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  1. Dear Collective Wisdom: Can someone tell us who the top four or five violin shops or luthiers are in LA? Thanks!
  2. You're a young person, right? And probably a wonderful musician. But my sense is that you probably need to grow in other ways. We keep growing and learning, and in doing that, we become better musicians. So manybe in some other area of life, you will grow and then it will reflect on better violin playing. We're not computers; we're beings that develop on a lot of different levels. For one thing, quit calling concertos "songs." They're not songs; they're pieces or works or something. But calling them "songs" is baby talk.
  3. Comprehensive evaluations of private lesson fees (violin, viola, piano), worldwide. Please add your responses to this page: "http://www.geocities.com/techfiddle/lessonfees.html">http://www.geocities.com/techfiddle/lessonfees.html
  4. Thanks for your responses. This is what I was given: This violin came to me through a sale locally. Living in glengary county you can imagine the number of violins in the area dating back centuries. The instrument is labeled Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1732. Through the usual stamped label its age is reflective of the instruments general appearance. The neck angle indicates the violin was built probably early 1800`s..The varnish is a beautiful amber of a quality only seen on the best instruments of that era. The scroll masterfully carved. Nice reedy voice, harmonics registering in all octaves. The pegs hold well with tuning easily accomplished with pegs holding tight, the "F" holes perfectly cut. The wood being the highest figured maple for the neck and back. Medium grain spruce top, ebony fittings. I can't believe what people pay for new manufactured instruments; many end up here for repair. The instruments sound like the machine that made them. The bow is included. Straight permanbucca wood bow, haired with ebony frog, stamped W.Germany. This bow is exceptional, well balanced. There is a repair under the end tail and a repair on one of the bottom plates. Bee sting. Both these repairs where successfully accomplished, it appears, years ago. The violin does not come with the case in the pictures. There is a old case with it, which will do fine when shipped.I can send an invoice either through a email or on my web site, providing the buyer has a PayPal account. If not, a money order shall suffice.The violin comes ready to play. I will accept returns in a timly manner. Shipping may be around $22 or so. Hope this information is what you requested.
  5. There is a slideshow of a violin at "#000000">http://tinyurl.com/z6okd Richard is asking $480US for this. Does this look like a reasonable price, or can you tell?
  6. My best friend just got one from Jonathan Cooper: www.jcooperviolinmaker.com/ She loves it, says it makes teaching a lot easier and doesn't hurt her ears as much as a bright violin might (she has tinnitus) and another friend got one from: http://www.rivinus-instruments.com/Looks interesting. About a dozen people have responded to this topic. Lots of people are doing this, and I didn't know about. BTW, my friend's description of the Cooper five-stringis: the sound is like melted bittersweet chocolate....warm,complex and satisfying
  7. As a collector, I'm tempted to buy this instrument, out of curiosity: "http://www3.sympatico.ca/nada.s/StuffForSale.html#quintessent">http://www3.sympatico.ca/nada.s/StuffForSa...tml#quintessent But the question is, in what venue would you use this instrument? I was thinking, teaching, but that would not help the student of either violin or viola. And you really couldn't use it in orchestra or string quartet venues. Only maybe in some popular or folk music genre, I would think..?? And does anyone have a copy of this article from Strad, or know about the maker? Craig Stapley (Rochester, NY, USA) in 1986; for some information about him see an article in Strad magazine, September 1985, pp. 336-7.
  8. There's an old Chinese saying: Great men never know they're great and small men never know they're small. You probably can't attain genius. It's not something you can work at. What you can do is what most people do: try to knock down the people that do have it, so that you can feel better about yourself. Better yet, gang up on the genius, en masse. That will make *everyone* feel better.
  9. The following combination of stuff used with my lap, works beautifully. The software is free. Audacity works great. THIS MICROPHONE "http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?itemid=38508&ovchn=GGL&ovcpn=Microphones&ovcrn=usb+microphone&ovtac=PPC">http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp...phone&ovtac=PPC THIS MICROPHONE STAND "http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemPos=2&TempID=3&STRID=10456&Method=2&CategoryID=0&BrandID=0&PriceRangeID=0&PageNum=0&DepartmentID=0&pagesize=10&SortMethod=4&SearchPhrase=mic+stand&Contains=%2Amic%2A+AND+%2Astand%2A&Search_Type=SEARCH&GroupCode">http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp...EARCH&GroupCode and THIS SOFTWARE "http://audacity.sourceforge.net/">http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ James Boyk's "http://www.performancerecordings.com/tohear.html">To HearOurselves As Others Hear Us (see his homepage: href=' "http://www.its.caltech.edu/~boyk/"> ) has great ideas about how to listen and record yourself. You don't at all have to get the hardware he suggests, however.
  10. http://www.sphinxmusic.org/ This was the organization which I was referring to. This is a great organization, I believe.
  11. Forwarded: Hello, My name is Brandon DePaul. I send you this letter in hopes that you can help me with a problem that I have. I have a touring profesional Dave Matthews Tribute band that has had stellar acclaim in the Dave Matthews community and currently we are seeking, an African American Violinist/fiddle player to complete our lineup. This is no easy person to find. We have worked hard at creating the look as well as the sound, hence forth the African American and not just any violinist/fiddle player. Again this is totally professional situation, and the players our compensated very well. We have incredible management that is waiting for us to fill this hole to continue their booking process. If you or anyone you know, who would be interested in this position, please have them contact me as soon as possible for an audition. My contact info is billiesinfo@gmail.com or (585) 202-7991. I sincerely thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you or your students Best Regards Brandon DePaul ADDENDUM: It was suggested in another forum that this was possibly racist. Let me clarify that. It's not. I thought so too, initially, and made exactly the same remark. But the character that they want played in the show is African American. I don't think it's racist. This was Brandon's response when I made the same, identical remark: Hello ___, thanks for responding. You are not being difficult, its a legitamite question. The reason is we are a Dave Matthews Tribute band, and the Dave Matthews Band violin player is African American, so its kind of like theater. For example, Tom Hanks is a great Actor, but he could never play the role of Malcom X. Only Denzel Washington. We are trying to recreate the sound, as well as the look. Do you know someone,who might be interested? Once again thanks for your repliy Peace Brandon "http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/ProViolin/message/1421">http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/ProViolin/message/1421
  12. We're curious about practice habits, both with respect to students and teachers (or teachers who also practice -- as one hopes they do, and which I'm sure that most do.) Questions include: 1. How much do you practice - versus how much do you think you *should* practice or wish you *did* practice. 2. Do you have a specific practice routine [for example, 20 minutes at a time, with a break, or separate hours set aside for your main instrument, or a secondary instrument, or for specific repertoire] 3. How consistent are you? 4. When do you take off? [for example, summers, holidays, child-rearing, illness] 5. If you're a teacher, how do you present this topic to your students; how do you monitor it; how do you promote better practice habits. 6. Do you write down practice plans, or otherwise keep track of your practice & goals in practicing? 7. Do you look for new repertoire, both for yourself and/or your students, and make plans to listen, study and practice new materials on a consistent basis? 8. Since you began studying the instruments, what is the longest time you've gone without practicing? 9. In the long term, what have your practice habits been, and how have they been shaped by your personal & professional life? 10. Can you recommend any books or webpage dealing with this topic?
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