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  1. Yes, a projector. I'm a student at Red Wing. (The scroll in question is property of the school, not mine, and I'm highly grateful to the instructor for allowing me to take it home for the weekend and take measurements.)
  2. Wow, this is a fantastic idea! It seems like such an obvious thing to do now that I hear it. Thanks
  3. Here is how such a scroll could be made and be sturdy. (If one had any desire to create such a turd.) You would just cut the sides of the pegbox all the way to the tip of the neck, and the end of the scroll would be a tongue in between the ends of the neck. The back of the pegbox is the end of the scroll.
  4. Yes the entire violin is extremely non-standard.
  5. The scroll and the pegbox could actually be two totally separate blocks of wood, with a tongue of long grain running out from the scroll and becoming the back of the pegbox. (Note I'm thinking about how to recreate the look, not about how this scroll was made)
  6. My thinking is I will reinforce that portion of the pegpox and scroll with a layer of long grain. No idea how this will work out in the shop, I mean the joint would need to be really exact. Not going to try this for a while anyway.
  7. I do not know about that. Is this a style of scroll from Ann Arbor? I never saw it before.
  8. I saw this scroll on a broken instrument and I'm fascinated. I want to use this design on an instrument (not on a violin though). The instrument is in several pieces and the back is signed "Made by S. S. Morton 1913".
  9. I guess if Carleen Hutchins called a viola an alto violin, turnabout is fair play.
  10. What tuning is a soprano viola? C4 - G4 - D5 - A5? Do you think the brass would carry high pitched notes better than lower pitched?
  11. Here is a project that I've had in mind for quite a while. And it will be a while still before it is an instrument; but at least the shape of it is starting to come into focus. The idea is to hold the arched brass soundboard under tension to resonate under the strings. My dream is that this will produce a gorgeous tone; even if I'm wrong it will be pretty to look at and a conversation piece, I guess. It will be played da gamba but have four strings tuned an octave below a violin, the scale length is 20" and the plan is to use 1/4 size cello G, D, A strings and a cello E string. (And a fingerboard from a 1/4 cello) The soundboard is a brass wok. I've been writing about designing and building the brass viola at my blog, http://readin.com/blog/?k=project:wokviol
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