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  1. I did buy some bows there. But I'm lookin for much more older violins instead of new one, so I'm pretty disappointed. I was surprise there are so many chinese made strings instruments in this exhibition. Since I know where to find better and lower price chinese violins myself, I'm pretty disappointed to see so many Chinese violins there again. I asked one chinese violin company for their instruments price and info, but he quoted me a price which is almost a triple for what I get in China and the quality is just so so. And whenever I ask about the wholesale price, some o
  2. Thx Kitty. I didn't ring them I just put my order online. I suppose they will process it asap. How long it takes to get the items? If it takes more than one month, I would rather choose International VIolin tho their price is higher than HC.
  3. Hi Bohdan, Thanks for your info. Are there more violin exhibitors in Frankfurt than NAMM? I'm lookin for companies provide antique violins instead of brand new one. Btw I think you must know Daniel. Alix
  4. Anybody went to Namm this year? its my first experience to see such big musical instruments exhibition. But I'm a bit disappointed about it. Not many booths selling violins, violas, cellos and DB. What I saw in different halls are the booths selling guitars, electronic stuffs, 2nd floor is for acoustic piano but I can't even find Steinway and Sons there. Its hard to find a good and reasonable price violin in this show. And when I talked to my friend who applied the booth there two yrs ago. He said he won't apply it anymore coz he has to stay there for 4 days but just
  5. I've sent Howard Core for at least 5 emails in these two months but they never reply me. I'm wondering why they provide a website with online order system but in fact it doesn't work at all or nobody there take care of online customers.
  6. I have a cello with 10mm endpin. Now I want to install my better 8mm endpin in this cello but obviously its too small for the endpin hole. What can I do for it?
  7. I'm wondering anybody tried this bow before. I've bought glasser last week and found that its not so good to me.
  8. AlixD05

    which rosin?

    I used Pirastro goldflex, liebenzeller, Jade, Andrea. I think Liebenzeller probably the best. But Andrea makes the tone more rich and warm. I just wonder why Liebenzeller always has crack and melted easily. And Andrea has some bubbles in the rosin. How those things affect the rosins?
  9. I'm going to order two 5 strings violas. One is 14'5 and the other one is 16'. anybody can tell me the exact size of them? eg length of the viola, the width of fingerboard.. And where to order strings? Or just use the E string of violin? thx
  10. thx Oded, I've checked some online prices for coda bows and most of them selling pretty high. Then I found one shop in Asia selling US$820. I think its the cheapest compare to US and Germany online shops. I just wondering which shops can offer more lower price to me coz i have to save money to buying them. I never bought so expensive bows in my life.
  11. Thx for all you advice. you guys just great! I've asked a dealer about the coda classic cello bow. Its about US$820. Is it reasonable?
  12. I'm going to buy 3 coda bows. I'm wondering where to get the cheapest price of them?
  13. I emailed to Howard for six times in past two months but nobody reply. What's going on with this company?
  14. I want to buy a Czech violin. How about Jan Stamitz? My budget is US$1500-2000. Is it possible to buy a good one in this price range?
  15. how much and what's the size of it? I dun think nowadays any professional makers will make a scroll like this. My niece has a cheap mass produced chinese violin. I think the scroll and varnish is far better than this one. Go to which also sell chinese made violins. Ask them whether they can give you discount on a student model violin. Tell them your financial difficulties, they usually provide a very good price for those cheap violin. And the quality is much better than the one you bought.
  16. is there any software to translate those chinese?
  17. my friend told me that he bought an unusual chinrest which is put over the tailpiece instead of the usual left hand side of it. Maybe coz of the size doesn't fit the tailpiece, he can't install the chinrest on the violin. And now he wants to grind it and ask for what kind of tool to do the grinding. Is it better to change the tailpiece instead of grind the chinrest? btw Michael, do you still remember my broken mandolin? I haven't fixed it yet coz I lost my hide glue (not the common glue in bottle lol). I want to re order one , could you recommend a good one for me?
  18. anybody heard about grinding the chinrest before putting it on the violin? why they have to do so?
  19. thx for your advice Muddy. I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow
  20. I just found that one of my mandolins has broken. Is it possible for me to glue it? what kind of glue should I use? Any technique? Since its a souvenir bought in Czech 3 years ago(as i remember it costs only $30), I hope I can do the repairing by myself.
  21. I ordered 2 imitation old violins which made by a violin maker who worked in Eastman factory in Beijing. The price is $850 per each. I think the outlook and style is pretty much the same as Ling Wang's violins and violas. But I'm not sure they are made by him or not. Anyway, I'm quite satisfy with the tone of the violins.