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  1. I need quite a lot of strings and shoulder rests. I've sent an email to shar, but I got no reply and my friend told me their dealer price is not good at all. I'm not sure its true or not. But I would like to know more big distributors in US and Europe.
  2. it seems that i have applied too much rosin on my new pernambuco bow. Its very sticky and the sound it produced is pretty strange now. I saw the luthier use a kind of alcohol to clean the whole bow (not only bow hair but also the frog and tip). what kind of alcohol should it be?
  3. I've heard that coda bow is quite good. But any brand is better than Coda?
  4. thx for all your advice. but why dry rice and fish tank gravels can kill spiders?
  5. I have bidded two violins from a ebay seller who located in germany. Both are bad qualities. And there are a lot of small spiders inside the violin. I dun notice it until one day I saw a lot of small spiders on the wall. How can I clean the bidded violin? I'm worry about the spiders will spread to my other violins too.
  6. lol Amori, what do you mean "substantial"?
  7. Anybody order things from this company?
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    I've heard that Liebenzeller is the best rosin in the world. I was supposed to order 2 from a website yesterday.. But the price is terribly high($35). Which online shop selling this rosin with a lower price?
  9. Now I have 8 violins. I put all of them into the violin cases. Should I release the violins' strings? But I'm so worry that the soundpost fall after I released them.
  10. thx ct. The price he quoted for me is $70 for the best quality. Is it reasonable? And he mentioned the mongolian horsehair, is it the best quality bow hair?
  11. Since I'm really into the violin collection now, I want to buy more books to learn more about it. I've browsed the Strad page and saw this book. Anybody read it?
  12. I just bought an antique bow and I wanna change the bow hair for it. My violin repairman showed me different kind of horse hair which including the Mongolian one. I've no idea what it is and how to see which one is the best quality?
  13. A bit out of topic. I have one Musafia and one fake Musafia case. Its interesting that the fake one has better protection. But its too heavy. (the real Musafia case is already very heavy!) I have tore the fake case into pieces. (its only 1/10 of the original price so I dun mind to destroy it) And omg its made of wood. No wonder its so heavy! Anybody using Musafia case? I think the one I bought is the lowest model. I'm wondering which one is much more lighter.
  14. I never visit any musical Instrument Exhibition. I dunno which one I should go? In, there are lists of exhibitions held in this year. Which one will be the big fair? Cremona one seems very attractive and how about Japan's two fairs? I also like to go to NAMM Show. Btw I'm not dealer or anything in the string instrument industry, will they open to public?
  15. why my repairman only use soundpost setter to reset the soundpost? Is that retriever for non-professional use only? And is it easy to use? I have practised so many times but got no luck on reset the fallen soundpost by the soundpost setter.
  16. how about this one--->""> TASCAM DA-P1 PRO DAT PORTABLE " text-decoration: underline;">? I've heard the quality, it was just like recording in studio. And it can be used as "on location" recording as well.(My friend deciding to record the demo in the hall of a high school) Where to buy A RODE NT-5 or Behringer B1? Some net friends suggest me to buy the Shure SM57/58 or AKG C2000B microphone. What do you think about these two microphones? Some even suggest me t
  17. thank you so much Bryan. My friend and I have no idea of recording stuffs. But ur reply is good enough for me to decide whether buy Marantz or not. My friend's budget is tight. Probably he can only afford $800 for a whole system. I can borrow the software from my friend. (But she only has cakewalk and cool edit pro.) He doesn't need a studio recording quality since its a demo CD(violin pieces) to educational institute. What kind of suggestion you can give under such tight budget? What should be most concerned in the recording? Mic? soundcard? PC configue? or?
  18. My friend is going to record a demo CD. I'm wondering anybody use this recorder before? how about a professional sound card on PC? What kind of microphone you recommend? thx a lot
  19. well, I didn't buy any tools yet so don't worry! lol. But i really like to have some experiment on reinstalling the dislodged sound post on a cheap violin.
  20. thx. I would use some cheap violins to try it first. By the way, don't you guys think those sound post tools looks so hard to use? Why don't people invent some tools which look more user friendly?
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    I want to buy a good bridge, any brand or shop recommendation?
  22. agree with ctviolin. Under 6000 will be more reasonable.
  23. I really want to know how to reinstall the sound post. Every time it fall down, I feel so frustrated. Any webpage and tools teach people how to reinstall the dislodged sound post?