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  1. This seems like less of an issue if I'm cutting outside the outline and then filing it down to match the outline. Any bending of the metal at the cut line will be filed away.
  2. Aha, I see in the text that Strobel refers to the patterns as a "classical Stradivari model".
  3. I love that Norma Jean... beautiful!
  4. I'm using Henry Strobel's pattern -- is that based on one of those two?
  5. I mean I guess I could extend the tops of the f's as well, that would keep them centered on the bridge. I think what I'm reacting to is just that the f's look too short.
  6. My understanding is that the crosses of the f-holes should line up with the bridge. Are the f-holes supposed to be the same length above as below the bridge? Are they normally? In the course of setting up my template I'm getting the impression that it would be a good look to extend the ends nearer the chin by like 1/4". Is this ever done?
  7. Maybe I will just use tin snips to rough it out and then file down to the edge.
  8. Would the bandsaw need a special blade to cut metal? I guess aluminum is soft enough it should be like cutting through butter.
  9. I am using the full-size drawing that Henry Strobel provides in Violin Making Step by Step. I'm wondering how I should approach tracing the outline onto aluminum. Is it just a matter of taping the drawing onto the metal and cutting around the outline with a sharp knife?
  10. Check out the growly new tone!
  11. Thanks much, Michael and The Violin Beautiful! I made another pass at smoothing out the grooves -- when I shone a light into them, it was easy to see where the rough spots were -- and applied some graphite powder; about 20 minutes of work and I find the cello 1. easier to get in tune and 2. I could swear the tone of it is clearer and better! Just played a couple of notes and I was taken aback by the depth of tone. Could it be that the strings being pinched at the nut was muting their tone? (It seems like it obviously would when I phrase it that way.) Will keep teflon tubing in mind for another setup...
  12. Thanks... maybe with Herriman.
  13. You mean like the little tube around the E string across the bridge on my student violin? Where could I find that?