1963, 1977, 1982, and 1991. We continue to labor on the restoration and the establishment of a foundation in his name. Sincerely I. Aguilar
  4. I received a sample of this from peter horn. i was suprised how it brought back to life an old fiddle. worked well on the rosin removal. http://www.peterhorn.net/index.php?page=products
  5. Here is the "Baron Deurbroucq" violin, made in 1727 by Antonio Stradivari http://boblevy.org/Welcome%20to%20the%20ho...Lack/index.html
  6. One place i found on accident was the NYC Library, Musical collection department. I was early for an appointment and i had an hour to kill. It was down the street from Juilliard, and a couple of blocks. i asked the librarian where the violin books were and she showed me a GREAT Collection of books, in Italian, French, German, & English. They had all the famous violins, some to scale, some with diagrams, varnish,etc,, color and b/w. ( i think i salivated) IF i had known that was there, i would have made lots of copies and took along my notebook. I had a great time in NY, but at that moment, all the excitment of NY melted away and i was in a blissful state looking at the books. A true blessing from above!
  7. Greetings All, I am making my workspace and needed some ideas on how to store my chisels & gouges. Most are one piece, but i do have a few with the removable handle (chisels). I don't know if i should make a rack or some kind of box. I have seen some in pouches. but i want to keep the tips from getting damaged. Any suggestions?? Thanks Again Izzy www.tkacviolins.com
  8. izzy

    Vladik Tkac

    Happy Birthday Mr. Tkac. www.tkacviolins.com
  9. That is what i'll do. the glue where it needs it part, not go crazy. Thank you!
  10. Greetings All, I have a seam at ribs and back that needs to be glued in almost all the bouts, except around the c-bouts. Should i clean all the areas and reglue just where it needs it? Or Loosen the whole back and re-glue altogther? I would be grateful for your suggestions. Sincerely Izzy
  11. izzy

    YouTube Fun

    what the heck, i like this one, eventhough it's on an electric. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuZx_9dosYA
  12. Once again an excellent thread with a great moral to the story for anyone considering their reptuation! love the photos. I have been wrestling with the idea of removal of a top. (old german fiddle) for saddle crack repair. i thought about different ways to fix without the removal of the top. But after reading this thread i am ready to go! I'll take photos to document it. Thanks for the inspiration, You guys are the best. Sincerely Izzy www.tkacviolins.com
  13. Manfio, I love it! Very beautiful work. I especially love the grain on top. where is the wood from?
  14. Greetings All, I want to learn how to repair, clean, fill, and varnish the proper way. I understand the basics. but i want to be able to do this so the repair is almost undetectable. I have read the thread by Mr Holmes for repair of crack(very nice). But i want to get more in depth, when i comes to the actual filling formulas,i.e. copal,sandarac mixtures. And the varnish matching techniques. What might the experts recommend? Your help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely Izzy
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