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  1. yes, I got one. But its on a cheap student violin. I threw it into trash right away when I saw it. lol
  2. I have a 7/8 violin but I dun want to use 4/4 size strings. Any good strings are designed for 7/8 violin? thx
  3. Its an interesting topic. Thx Woodland to bring it up here. I sold a violin to my friend's niece few months ago. She returned it to me after 2 days coz her teacher was very rude to her after she bought the violin from me instead of buying one from the shop which her teacher recommend. Later I know that shop offer 30% commission to teachers and teach those so called teachers told their students that their violins are made in Italy which in fact those are just Scott Cao violins which made in China. Its almost can't eliminate the under table transaction in most of the industries. I just hope the consumers use their mind and use some time to do some research on how to pick a suitable violin instead of just totally listen to those so called teachers advice.
  4. Thx guys. Then how you remove the label?
  5. What kind of paper you use for printing the label? And do you guys use printer to print it or handwriting?
  6. I have a bottle of Super Nikcoclair. Its for removing the shinny varnish. Since I can't find it anymore, is there any substitution for it?
  7. yea, I know International Violin provide much better service. But I have to order different kinds of products include strings in large amount not only tools, so HC was my first priority. Now I gotta look for other companies which can provide me all kinds of things in competitive price and they are not rude to overseas buyers. Honestly, I dun understand why its so hard for them to reply customers' email....And I can't even find their contact tel number on their webpage.. hmmm....very interesting company
  8. I did talk to Kim by making an international call. But unfortunately I still can't get her email reply which she promised to do so. Now I know that this company or Kim herself doesn't like to deal with international order. Its nonsense for overseas buyer to keep calling them in order to make and receive the order. Extremely disappointed with this company
  9. I'm sorry this topic should belong to The Pegbox instead of here. Can the moderator move it back to The Pegbox? many thx
  10. Anybody deal with them before?
  11. quote: Originally posted by: Wolfjk Hi Alix, quote: Now most of my violins have buzzing problems due to the climate change. I've tried to change strings, change accessories, move bridges.... Unfortunately more I do, more buzzing sound comes out. quote: I experimented with moving the bridge about, and moving the strings on top of the bridge to different positions. The relationship of the bass bar and the foot of the bridge is very important for the balance of the strings. When you move the bridge left or right the downward pressure changes and the balance of the strings change. Also when you move the bridge, the strings might pull towards one side or the other, depending which way you moved the bridge. yes, that's what I'm thinking. My luthier did told me the bass bar is not in a correct position. But I've tried to move the bridge many times, I still can't get the original sound. The only thing I can do is diminish the buzzing but can't eliminate it. But I will keep testing.
  12. Thx for all your advice. I have checked and removed and changed everything, still have no improvement. My local luthier already told me the violin is fine so its impossible to have cracks on the violin. The label is also fine. As I said, the change due to the bridge has been tiny moved. I still think its the problem of the bridge position. But guess what, I will meet the luthier soon so hopefully he can explain what's going on with that buzzing G strings.
  13. Is there any improvement of Howard Call's email order system? Do you guys still need to wait for above 1 month to get your order? My friend told me Kim is responsible for ordering in Howard Core but she seems not very reliable, Is it true? I do want to buy some tools from them coz I can't find other online shop provide what I need. But if I have to keep email and call them in order to get the order, I would rather choose to order from European companies even tho the price is much more higher.
  14. Hi C.B. I've tried different bows already, still haven't solve the problem. And its not only the buzzing, its also the original beauty of A and E strings totally disappeared. sobbing now
  15. Hi Manfio, Thx for your advice. THe buzzing is mainly from G string. I've tried to change the strings, remove chinrest, remove finer tuner, change tailpiece, move bridge, remove A and E strings, clean the dust on bass bar. But the sound still haven't improved. But when I tiny move the bridge, the buzzing is diminish a bit but still obvious. I really dunno what's going on. And if initially I know moving the bridge will destroy the sound greatly of that violin, I will never touch the bridge. crying now.....
  16. Now most of my violins have buzzing problems due to the climate change. I've tried to change strings, change accessories, move bridges.... Unfortunately more I do, more buzzing sound comes out. One of my lovely antique French violin keeps buzzing seriously these few weeks. Its not due to the climate change, its coz of I moved the bridge a bit. Now the sound is completely lose the original beauty. I've asked my local luthier to fix the problem, but he said it maybe the fingerboard's problem, bass bar problem, pegs problem, strings problem, etc. But for me its no point to do all those big "operation" coz the violin is good until I move the bridge towards bassbar a bit. Its impossible for me to go to Paris and ask the luthier to re setup everything for me (I'm sure he knows the secret of where to put the bridge on the best place of that violin, otherwise it can't be that big change after I just tiny move the bridge). What should I do now? Sigh Alix
  17. thx all. But if there is no difference between loop end and ball end, why there are two products in the market? There must be sth different between two, otherwise I'm sure after breaking several gold E loop strings, nobody willing to use loop end strings anymore. btw, Allan, thx for your advice on improving my antique violin's G, D strings sound. Now G is louder but always have siiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiii sound when I play the G string, and the D still weak. I'm wondering what happened and very worry whether there are cracks on the top which create that sound. I still dunno how to distinguish the real cracks and just scratch, can anybody teach me how to distinguish between two? Recently I'm too poor to go to luthiers to fix my violins problem so I gotta solve all those problem by myself. And its a good excuse to push myself learning some basic repairing technique now. many thx
  18. I've put the beautiful hill type golden fine tuner for my e loop end string this morning. When I was trying to put the new Evah pirazzi gold E string on it, it broke. Its really heartbreaking. How can I install the loop E string in safety way? Is it coz of the design problem of the hill type fine tuner so the E loop strings easily broke? And I really want to know what's the difference of sound between ball end and loop end strings. thx Alix
  19. I just bought one French violin which is about 100 yrs. The sound is so warm and sweet (n I can say its too sweet). However, G and D strings are too weak. I've tried dominant and Evah Pirazzai, both of them can't make the G, C strings louder. What strings can improve it? many thx ALix
  20. Hi vlngeek, thx for your info. But did you find it enhance the sound? And which model you've been tried?
  21. yea, I bought some Warchal strings set from him.
  22. No, I haven't got any reply from them. So I try to ring them several time this morning but the phone connects to the msg box.
  23. Anybody use it before? I've heard that it enhance the sound but its a heavy shoulder rest. I try to email and call them but never get any reply.
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