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  1. One (cheaper) was earlier in our search through ebay and the other three were done simultaneously through private contact and were in the $2800 to $7000 range. Dealers don't do well if they 'block' potential customers. If we need to look for another fiddle and he has something he thinks might be the ticket, we would give it a try again. Everything was done with excellent communication. Big shops probably wouldn't block us either. When it comes down to it, most good dealers are there to help you find what you are looking for.
  2. If I were in the market for a good and affordable violin, I would give this one a try. Paddah_hound (Jesse) has sent us 4 different violins in the past which were all returned to him. No questions asked- he honored our decision. We also tried violins from various shops across the country and returned them as well. Jesse is an honorable ebay dealer who accepts return of violins if it is not what you are looking for. He is an honest vendor. If you want to bitch then go ahead, but if you are looking for a violin to try there is no need to worry.
  3. bapiano

    the lurkers

    I see that I am logged in now but have to say that 'lurking' is what I do best in the world of violin making. Actually, if for some reason I visit Maestronet and am not automatically 'log in', I am a 'Guest'. That's a nice way to put it.
  4. Furtwangler, Reiner, Colin Davis (before he was a 'Sir), early von Karajan, Academy of Ancient Music totally rocks on Beethoven Symphonies. No playback system will sound exactly like a real performance, but some sound darn good! Come to think of it, no one room sounds like any other room, conductor like another conductor, all orchestras are different.... there are many, many variables. .. $10,000 is not a lot for an audiophile system. A pair of speakers alone can easily cost far more than that. I love to listen to old mono recordings of symphonies and concertos. My dog and I both love a particular old recording of Serkin and Reiner performing Brahms Piano Concertos. Audio quality is somewhat lacking but the performance is 'for real' with no editing, which is extremely rare in almost all modern recordings. Only brilliant people performing great music.
  5. I find your project to be fascinating and inspirational, though I am far behind most here because I have never even begun to build a fiddle. The maker of my daughter's fiddle spoke to me once of his reluctance to cut ff holes into the top plate of his very first fiddle and he is a master luthier now. Every step seems to be another issue. Some day I hope to follow in your footsteps.
  6. If you begin voice lessons (classical) this is often one of the first assignments in the Italian language. It is rarely performed well, but is indeed beautiful.
  7. I too would look for a respected local violin shop or bow maker. Who do you take your fiddle to?
  8. We have owned a German factory fiddle with a French label, a Saxon with a French label, etc. My wife likes French violins but none of them have been genuine! If you take it to a good shop they can likely tell with not much more than a glance the general origins of your fiddle and it's quality.
  9. That 'recognized modern maker' lives in our area and takes care of our bow doctoring needs. When we were looking for a nice bow for our daughter, his were priced quite a bit higher than what we were able to spend. Whoever bought his Tarisio bow surely got a very nice deal.
  10. I loved the Glenn Gould thing! The only problem with my watching that was that I continued to watch other Glenn Gould clips and ended watching and listening to all of the Goldberg Variation clips..... now I am very late. What a great pianist and interesting human being he was.
  11. I have purchased a few things off of ebay that were good deals and some that were average - or somewhat disappointing. When my daughter was younger I found a Scott Cao 850 3/4 size on ebay for $600 along with a 3/4 size hand made French bow for $700 (worth more). We were very pleased. For full size violins we tried a few violins from Jesse (Paddah Hound) but they were not what our daughter chose so we returned them. He was a good person to deal with. There are a few honorable ebay violin dealers that I would try if I were looking for a good violin at a reasonable price.
  12. That was a bit more subtle than what I was thinking. Well done!
  13. Would you prefer a loud UGLY sound or a loud pleasing sound? Perception of sound quality and sound quantity seems to be very complicated. I recently changed the E string on my daughter's fiddle because I had purchased a string that was recommended on a violin forum. It was an expensive string but totally overpowered other (Eva P.) strings when she played chords or double stops. Her violin is a good one with a full and complex sound. Eva's are not wimpy strings but this E string totally dominated.
  14. I find that to be a very interesting reply! Perhaps one (or 2) of the most important things to keep in mind regarding hand position for piano is: 1- to keep fingers somewhat curved and firm so that the hand itself is high enough for the thumb to pass under and, 2- to keep the hand positioned far enough in towards the black keys so that the thumb remains over the keys. One must always play all the way into the key bed regardless of dynamic level. The concept of playing with fingers>fore arm>whole arm>shoulders> back, etc is quite advanced and usually not dealt with at the beginning stages. Learning finger independence and good basic tone production is critical. Everyone knows how easy it is to produce a passable sound on piano, but really good tone and blending of tones is elusive.
  15. I would look into any college or University music departments if there are any near you and ask who records performances for them. Maybe they even have recording facilities (many do) and you could hire a hall and a tech to get the job done. If you go to a recording studio then I would recommend finding out what their primary work is. Jingle factories have very skilled engineers but might not be as good at classical duo recording as they are at music for tv and radio. Edirol, Zoom, M-Audio, and the like are great little boxes but perhaps not suitable for the making of a serious demo.
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