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  1. Hello...to all of those that are offering Menuhin shoulder rests...could you please e-mail me instead because the link to your addresses are not working. Thanks.
  2. Actually, the Menuhin is not being made anymore...but if ANYONE!!! knows where I could find one...I'd really appreciate it...THANK YOU!
  3. Thanks for all you help. I haven't received the Viva la Musica yet. But, you know what? I have never had a rest fall off. Ever. And I have the Kun. But it never scratches and it never falls off. Perhaps I am lucky?
  4. Okay, so beyond all of that discussion about whether you should or should not use a shoulder rest, I would like to ask a few questions about certain shoulder rests since I AM going to use a shoulder rest. I used to use a Kun Collapsible (or rather, I currently do) but I have just ordered a Viva la Musica one. I wonder, or rather, I hope that it is more comfortable. Has anyone seen the Mach One shoulder rests from Discount Strings. The price is a little over my head, so I didn't order it. Apparently, it's made of maple and the legs are molded nylon, whatever that means. It looks so interesting.
  5. My opinion is that Dominants have a very warm but BRIGHT sound. Personally, I prefer darker, deeper tones BUT if I liked that bright sound, I really do think the Dominants sound fine (it all depends on your violin, of course). I just ordered the Infeld Reds because they're supposed to be darker and deeper and hopefully, just what I'm looking for.
  6. Personally, I love rosewood as well. Second, I prefer ebony. I really do not like the look of boxwood. I've noticed that boxwood is a little more expensive. If you search the fingerboard, you will find many discussions on boxwood and rosewood and ebony. Good luck!
  7. Evan--exactly which violin did you order?
  8. Hi again. Thanks for all of your replies. You see, I was thinking about ordering that one from Shar. They list it as $395, but if you get a silver-grey interior (which is the color that I wanted to begin with), for some reason that one color is on sale for $295 (lucky me). SO, I think I might get it. Thanks again.
  9. Does anyone have anything to say about the new Jaeger cases? I've read that the older ones were really nice and the newer ones were not as good. But, if I were to buy the Jaeger Granlusso case, would it be worth the $300 I might pay for it? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  10. Right now, I'm using Dominant. Actually, I'm a pretty new violinist as well and so I haven't really experimented with much. I did read somewhere that fine tuners are not that great for synthetic core strings as well as gut strings for they are more prone to breaking.
  11. Hello. I started one about this a month ago and I got one. I didn't like it very much because 1) it was bright orange (cheap looking) and 2) the case was terrible and 3) it just didn't sound all that great. I mean, the people are nice to work with but it doesn't look at all like they show in the picture (it is just as orange however). So, I returned mine. If you check for a thread called "New Violin Purchase", that was started by me. Check it out. Also, for the Gliga's, just search for it. Many people have started threads about those. Good luck.
  12. Yes, I agree. I have the same question. However, the Carlo Lamberti is new, if I'm correct, and so not that many people will have first hand experience with them. It's been a while since you had posted so did you decide to invest in one? I like the Model 800.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, the difference between the two is that one is "french-fitted" and on is not. I am also thinking about both of those cases. I wonder which is better. What do you mean that the top was not as heavy-duty? Thanks.
  14. I didn't start with suzuki but my friends did and I'm under the impression that they teach you how to read notes by color (correct me if I'm wrong) and you learn more to memorize songs in the earlier stages than you do read music. My friends did not learn how to read music well until their third or fourth books. Is that a good idea? I don't know. I learned piano first so I already knew how to read music but I just think that more exercises are needed so that not just the memorization of the pieces is taught. I agree that more likely than not, the music is not being taught the way Dr. Suzuki intended.
  15. jackjack


    Does anyone know what the difference between composite and carbon-graphite are? If so, do you think either is a good investment?
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