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  1. No. which makes me think that it was done so on purpose.
  2. The bows were from her estate that was being sold in 2014. Somehow the bows and some other items didnt make it to the auction block and the lots were bought from christies warehouse and being sold by this auction now.
  3. Christies auction was in 2014. Heres an article on this particular millea auction. https://www.noozhawk.com/article/more_huguette_clark_estate_items_up_for_auction
  4. Here is a picture of a peccatte borrowed from the french bow research institute showing the same small pearl eyes. Also Clark family owned at least 7 strads and these bows were discovered in her 5th ave apartment along with the kreutzer strad.
  5. yes but there were a lot of items from clarks estate sold on the same day also had the same christies tag. Not only musical instruments.
  6. Hello Recently stumbled upon a nice gold and tortoise shell peccatte bow in a small auction. Here is the link https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/57761714_gold-mounted-dominique-peccatte-violin-bow-attrib The bow was from the estate of huguette clark with christies tag. From my untrained eye, the item is a peccatte? why did christies move their auction items to a small auction to sell? My conspiracy theory is that someone was trying to prevent the bow from being auctioned at christies and tried to get it cheap by moving it to a small auction where not many people will notice it.
  7. mandm

    Violin Bow ID

    Or where can I go about finding out? Is there any way of contacting mr. kowallis?
  8. mandm

    Violin Bow ID

    Recently purchased a violin bow supposedly made by frank passa. But upon reading his bio , it seems like he stopped making bows after 1960s. But this bow is fairly new, so I suspect it is made by someone at his shop. Digging more, I found out that reid kowallis and morgan andersen made bows for him. I was wondering if the maestronet experts can tell if this bow was made by one of them?
  9. Got my violin back. It looks a lot better. The crack is not gone, but im satisfied.
  10. mandm

    touch up

    The Restorer that I got in touch with was Albert's Antiques restoration and refinishing in San Mateo California. Sent him pictures and got a call back. I asked about touching up, french polishing and making leaves for the table. Was told he cannot make leaves with pattern on the curtain. He recommended stripping and refinishing for the table and chairs. $1100 for the table and by the time its finished, the color probably wont match the chairs, but he can refinish the chairs for around 400 dollars per chair.
  11. mandm

    touch up

    The table was made in 1920s in baltimore by furniture maker potthast brothers. I think it is a veneer table. Not sure about coating type, but i thought if violins can be french polished then so can tables.
  12. mandm

    touch up

    I have a dinning table with scratches that I want to touch up and polish. Dont really want to buy a new table. I was wondering if it is same as violin touch up and french polish? Called a local furniture restorer and was told that the table should be stripped and refinished.... and the cost of that is pretty expensive.
  13. Please PM me if you ever bump into 20s Roth model VIIIR and above at violin shops for 6-8k. Would love to go check them out and possibly buy them. I am kind of addicted to Roth for some reasons.
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