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  1. and the sound? Here is a low quality recording [my mic got problems with recording the rehearsal] but im certain you can hear something ;] It was recorded on 16th MAy, 2007 - Poland, NOSPR http://www.speedyshare.com/147449558.html
  2. just found the old photo [not cleaned, bridge changed, tailpiece changed] "http://img77.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cimg01757va.jpg">OLD PHOTO
  3. Okay guys, now comes the truth. Yes, this is a French Violin made by Charles-Adolphe GAND in 1848. I posted its images many months ago on Maestronet. Before i took that photo i cleaned the violin with "JOHA" product so that wxplains why is so shiny. The violin has the certificate - Eric Blot confirmed it authenticity. I made this subject just for fun, to see if its french in your eyes or not. Ofcourse i dont have to, but i thought it was a nice photo too. Thanks guys for your time. :]
  4. Can you tell something about this violin? I've got only one photo of it, the front. Do you like how it looks, where do you think its coming from, how old is it. "http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=violinzi6.jpg">violin and the sound? Here is a low quality recording [my mic got problems with recording the rehearsal] but im certain you can hear something ;] It was recorded on 16th MAy, 2007 - Poland, NOSPR http://www.speedyshare.com/147449558.html
  5. ~Hi there, I promised I would upload seomthing...This is not the full Caprice no.9, just a minute or so, (its a test for me too) . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOoHq_j7WCk or PAGANINI CAPRICE NO.9 Thats the link to Youtube.com, so you can watch my playing. Remember, this is about 4-5 days of practicing, and what more - new strings, so they are kinda metallic and the bow couldnt catch them properly. Please, add some comments! Thanks! Bremkins!
  6. and another one OH MY GOD! What the hell is that ... hahaha CARMEN FUN"TASY POOR VIOLIN :]
  7. Hah! Got you there! "http://img179.imageshack.us/my.php?image=explainzo1.jpg">Satanic piece! hehe just a joke, but why that appeared to me?... lol.... not many possibilities at all!..
  8. Hello everybody! I'm a little confused right now, just because of speedyshare.com... I wonder where could I post my recorded pieces for free and with no time-limit like I did on speedyshare.com (pieces get deleted after a month or so). And an announcement: Im gonna buy a new violin. The funny thing is that I don't know the price yet! ... and the more funny thing is that I've ordered it, haha ;] Thats how was it: I don't like anymore.. I don't know, I want something better. I decided to ask for help the best teacher in my school (who plays in the philharmonic orchestra too). He said he would search for one. (fortunately he likes me, so that was not a problem) .He asked me for the price i would pay for it, but i said it is not important for now. After some months of researches I phoned him to ask if he found anything interesting - "yes, you're lucky, I found a violin - a French violin which is very old.. immagine that the concert master of the philharmonic orchestra played on it for 23years! It must be very good then. Im gonna have it in a week or so, just the time i return from the tournee'. Well, thats how it was, I have to phone him in a few days. Im sp excited ... Im gonna play for you, just the time to get it, upload my pieces and here we go your Bremkins!
  9. AUDACITY is FREE, and got that all. Try it.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm sorry if I'm doing wrong, but I just dont have time since im in Hong-Kong (writing from an internet caffe) and the airline service didnt sent me the baggage with all my violin sheets... I need Bach Partitas right now... do you know where can I get it from internet? Please, post some address of the Bach Partitas for violin solo. (not a download, just a shop). Thx!
  11. Here you can download this nice piece! Its really cool :> Sarasate - Zapateado Im gonna play this in the next months! :].. I'll release my recording soon!
  12. Hi everyone! Well, if you really think Menuhin sucks then you have to listen to the Paganini Concerto, which is really difficult. If you think differently then post your playing. Im posting on speedyshare (the link below) the "CAMPANELLA" from the Paganini's concerto no.2 Have fun! The best of the piece starts at 3min45sec.... YEHUDI MENUHIN - PAGANINI CONCERTO NO.2 "LA CAMPANELLA" ------------------ ---------------------- -------------------------
  13. Hey Yuen : ].. I can see on the photo you have posted: The Sarasates "Romanze Andaluze".. hehe, i had fun playing it :>
  14. It depends on the sound you want to have. It is very deep and elegant when playing with the little finger on the stick.
  15. Well, im playing the violin 10 years seriously. Know much about it, and i will give some tips: The bow goes pressed more than usually at the top where the grip isnt so good... Also you have to take care about the contact between it and the strings. (so flat too). Talking about the little finger - it should be round on the screw (metal thing). When the bow is in the higher part you should straighten it a little.
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