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  1. Announcing a new National String Teacher Directory at SimplyViolin.com. All teachers are invited. You can submit your free listing here: http://www.simplyviolin.com/contact/index.php This is a free listing for all string teachers. You can upload your bio, photo, contact information, a description of what you do and just about anything else you want in your listing. It's free to get noticed.
  2. Hello and thank you in advance for any information that you can provide. I am doing an insurance appraisal on a cello made by Celia Bridges, Cremona 1980. I see that she has also made instruments in Ann Arbor. Does anyone know if she/he is still an active maker? I'd like to contact her to confirm the value of this instrument and/or find out what her/his work is currently selling for. Thanks again for any help that I can get.
  3. It was another great VSA Competition! As a dealer it was such a treat to see all the work of the amazing violin and bow makers who entered. I was disappointed that no violins received gold medals. That was rather a surprise, especially since the standard of making keeps going to a higher level. Was it just me or was the food at the hotel horrendous? Great show over all... Looking forward to Cleveland in 2010!
  4. I contacted Wittner about the new pegs and peg shaper. I inquired about the weight of a 4/4 peg. Here is the reply: With pleasure we learned that you'reinterested in our pegs and the peg shapers. The weight of our Peg ULTRA for violin 4/4 and 3/4 isapprox. 4,9 g (= 0,0108 lb). It's unfortunately not possible to buy pegand peg shaper directly from us, since we supply wholesalers only and have already set up ourdistribution system in your country. Therefore we kindly ask you to contact oneof our customers for delivery. Below please find the addresses of our US-customers carrying the peg and theshaper (Not all of our US-customers are carrying the peg already, since it's reallybrandnew). Eastman Accessories, Inc. Tel. 240-631 1955 8637 GrovemontCircle Fax 800-689 1958 USA - Gaithersburg, MD20877 email: "mailto:info@eastmanaccessories.com">info@eastmanaccessories.com InternationalViolin Tel. 410-832 2525 Company,Ltd. Fax 410-832 2528 1421 Clarkview Road - Suite118 email: "blocked::mailto:generalinfo@internationalviolin.com" href=' "mailto:generalinfo@internationalviolin.com">generalinfo@internationalviolin.com USA - Baltimore, Maryland21209-2187 Summerhays MusicCenter Tel. 801-226 1760 1006 South StateStreet Fax 801-224 2691 USA - Orem, UT84097 email: "mailto:briant@summerhaysmusic.com">briant@summerhaysmusic.com Vitali Import CompanyInc. Tel. 800-325 8154 13020 WhittierBlvd. Fax 562-698 2429 USA - Whittier, Ca90602-3045 email: "mailto:contact@vitaliimport.com">contact@vitaliimport.com We're sure they'll supply you at favourableconditions. In case you need any further assistanceplease do not hesitate to contact us again. Sincerely yours Wittner GmbH & Co.KG Sabrina Wittner
  5. Sartory

    Robert Bein

    I heard, just yesterday that Robert Bein of Bein & Fushi had passed away. Does anyone know anything about his death? He will surely be missed.
  6. Sartory

    Glasser Bows

    I noticed that nobody mentioned using powdered rosin first. That is usually the first step in gettng any bow with new hair to take rosin. I could be wrong about this but I believe Glasser has discontinued synthetic hair.
  7. I have two Bobelock viola cases both over 20 years old. I have replaced the covers on both of them but structurally they are holding up great. Both cases received quite heavy use their first 15 years.
  8. Here is just an opinion. Unless you are capable of doing all of the repairs yourself the instrument doesn't look like it is worth it. In one photo you can see that the rib has come off of the lower block. It could just be that the rib has come loose or it could be that the lower block is cracked. If you take it to a good violin shop for repairs I suspect that the repairs would greatly exceed the value of the instrument.
  9. George Gemunder, Sr. is my favorite non living American maker. I have played many Gemunder violins and think they are great. Several professional orchestra players play Gemunder violins. I have heard them called the "Poor man's Vuillaume".
  10. Try checking with Notecracker Studios in Minneapolis. They are the sole distributors of Masnik (from Sofia, Bulgaria) Violins for the Americas. The e-mail address is: notecracker@msn.com I have seen white violins in both Stad and Guarneri patterns.
  11. If you decide you want to try viola strings Thomastik Dominant makes a C string for 14" violas. You can use 4/4 violin strings for the upper three strings.
  12. Jonathan, We are out of thin Gold Label E Strings. We are waiting for our order to come in. I'll let you know. Thanks again!
  13. Hello Musicmom, Welcome to Maestronet. I believe it is standard practice for dealers to let you take the instrument on approval for a week. I have worked in several reputable shops and that seems to be the norm. I suspect that no dealer would give you an opinion on the violin without seeing it first. If it were me I'd keep searching for another violin that I felt comfortable purchasing.
  14. Jonathan, Thank you for that suggestion. We haven't tried the thin Gold Label E. On this particular violin we have the Vision Titanium E. I will try the thin Gold Label as soon as possible. Thanks again!
  15. The fingerboard has the proper scoop and the tuners in the Wittner tailpiece are not rattling. Good suggestions though. Thanks. I should also mention that the notches in the nut are correct - not too wide or too deep and the same with the notches in the bridge. There is a parchement securely glued on the bridge under the E string.
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