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  1. I've heard that some even charge 30% and more
  2. I've seen a violin making video on ebay. Not sure its good or not. It can only play on PC. Anybody bought the video? I remember many years ago there was a LD which is about violin making. The background music in the video is Schubert's strings quartet piece (I'm not really remember the piece). I'm wondering anybody see it before
  3. I have a antique German(bid from ebay), an antique French violin(bought in London) , one new Romanian and 2 Chinese made violins(ordered from Hong Kong online shop). Since all in the different price range, its hard to compare. But if the budget is under 1000, i will definitely choose Chinese made violin. I still remember when I first got my imitation old violin made by a chinese violin maker, I just can't believe a new violin can produce such a warm sound. And it just cost me $420. The Romanian one cost me $300 and it really looks like a toy to me@_@
  4. I've bought a Scott Cao 3/4 for my daughter and I think the quality is ok. And then I ordered a very good chinese made violins which are much cheaper than Scott Cao from a Hong Kong seller. You may tell her your budget, then she will send you some pics to let you pick. I tell her I'm a retailer in Canada, and get the wholesale price for a 4/4 imitation old violin for 430. sorry I forgot her webpage but I got her email
  5. After I read all the posts in this forum, I found out there was a post about this seller's violin. And I'm wondering whether I should bid any antique violin item on ebay lol
  6. The violin looks so new that I dun think its about 150 years as the seller stated. I'm wondering where it from. Do you think its from Germany? In fact I was looking at this item 7405846979 two days ago. But finally somebody took that violin. What do you think about it?
  7. please take a look at this item on ebay 7408061078. I know its a fake Maggini, but I wanna buy an old European violin in reasonable price (I'm now using a CHinese one). So how much it worth?